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Places with the Lowest Property Taxes

8/12/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy

A list of the average 2020 real estate property taxes in each state.

10 States with the Highest Taxes

7/25/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy

Combining the tax rates for state, county, and local jurisdictions

Top 10 Most Tax Friendly US States

7/17/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy

Combined tax rates for state, county, and local jurisdictions

Researching your Retirement Haven

5/29/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy, Other

An interview with Rita, a former IT professional who is the author of her own blog called Researching Rita.

Tips for Buying a Home Amidst an Economic Crisis

5/24/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy, Other

Valuable insights from housing market analysts, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents that will help you have a smooth process.

10 Factors to Consider When Researching Your Best Place To Live

4/13/2020 | Cost of Living, Crime, Climate & Weather, Health, Economy, Other

Trying to figure out what type of information you should research before moving? We've got you covered.

Metro Areas with Fastest Rising Income

2/25/2020 | Cost of Living, Economy

The rich get richer - that seems to be the case when talking about recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau for median household income.

The Ultimate State Tax Ranking

9/12/2019 | Cost of Living, Economy, Other

Which States have the highest OVERALL taxes? - plus Climate Visualization Video

Moving Guide

9/12/2019 | Cost of Living, Climate & Weather, Other

Be well-informed before your move and do the necessary research before packing up

Customize Your Own Personal Estimated Taxes

9/11/2019 | Cost of Living, Economy

Enter your specific details and compare all the major tax categories (income, sales, property, motor vehicle)

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