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Top 5 Most Enjoyable Summertime Places

7/10/2020 | Climate & Weather, Other

Best places for entertaining activities, the outdoors, and overall level of comfort

10 Factors to Consider When Researching Your Best Place To Live

4/13/2020 | Cost of Living, Crime, Climate & Weather, Health, Economy, Other

Trying to figure out what type of information you should research before moving? We've got you covered.

Places with the Highest Comfort Rating

3/4/2020 | Climate & Weather

The BestPlaces Comfort Index factors in components such as afternoon summer temperature and humidity to determine the places in the U.S. that are the most comfortable.

Gloomiest Places in America

11/12/2019 | Climate & Weather, Health

With a high Percentage of Cloud Cover, low Average Hours of Daylight, and many Days with Precipitation - Seattle and Portland are officially the Gloomiest Places in America.

Top 10 Cities to Beat the Heat

9/13/2019 | Climate & Weather, Health, Other

The BestPlaces Summer Comfort Index considers seven climate variables, including total precipitation, daily minimum and maximum temperatures, extreme high and low temperatures, average dew points, and precipitation days.

Moving Guide

9/12/2019 | Cost of Living, Climate & Weather, Other

Be well-informed before your move and do the necessary research before packing up

Where Hurricanes Strike

9/11/2019 | Climate & Weather

Stunning visualization of U.S. regions most at risk from hurricanes

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