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Star Rating - 5/13/2007
We relocated here @ 6 months ago from FL
The seasons and weather are a nice change and the area is great. The city is very clean and feels fairly safe. The city is concentrated on the north and west side and the east and south have largely been overlooked... but with the I85 corridor running across the south, you would think the city would look to expand that area. I had someone drive here and they never knew they were even near the city because rt 29 and I85 are either rundown (rt29) or country (i85)... much different from driving thru Charlotte or Raleigh where it is built out and clean/landscaped.
The area has decent schools, needs to have more to offer...lacking in restaurants and stores (1 mall in a city of 250k), it could use a few more parks. It has a lot to offer but needs to plan for the future better than it is.
Mr X | Jacksonville, FL
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