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Midland, MI vs Detroit, MI

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- Household income in Detroit, is 49% less than it is in Midland and is 99% below the National Average.
- Midland unemployment rate is 4.2%.
- Detroit unemployment rate is 9.6%.

 Midland, MIDetroit, MIUnited States
 Unemployment Rate4.2%9.6%6.0%
 Recent Job Growth0.0%0.7%1.6%
 Future Job Growth20.9%29.3%33.5%
 Sales Taxes6.0%6.0%6.2%
 Income Taxes4.3%6.8%4.6%
 Income per Cap.$39,907$20,780$37,638
 Household Income$67,558$34,762$69,021
 Family Median Income$88,102$42,160$85,028
 Est. Households By Income
 Midland, MIDetroit, MIUnited States
 Income Less Than 15K9.6%24.7%9.4%
 Income between 15K and 20K4.4%7.0%3.8%
 Income between 20K and 30K8.4%12.1%8.1%
 Income between 30K and 40K8.3%12.6%8.0%
 Income between 40K and 50K7.4%9.0%7.6%
 Income between 50K and 60K7.9%7.5%7.2%
 Income between 60K and 75K8.9%7.6%9.6%
 Income between 75K and 100K13.5%8.5%12.8%
 Income between 100K and 150K14.4%7.2%16.3%
 Income between 150K and 200K8.4%2.2%7.8%
 Income greater than 200K8.9%1.7%9.5%
 Population By Occupation
 Midland, MIDetroit, MIUnited States
 Management, business, finance19.1%9.7%16.4%
 Engineering, computers, science10.9%3.3%6.5%
 Community, social services1.9%2.3%1.8%
 Education, library7.2%4.2%6.2%
 Arts, design, media, sports, entertainment3.0%1.5%2.0%
 Healthcare practitioners and technology6.3%4.4%6.2%
 Healthcare support2.6%6.6%3.3%
 Firefighters, law enforcement2.0%2.7%2.1%
 Food preparation, serving7.5%7.0%5.4%
 Building maintenance3.0%5.9%3.6%
 Personal care2.3%2.6%2.6%
 Sales, office, administrative support17.9%20.1%20.9%
 Farming, fishing, forestry0.0%0.2%0.6%
 Construction, extraction, maintenance/repair4.1%5.8%8.1%
 Production, transportation, material moving11.2%23.2%13.1%

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Reviews for Midland    21 Reviews

I’ve been here a couple months. Everything is beautiful, but the people here are god awful cheap. Don’t know if the people here are all lazy or what, but working here  More

   |    Reply

Over 3 years ago

I've lived here for 3 years, originally from Port Huron. Moved here because of the beauty, bad idea. The people are snobby and they raise their kids to be as well. I've  More

   |    Reply

I grew up in Midland and lived there up until I went to college, and now I am back 30 years later. While I agree that if you are looking for a very vibrant place with  More

   |    Reply

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Reviews for Detroit    116 Reviews

Over 1 years ago

Have lived in the area for over a year (suburb of Grosse Pointe), but I work in downtown Detroit. I'm amazed at how cool this city is. So much to do and see, tat we  More

   |    Reply

Spent some time in the city but lived in multiple suburban areas in the metro area. I lived in Farmington Hills, Novi, Birmingham, and Rochester. Really, all were great.  More

   |    Reply

Cold, unfriendly, envious people within the city limits. The unfriendliness can turn into aggression and sometimes even bullying. Crabs in a barrel reside here and the  More

   |    Reply

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