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Denver, CO vs California City, CA

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- California City spends 7.9% less per student than Denver.
- The Student Teacher Ratio is 51.9% higher in California City than in Denver. (lower means fewer students in each classroom).
- California City had 14.5% fewer residents who had graduated High School compared to Denver

 Denver, COCalifornia City, CAUnited States
 Expend. per Student$16,503$15,207$15,905
 Educ. Expend. per Student$12,519$12,833$13,142
 Instr. Expend. per Student$6,000$7,403$7,999
 Pupil/Teacher Ratio14.922.6316.23
 Students per Librarian2095352994573
 Students per Counselor411764530
 Grade School Educ.4.9%6.9%4.8%
 Some High School Educ.5.0%16.0%6.3%
 High School Educ.90.0%77.0%88.9%
 Some College Educ.16.0%26.5%20.0%
 2 yr College Grad.5.6%6.5%8.7%
 4 yr College Grad.52.5%11.0%33.7%
 Masters Grad.13.9%3.7%9.3%
 Professional Degree4.5%0.5%2.2%
 Doctorate Degree2.1%0.5%1.5%

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