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  School NameGradesTypeRating
  ABC Preschool of Redeemer LuthePK-2private   
  Academy for Individualized Study Elementary Schooln/apublic   
  Academy for Individualized Study High School6, 9-12public  3
  Academy for LearningK-1, 3-7, 10-12private   
  Adelson Educational CampusPK-12private   
  Advanced Technologies Academy9-12public  10
  Aldeane Comito Ries Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Alexander Dawson SchoolPK-8private   
  American Heritage AcademyPK-12private   
  Andre Agassi College Preparatory AcademyK-5charter  4
  Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy6-12charter  4
  Ann Lynch Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Anthony Saville Middle School6-8public  7
  Arbor View High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  7
  Arturo Cambeiro Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Back To Basics Preschool & Day CarePK-2private   
  Beacon Academy of Nevada9-12charter  2
  Berkley L Bunker Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Bertha Ronzone Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Betsey A Rhodes Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Bill Y Tomiyasu Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Biltmore Continuation High School9-12public  1
  Bishop Gorman High School9-12private   
  Bonanza High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  4
  Burk Horizon Southwest Sunset High School8-12public  1
  C C Ronnow Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  C H Decker Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  C W Woodbury Middle School6-8public  3
  Calvary Chapel Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Calvary Christian Learning AcademyPK-8private   
  Carolyn S Reedom Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  CCSD Virtual High School9-12public   
  Centennial AcademyPK-5private   
  Centennial High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  6
  Challenger School - SilveradoPK-5private   
  Challenger School - SummerlinPK-8private   
  Chaparral High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  3
  Charles & Phyllis Frias Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Charles Silvestri Junior High School6-8public  8
  Charlotte & Jerry Keller Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Charlotte Hill Elementary School3-5public  5
  Child Haven 6-128-9public   
  Child Haven Elementary School3-5public   
  Childrens Choice KindergartenKprivate   
  Christian Montessori AcademyPK-3 & ungradedprivate   
  Cimarron Memorial High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  4
  Clarence Piggott Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Claude & Stella Parson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Clifford J Lawrence Junior High School6-8public  7
  Clyde C Cox Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  College of So. NV High School West11-12public  10
  Coral Academy of Science Las VegasK-12charter  9
  Cornerstone Christian AcademyPK-8private   
  Cowen Academic Center/Sunset High School Cowen Campus8-12public   
  Crestwood Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Cumorah Academy of Las VegasPK-8private   
  Cynthia Cunningham Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Cyril Wengert Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  D'Vorre & Hall Ober Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Dan Goldfarb Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Dean Lamar Allen Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Dean Petersen Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Del Sol High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  3
  Dell H Robison Middle School6-8public  3
  Delta Academy7-12charter  1
  Desert Oasis High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  5
  Desert Pines High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  2
  Desert Torah Academy Ohel MenachemPK-8private   
  Desert Willow Elementary SchoolK-5public   
  Desert Willow Secondary6-12public   
  Doral AcademyPK-8charter   
  Doris French Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Doris Hancock Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Doris M Reed Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Dorothy Eisenberg Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Dr. C Owen Roundy Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Dr. William (Bob) H Bailey Middle School6-8public  2
  Duane D Keller Middle School6-8public  3
  Durango High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  5
  E W Griffith Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  East Career Technical Academy9-12 & ungradedpublic  9
  Ed Von Tobel Middle School6-8public  2
  Ed W Clark High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  4
  Edith Garehime Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Edmundo Eddie Escobedo Senior Middle School6-8public  7
  Edythe & Lloyd Katz Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Eileen Brookman Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Eileen Conners Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Elaine Wynn Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Elbert Edwards Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Eldorado High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  2
  Ernest Becker Middle School6-8public  8
  Ernest May Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Ethel W. Staton Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Evelyn Stuckey Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Exodus Christian AcademyK-9private   
  Explore Knowledge AcademyK-12charter  5
  Faith Lutheran AcademyK-5private   
  Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School6-12private   
  First Good Shepherd Lutheran SchoolPK-6private   
  Francis H Cortney Middle School6-8public  3
  Frank F Garside Junior High School6-8public  2
  Frank Kim Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Gene Ward Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  George E Harris Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Glad Tidings Christian SchoolK-11private   
  Global Community High School at Morris Hall & Eighth Grade9-12 & ungradedpublic  1
  Grant Sawyer Middle School6-8public  5
  Gwendolyn Woolley Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Hal Smith Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Halle Hewetson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Happy Days KindergartenKprivate   
