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Tampa, FL vs Jacksonville, FL

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Are people in Jacksonville older or younger than people in Tampa?
- The Median Age in Jacksonville is 0.3 years older than in Tampa.

Are housing costs cheaper in Jacksonville or Tampa?
- Jacksonville housing costs are 26.5% less expensive than Tampa housing costs.

Which city has a longer commute, Jacksonville or Tampa?
- The average commute for residents of Jacksonville is 0.6 minutes longer than it is for residents of Tampa.

Things to do in Tampa?
Tampa, Florida is a vibrant and dynamic city with plenty of attractions to explore. Home to the renowned Busch Gardens theme park, visitors can enjoy thrilling rides and shows as well as exotic wildlife such as cheetahs, hippopotamuses, and elephants. History buffs can explore the Tampa Bay History Center, while art lovers can visit galleries such as the Museum of Fine Arts. With its bustling atmosphere, great cultural attractions and countless outdoor experiences to choose from, Tampa promises to provide any visitor with an unforgettable experience.

Things to do in Jacksonville?
Jacksonville, Florida is a vibrant city filled with activities and attractions to keep any traveler entertained. From the beaches at Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and others to the nearby parks like Hanna Park and Little Talbot Island - there's plenty of ways to get outdoors. The city is also home to unique attractions such as the Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens, Riverwalk and the Friendship Fountain. With its year-round sunshine and warm climate, Jacksonville is perfect for outdoor adventurers or those looking for a relaxing getaway!

 Tampa, FLJacksonville, FLUnited States
 Median Income$59,893$58,263$69,021
 Median Age35.936.238.4
 Avg. Home Price$381,000$280,200$338,100
 Unemployment Rate5.0%4.9%6.0%
 Avg. Commute Time23.9624.5726.38

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Reviews for Tampa    161 Reviews
Nice - 10/18/2022
I've lived in small towns before and now for the past 25 years in this large metropolis. It's a very nice city. Lots of jobs, shopping restaurants, churches, Busch... Read More

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I love Tampa. Why are Miami reviews counting for T - 1/24/2022
This is my favorite city that I have ever lived in. I am reading all of these terrible reviews for Tampa, but then when I read what people are writing, they are actually... Read More

Danger, hazardous to health. - 12/14/2021
I lived here all my life and I can ONLY think of other places I would rather be. I’ve traveled the country for many things and even traveled internationally for... Read More

Reviews for Jacksonville    174 Reviews
It’s Okay. Just Not For Me. - 6/14/2023
I moved from a small town in Ohio around four years ago, I was 24 years old. Now, at 28, my outlook about living here has changed. I have came to the conclusion, that,... Read More

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Love/hate relationship with Jax - 8/29/2022
I’ve lived in Jacksonville for 12+ years(but visited on and off much longer). There’s things I love and things I hate and just like any place there are pros and cons.... Read More

Any thoughts on the Southside area - 8/15/2022
We have been investigating Jax for a while. It looks like the Southside, Baymeadows and the further East you get is great. Any thoughts on moving to those areas, pretty... Read More

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