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South Portland, ME is a city located in Cumberland County and is part of the Portland-South Portland metropolitan area. It has a population of 25,002 according to the 2019 US Census. South Portland is known for its high quality of life and numerous amenities that make it attractive to businesses and families alike. When it comes to rankings, South Portland is consistently ranked highly among cities in the region. According to, South Portland ranks well in terms of crime rate (12th out of 51 cities), cost of living (11th out of 51 cities), public schools ratings (21st out of 27 school districts) and overall livability (8th out of 51 cities). The city also boasts a strong economy with an unemployment rate that is lower than both the state average as well as the national average. Overall, South Portland is known for being a great place to live, work and raise a family.

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South_Portland Ranked
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Over 11 years ago

The Greater Portland area has a very livable climate in the summer, some of spring & fall, but winters are usually a bear. There's lots of outdoor things to do nearby  More

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