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2020 Compare Cities Reviews:
Winchester, VA vs Harrisonburg, VA

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Reviews for Winchester  

  17 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Winchester)
Stay Away - 8/17/2016
Worst place I have ever lived. My neighbors hate jemmy since I am not a clone. They do not respect other people's property.I put up a fence and the same day the... Read More

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Winchester is a VERY CONSERVATIVE backwards commun - 12/21/2014
I would have to say I agree with much of what another individual wrote: it's like going back in time or living in a place that refuses to adapt to cultural diversity. ... Read More

Quality of Life - 8/21/2014
I have lived in Winchester for about 40 years now. It is a very nice area in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. Our claims to fame would be the birthplace of Patsy Cline,... Read More

Reviews for Harrisonburg  

  10 Reviews (Click Here to see all reviews on Harrisonburg)
Close to everything - 12/31/2012
Harrisonburg is small town, yet has the same experiences that a big city offers (just on a smaller scale). The reason for the wealth of experiences is because H'burg is... Read More

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Woud like to know more about quality and cost of l - 10/11/2012
Any infomation on quality/cost of living will be graetly appreciated.... Read More

Very Reasonable - 12/27/2009
We moved to H'Burg in 2003 to enjoy a less expensive cost of living, closer proximity to family, low crime rate and better access to quality health care/facilities. We... Read More

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