  Harley Harmon Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Harvey N Dondero Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Helen C Cannon Middle School6-8public  4
  Helen Herr Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Helen J Stewart School1-2, 4-12 & ungradedpublic   
  Helen Jydstrup Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Helen M Smith Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Henry & Evelyn Bozarth Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Herbert A Derfelt Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  House of Knowledge Christian AcademyK-12private   
  Howard E Heckethorn Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Howard E Hollingsworth Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Howard Wasden Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Hyde Park Middle School6-8public  9
  Imprints Day SchoolPK-5private   
  Innovations International Charter School of NV6-12charter  2
  Innovations International Charter School of NVK-5charter  1
  International Christian AcademyK-8private   
  Ira J Earl Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Irwin & Susan Molasky Junior High School6-8public  6
  J E Manch Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  J Harold Brinley Middle School6-8public  2
  J M Ullom Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  J T McWilliams Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Jack Dailey Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Jack Lund Schofield Middle School6-8public  7
  James B McMillan Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  James Bilbray Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  James Cashman Middle School6-8public  7
  Jay W. Jeffers Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Jerome Mack Middle School6-8public  3
  Jewish Community Day SchoolK-8private   
  John C Fremont Middle School6-8public  2
  John C. Bass Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  John F Mendoza Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  John F Miller SchoolPK-12 & ungradedpublic   
  John R Beatty Elementary SchoolPK-5public   
  John R Hummel Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  John S Park Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  John W Bonner Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Joseph E Thiriot Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Joseph M Neal Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Journey EducationK-8private   
  Judith D Steele Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Judy & John L Goolsby Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Justice Myron E Leavitt Middle School6-8public  8
  K O Knudson Junior High School6-8public  7
  Kathleen & Tim Harney Middle School6-8public  5
  Kathy L. Batterman Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Kay Carl Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Keith C & Karen W Hayes Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Kenny C Guinn Middle School6-8public  5
  Kermit R Booker Sr Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Kids Turf Academy CenterPK-1private   
  Kirk Adams Elementary SchoolK-5public  6
  Kit Carson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Kitty McDonough Ward Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  La Madre Mountain School7-12private   
  La Petite AcademyPK-2private   
  Lamb of God Lutheran SchoolPK-5private   
  Las Vegas Academy of Int'L Studies Performing And9-12 & ungradedpublic  9
  Las Vegas Charter School of the DeafK-5charter   
  Las Vegas Day SchoolPK-8private   
  Las Vegas High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  5
  Las Vegas Junior AcademyPK-9private   
  Laura Dearing Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Lawrence & Heidi Canarelli Middle School6-8public  9
  Lewis E Rowe Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Liberty Baptist AcademyK-12private   
  Lied Middle School6-8public  6
  Liliam Lujan Hickey Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Lilly & Wing Fong Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Linda Rankin Givens Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Lois & Jerry Tarkanian Middle School6-8public  8
  Lomie G Heard Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Louis Wiener Junior Elementary SchoolPK-2public  5
  Lucille S Rogers Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  M J Christensen Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Mabel Hoggard Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Manuel J Cortez Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Marc Kahre Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Mario C & Joanne Monaco Middle School6-8public  2
  Marion B Earl Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Mark L Fine Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Marshall C Darnell Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Martin Luther King Jr Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Matt Kelly Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Merryhill Elementary School - SummerlinK-5private   
  Merryhill SchoolK-5private   
  Mervin Iverson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Mike Ocallaghan Middle School6-8public  4
  Miley Achievement Center Elementary SchoolPK-5public   
  Miley Achievement Center Secondary6-12public   
  Montessori Visions AcademyPK-9private   
  Morris Sunset East High School9-12public   
  Mount Olive Luteran SchoolK-8private   
  Mountain Heights MontessoriPK-3private   
  Mountain View Baptist AcademyK-8private   
  Mountain View Christian SchoolsPK-12private   
  Mountain View Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Mountain View Lutheran SchoolPK-5private   
  Myrtle Tate Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Nevada Virtual AcademyK-12charter  4
  New Horizons Academy2-12private   
  New Life Christian Academy3-9private   
  Northwest Career & Techincal Academy Elementary SchoolKpublic   
  Northwest Career & Technical Academy9-12 & ungradedpublic  10
  O K Adcock Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Oasis Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Odyssey Charter High School9-12charter  3
  Odyssey Charter School 6-86-8charter  4
  Odyssey Charter School K-5K-5charter  4
  Ollie Detwiler Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Omar Haikal Islamic AcademyPK-8private   
  Oran K Gragson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Our Lady of Las Vegas SchoolPK-8private   
