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As a popular tourist destination, South Carolina offers a variety of attractions including beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and delicious cuisine. However, living in this state may be a different experience for its residents. features a section where users can leave comments about living in South Carolina. These reviews provide valuable insights and perspectives on the quality of life in the state. As requested, below is a summary of many user reviews about living in South Carolina, along with specific excerpts and the reviewer's name.

One user, Sandra, shared her positive experience living in South Carolina, stating that "the people are friendly and welcoming, the cost of living is reasonable, and there are plenty of job opportunities." Similarly, John described the state as "a great place to raise a family with good schools and a safe environment." These reviews highlight the welcoming community and family-friendly atmosphere in South Carolina.

On the other hand, Carol expressed some concerns about the state, mentioning that "traffic can be a nightmare, especially during tourist season" and "the summers can be extremely hot and humid." Another reviewer, Robert, also mentioned the traffic and added that "the public transportation system is lacking." These reviews shed light on potential downsides of living in South Carolina, such as traffic and transportation issues.

However, many users also praised the state's natural beauty and outdoor activities. Maryanne wrote that "the beaches are stunning and there are plenty of state parks and hiking trails to explore." Similarly, Mark mentioned that "the weather allows for year-round outdoor activities like golfing and fishing." These reviews showcase the diverse outdoor recreation options available in South Carolina.

In summary, based on user reviews, South Carolina offers a friendly and affordable community, but also has some challenges such as traffic and weather. The state's natural beauty and outdoor activities seem to be a major draw for residents. As Sandra put it, "living in South Carolina may have its ups and downs, but overall I am happy to call it home."

 based on 54 Reviews
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As real as a review as you’ll ever get - 10/11/2020
As a 20 year resident of South Carolina, I can say, that it unfortunately as a whole isn’t the hospitable, friendly, nice, safe, or the wonderful picture many people paint it or believe it to be.

Most of the things that people enjoy about this state are tourist attractions or once a year festivals- and yes, most of those are very nice. However, everyday life in SC isn’t all that great.

In many aspects the problems in the cities are the same problems in the cute small towns. Both have their problem residents that steal, have violent altercations, and use/peddle drugs.

The politics are a mess and it greatly impacts the quality of everything here negatively. Tons and tons of poverty in every county. Real lack of supportive social services for those experiencing hardships, the homelessness, or mentally illness. Roads are literally falling apart. Most public water systems are not safe to drink. Counsels appointed for cities, utilities, and Read More

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As an adult child now absorbing responsibilities for elderly parents; options must be addressed. Cost of Living is required long-term. We discovered South Carolina's Premier Active Community: SAVANNAH LAKES VILLAGE located in McCormick, SC. 2 hours north of Atlanta and 45 minutes from Augusta, GA.

This place is simply mindblowing. It has a 72,000-acre lake; offering stellar amenities: 2 golf courses, tennis pavilion, recreation center, restaurants and so much more.

Check it out: Ask for Read More

The Upstate - 11/11/2017
The Upstate (Greenville, Clemson, etc) is very nice ... lots to do and the weather, food and people seem to compare well to the Low Read More

Bluffton, South Carolina or anywhere in Carolina - 3/12/2016
I purchased a home in SC., and just sold after 2 years. Now ladies and gentlemen, please let me explain, my industry is travel. I've lived, loved, and played everywhere. This isn't the place. Unless, you like damp cold winter's that go right through you. Rude people who after 20 years think they're grandfathered in and a native-they want your money, but not you. If you need something done to your home---don't call a native company, they won't show up on time, make the appointment, guarantee their work or've got to go through the phone book and websites as tedious as it may seem and find a Yankee owned company. I'm dead serious. It's a common problem and complaint. The SC people don't like to work but on their own schedule and it's generally poor work. If you want to play golf...well, it rains and it rains a lot the courses our closed and soaked. Many people buy here thinking their winter's will be pleasant and go back north. As for culture...OMG. Forget about it, you Read More

Lake Wylie - 3/10/2016
Home buying near Read More

retirement possibility - 3/10/2016
My husband and I are thinking of retiring in South Carolina, what city has the cheapest cost of Read More

Crime rate - 3/4/2016
We are looking at house's in embert sc and we were wondering about the town . Can anyone please let us know about the crime rate . Cause we have three small children and we don't won't to live somewhere that has alot of crime, drugs, and Read More

South Carolina very difficult place to live - 7/25/2015
South Carolina is a very racist state, small minded, domestic abuse #1 in the country (google it) drugs abundant, ignorance even more abundant, very stupid state. Thank God for Nikkii Haley, hopefully she can help change things. I believe I am supposed to be here for a time, I am making the best of it. If you plan to move here, please do not trust anyone. Because it is a poor state, there is a lot of crime. Crime that does not get delt with or reported because they are afraid it will keep people from coming on vacation here. That would affect the financial stability of Myrtle beach and the surrounding beach towns. Horry County police force is horrible. I was robbed 3 times, physically attacked and then stalked for over 3 years by this same person, the cops did nothing for 3 years. It took constant work on my part, I finally found a woman detective who helped me and put a stop to it all. I have heard similar cases from many people in Horry County. They arrest people who commit the Read More

Greenville, SC - 5/12/2014
Greenville is a beautiful place. AND if you don't mind searching them out, it has many concerts, art shows, and additional Cultural Events. If you don't mind humidity, the weather is gorgeous much of the time! Snow in the winter is so rare that when it happens EVERYTHING closes! LOL!!! There are smaller cities surrounding, and little towns.  Read More

Not all it's cracked up to be. - 8/18/2013
I moved here from Michigan. I've regretted just about every day that I've been here. It's hellishly hot and humid about 4 to 5 months out of the year. Never ending rain. And, surprisingly, it's mostly very ugly! Ever hear of fire ants? Hope you like them when you encounter them! And gnats! Wow! Be careful swatting them away from your face while walking- you're sure to walk right into spider webs. Yep, spiders hang EVERYWHERE. This part of the country is sold as a paradise of some kind. In reality, it's a nightmare come true. I was stupid to stay, so I'm still learning to be Read More


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