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2020 Compare Cities Job Market:
Yuba City, CA vs Rocklin, CA

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- Job Growth in Rocklin has been positive.
- Rocklin has 3.6% more unemployment than Yuba City.
- Rocklin job growth has increased by 18.3% in the past 10 years.

Job Market
 Yuba City, CARocklin, CAUnited States

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Reviews for Yuba City    15 Reviews
California is no longer the state of sunshine and - 8/28/2019
I was born here and lived here on and off. Yuba City and Marysville, the town across from it have become rampid with theft (all kinds from your car potted plants from... Read More

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Near but Removed from The SF Bay Area - 10/20/2018
Admittedly, if you're looking for hipster cafes, hoppin' dance clubs, and fancy shopping, you're going to be very disappointed. Though, if you're looking for an older... Read More

I shop mostly in Yuba City, Ca - 8/31/2017
Yuba City has the best shopping near Smartsville where I live. It has most of the big box stores and quite a nice selection of smaller and privately owned stores. I like... Read More

Reviews for Rocklin    12 Reviews
STOP BUILDING & Rocklin will remain great - 8/1/2020
I have had the blessed opportunity to be born and raised in Rocklin, CA. Rocklin is truly one of the best towns to live in, in the sacramento area. It's a clean, smaller... Read More

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Great place to live - 7/25/2019
I've lived in the Sacramento vicinity for 12 years, and in Northern California my entire life (I grew up in the San Jose area). The area of Rocklin I am living in is the... Read More

Rocklin, is not all that - 3/4/2011
seriously? Let me tell you what I have observed since moving here from Gilbert, AZ 3 months ago.I know I am going to take grief for this so go ahead and let it fly,... Read More

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