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Wichita, Kansas is a great city to receive an excellent education. It is home to several highly rated schools, such as the Wichita Public School system and several private school options. The local education in Wichita offers students of all age levels a variety of options for learning. Elementary and middle schoolers can access the public school system which provides quality instruction from experienced teachers and staff members. High schoolers can also choose from several private schools with a range of curriculums and teaching styles. All of these institutions provide rigorous academic coursework as well as extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, and music programs so students can explore their interests outside of class. Overall, the education available in Wichita is top-notch and gives students a well rounded learning experience that will prepare them for success in college and beyond.

Wichita schools spend $12,527 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 16 pupils per teacher, 826 students per librarian, and 460 children per counselor.

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Grew up there in the 80s and moving back. It's very true about the feel-good blue skies and the friendliness of the communities. Wichita is perfect for those who want  More

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My comparison is to living in AZ, CO, NE & WY. Wichita is a nice city with a lot to do. It has history, art, live music, breweries, plenty of biking and walking trails.  More

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Over 4 years ago

I lived in Wichita for several years and it was a great place to live, low crime for such a large city. Very diverse, lots to do, plenty of jobs and beautiful  More

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