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Wichita, Kansas Reviews

 based on 58 Reviews
Get to know Wichita with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Wichita

Wichita, great for families or starter city. - 7/27/2020
My comparison is to living in AZ, CO, NE & WY.
Wichita is a nice city with a lot to do. It has history, art, live music, breweries, plenty of biking and walking trails. Most stores / shopping that you would need.
The housing is VERY affordable, job market is fair.
Crime is more apparent than other cities I've lived in, which is unfortunate.
Weather is typical mid-west. Can change on a dime, but the winters are light and the HOT summer days are few. Spring and Summers are fair and Read More

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Great city - 4/12/2020
I lived in Wichita for several years and it was a great place to live, low crime for such a large city. Very diverse, lots to do, plenty of jobs and beautiful Read More

It has nice and not so nice qualities - 7/8/2019
I grew up there. Here's the good, bad and ugly. First the bad- the worst thing about this place is the weather. It absolutely sucks all year. It's windy and freezing all winter, 90 to 110 degrees all summer and rains all spring. Don't make many outdoor plans!
Parts of the city are quite dangerous crime wise. Avoid places like Planeview, Oaklawn and anyplace between Central and 25th and Grove and Hillside especially. In other neighbourhoods, you are less likely to be robbed or murdered but property and car crimes are fairly common everywhere. Also avoid picking up a date on S Broadway. You'll take home something really nasty!
The nice: Living in Wichita is cheap. Housing cost less than 1/2 most cities. Schools were good when I went there. I went to East High and it was a great school. The parks are nice and kept up, especially College Hill Park where we went. The police are pretty tolerant for the most part. If you were nice to them, they'll just make you dump your pot Read More

Better than some places- harsh weather - 3/24/2018
After living in Seattle for 7 years I prefer Wichita. Violent crime worse in Wichita but property/vehicle crimes in Seattle MUCH worse and had to deal with CONSTANT panhandling from homeless junkies, and needles & open drug use everywhere. Harsh weather in ICT- humid summers & cold winters though not much snow. Zip codes that have lower crime- 67205, 67212, 67207 and 67226. Beware of any apts that allow Section 8- high crime. Best schools- Maize, Derby & Andover. Best special Ed' programs Maize & Andover. Check the crime rate for the neighborhood you are interested in- can't believe some people don't do this!! If you think gap between rich & poor is bad here you have never lived on the west or east coasts! MUCH worse there with thousands of homeless people who can't afford a place to live. Good luck & do your research Read More

Wish I could say better but.... - 1/22/2018
I really wish I could give Wichita a good review. Its been my home for 6 months now. Its about to be my ex home - I have a job offer elsewhere.

Its been hard. I have analyzed the reasons for it, and come up with some interesting facts about Wichita.

First of all, the division between rich and poor is HUGE. So if you have a lot of money, are married (or single with a lot of money - preferably male), you will be welcomed with open arms here.

But if not, if you are like me, just looking for a place to rebuild after a lot of hurtful life situations, stay away from here (really).

They disliked me from Day 1. I honestly just came in, in peace, rented an apartment and thought I'd be fine. I hold a Bachelor's degree, Most of a Masters in Education (special Ed), and usually the schools snatch me right up!

Not here. Nobody snatched me right up! Despite the fact that I am very mainstream, I was treated very badly and this Read More

Wichita is a real S-hole. - 12/21/2016
If you're Conservative and Christian, you're going to love what Wichita has to offer! Churches & fast food is the staple of Wichita.

Wichita is so Conservative that fast food restaurants test market their businesses here before spreading their franchises across the nation.

If you're black and you can't play a professional sport, don't move here. Wichita is segregated into minority neighborhoods and policed the most to keep in those neighborhoods to keep the minorities in check.

If you're Liberal, you are going to hate life here. Most small business are run by the wealthy (Because, lease on a building is more than a lease in a building in Miami, Kansas City, Chicago...) The price of rent is more than you would pay to own a home, yet owning a home here seems inexpensive until you have to pay taxes... My average is over $2000.00 a year on a $1200sqft house. Then there is insurance, and it's not cheap either because Wichita gets nasty hail storms Read More

Great healthcare in Wichita - 3/4/2015
Excellent, affordable healthcare. Appointments with primary care physician and dentist have consistently been available soon and at convenient times. Extremely satisfied with quality of care.  Read More

The weather - 1/1/2015
The sky is blue the majority of time. The wind blows constantly and the summers are very hot...mid to upper Read More

I do not recommend anyone ever move here - 12/20/2014
Terrible schools, they are behind schools in California, Washington and probably every where else. The worst doctors I have ever encountered, I have lived in NM, WV, CA, WA and in Japan, only here have I almost died from a misdiagnosis in an ER where the nurses bring their dogs in to run around, and almost lost the use of a hand because my primary care physician refuses to refer patients to specialists. I look forward to going somewhere that has medical ethics, intelligent students and far less prejudice.

 Read More

American Dream Is Alive and Well In Oz - 10/9/2014
I've lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, (25 years), Scottsdale and Newport Beach, Ca, yet amongst all the places I've lived there is no better than Wichita for a variety of reasons, yet allow me to share a few.

1.) Low cost of living-(you can acquire a very nice home in a nice neighborhood
with good schools for under 200k and everything is less here. Gas, Food, Drinks,
Dry Cleaning, Parking, etc.)

2.) No traffic congestion. (I commuted 2-3+ hours a day in Southern California)

3.) Very nice people who greet everyone and would help a stranger in a minute.

4.) High quality of life. -(more days of sunshine with blue sky than in Miami)

5.) Centrally located for travel by car or plane. Read More

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