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Las Vegas, Nevada is known for its world-famous attractions, but it also has a thriving education system. The Clark County School District provides high quality education to more than 320,000 students in over 350 schools. It is one of the largest school districts in the United States and has a strong commitment to providing quality educational opportunities for all students. The district's mission is to ensure that all students are provided with the highest standards of instruction and support to achieve academic excellence. In addition, the district strives to create an environment where diversity and innovative thinking are encouraged and supported. Local schools are rated by a number of different rating systems including public school rankings, educational attainment ratings, student achievement ratings, and more. These ratings help parents make informed decisions about which school their child should attend. Las Vegas is a great place to get an education, offering excellent resources and programs from pre-K through college level courses.

Las Vegas schools spend $8,868 per student (The US average is $12,383). There are 21 pupils per teacher, 1,111 students per librarian, and 538 children per counselor.

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Shows the worst of American behavior and values. Right up there with New Orleans. But there is a bright side. Liberals flock there. Please  More

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I went to Vegas to visit, and didn’t want to leave. Vegas had something for everyone, from the down and out, to the well to do, and everybody gets alone, because nobody  More

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Everything is available here from filipino cuisines to japanese shops to Winco's to themed cafes. However, the city is a little high in crime. Any side of the east side  More

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