  P A Diskin Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Palo Verde High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  8
  Paradise Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Patricia A Bendorf Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Paul E Culley Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Quest Academy Preparatory EducationK-12 & ungradedcharter  4
  R E Tobler Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  R Guild Gray Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Rainbow Dreams AcademyK-5charter  4
  Ralph Cadwallader Middle School6-8public  8
  Red Rock Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Redeemer Lutheran Elementary School & PreschoolPK-2private   
  Rex Bell Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Richard H Bryan Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Richard J Rundle Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Robert E Lake Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Robert L Forbuss Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Robert Lunt Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1
  Robert O Gibson Middle School6-8public  4
  Roberta C Cartwright Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Roger D Gehring Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Roger M Bryan Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Rose Warren Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Roy West Martin Middle School6-8public  6
  Ruben P Diaz Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Ruby Duncan Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Ruby S Thomas Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Ruth Fyfe Elementary SchoolPK-5public  3
  Ruthe Deskin Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Sandra L Thompson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Sandy Searles Miller Elementary School1-5public  7
  Shadow Ridge High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  7
  Sheila R. Tarr Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Sierra Vista High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  5
  Sig Rogich Middle School6-8public  10
  Silverado High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  6
  Sister Robert Joseph Bailey Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Solomon Schechter Day School of Las VegasPK-5private   
  South Continuation J/Senior High School6-12public  1
  Southeast Career Technical Academy9-12 & ungradedpublic  9
  Southeast Career Technical Academy9-12public   
  Southern Highlands Preparatory SchoolPK-8private   
  Southwest Career and Techinical Academy9-12 & ungradedpublic  10
  Spring Meadows Preschool & KindergartenPK-1private   
  Spring Mountain J/Senior High School6-12public  1
  Spring Valley Christian AcademyK-1, 3-8, 10, 12private   
  Spring Valley High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  5
  Spring Valley Montessori SchoolPK-K, 2-6private   
  St. Anne Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic SchoolK-8private   
  St. Francis De Sales SchoolK-8private   
  St. Joseph SchoolK-8private   
  St. Viator Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Stanford Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  Steve Schorr Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Summit School6-12public   
  Summit View J/Senior High School6-12public   
  Sunrise Acres Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Sunrise Mountain High School9-12public  2
  The Meadows SchoolPK-12private   
  The Summit SchoolPK-1private   
  Thomas O'Rourke Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Tony Alamo Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  Top Christian Learning AcademyK-3private   
  Trinity Christian SchoolsPK-6private   
  Trinity International SchoolK-12private   
  Trinity International SchoolsK-12private   
  Twin Lakes Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  University Baptist Academy1-11private   
  Vail Pittman Elementary SchoolPK-5public  4
  Valley High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  3
  Variety Elementary School6-12 & ungradedpublic   
  Variety School2-5 & ungradedpublic   
  Vegas Verdes Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Veterans Tribute Career Techincal Academy9-12public  10
  Victoria Fertitta Middle School6-8public  8
  Vincent L Triggs Elementary SchoolPK-5public  7
  Walter Bracken Elementary SchoolPK-5public  10
  Walter Jacobson Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Walter Johnson Junior High School6-8public  5
  Walter V Long Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Wassell AcademyK-8private   
  Wayne N Tanaka Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  Wendell P. Williams Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  West Career & Technical Academy9-12public  10
  West Charleston Enrichment AcademyPK-8private   
  West Prepatory Academy at Charles I West Hall ElementaryK-5public  2
  West Prepatory Academy at Charlles I West Hall Secondary6-12public  3
  Western High School9-12 & ungradedpublic  2
  Whitney Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  Wilbur & Theresa Faiss Middle School6-8public  7
  Will Beckley Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  William & Mary Scherkenbach Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  William E Ferron Elementary SchoolPK-5public  6
  William E Orr Middle School6-8public  2
  William E Snyder Elementary SchoolPK-5public  5
  William K. Moore Elementary SchoolPK-5public  2
  William Lummis Elementary SchoolPK-5public  8
  William V Wright Elementary SchoolPK-5public  9
  Word of Life Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Zel & Mary Lowman Elementary SchoolPK-5public  1

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Put on hold when calling police - 6/27/2018
Las Vegas is the only place I've lived where I was put on hold when calling 911. Check out the Yelp reviews on Vegas police departments and you'll see. Another time I... Read More

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The city you love to hate - 6/22/2018
I have lived in Las Vegas and movef 4 times over tge past 20 years, originally from Detroit area, lived in Florida too, sooo glad to be back, many opportunities here if... Read More

Vegas is no longer fun - 5/24/2018
I am embarrassed to admit this is my third and last time living in Vegas. This place used to be so much fun ten+ years ago. Now, it's a living nightmare. Cons: -... Read More

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