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Wilmington, NC vs Powell, WY

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Are people in Powell older or younger than people in Wilmington?
- The Median Age in Powell is 1.8 years older than in Wilmington.

Are housing costs cheaper in Powell or Wilmington?
- Powell housing costs are 4.2% less expensive than Wilmington housing costs.

Which city has a longer commute, Powell or Wilmington?
- The average commute for residents of Powell is 1.8 minutes longer than it is for residents of Wilmington.

Things to do in Wilmington?
Wilmington, North Carolina is a coastal city located just off the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its historic downtown and award-winning beachfront, Wilmington is an ideal destination for both tourists and locals alike. Boasting plenty of cultural activities such as the Cameron Art Museum and Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts, it's easy to find entertainment in this vibrant city. With a variety of restaurants, boutiques and galleries, there's no shortage of things to do in Wilmington. With gorgeous beaches and beautiful scenery surrounding the city, you can easily see why visitors love spending time in Wilmington!

Things to do in Powell?
Powell, Wyoming is a small town nestled in the beautiful mountains of northwest Wyoming. It is known for its friendly people, breathtaking landscape, and welcoming atmosphere. The population here is about 6,000 people, creating a cozy and safe community where everyone knows everyone. Despite being small in size, Powell offers plenty of amenities that larger towns do not have. There are several schools, parks, churches, and businesses that provide residents with plenty of options for entertainment and activities. The climate here is also pleasant all year round with temperatures ranging from mild to cold but never too extreme. This makes it a great place to live if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life without having to leave the comfort of your home town. All in all, Powell is an ideal place to call home!

 Wilmington, NCPowell, WYUnited States
 Median Income$54,066$60,210$69,021
 Median Age37.439.238.4
 Avg. Home Price$372,400$356,800$338,100
 Unemployment Rate4.3%5.9%6.0%
 Avg. Commute Time18.7620.5426.38

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Reviews for Wilmington    71 Reviews

I was born here and I will update more at a later time. First and most important, teh average cost of a 1br apt in Wilmington is approximately $1,800. Rentals have  More

   |    Reply

I think that a lot has changed since covid for this city and will continue to keep changing with our insane economy. But I was born and raised in Wilmington and have  More

   |    Reply

Scotty · 

Wilmington NC was once a wonderful city filled with Southern charm, history, safety and natural beauty. Recently that has been replaced by erasing everything Southern or  More

   |    Reply

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Reviews for Powell    3 Reviews

Over 6 years ago

Born in Powell Hospital in 1944 to a farm family. Older Sister Sharon (1939) was our Linchpin. Brother Tom (Earl Thompson,1943), set high standards for all of us, and  More

   |    Reply

I don't know what the "median" price for a home in Powell is but, $424,000 is way off ! It could be $154,000 but, just check the real estate web sites. The only place  More

   |    Reply

Do not come to Powell unless you have a lot of money as there are few jobs that pay any decent wages and housing prices are going through the roof. It seems the local  More

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