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Pelican Marsh Elementary School
9480 Airport Rd N
Naples, FL 34109
(239) 377-7900
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public | PK-5
County: Collier


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5/4/2012parentI have had 2 children attend PME and could not have been happier with their education and preparation for middle school. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure all the childrens needs are met and parents are encouraged to be a part of their childrens education. Both my girls went to an excellent private school before PME but I couldn't be happier!
4/27/2012parentMy child has learning disabilities. We also suspected that she was being bullied by other kids in her class. We've asked about this several times and have been told they don't see any evidence of bullying. My wife met some parents of kids in my daughters class. They confirmed the bullying, name calling and surprisingly intimidation from the teacher. The teacher sat acroos the table from us about two weeks ago and told us she was on grade level with reading and several other subjects but she struggles with math. We got her report card the next week and in the reading section it was checked needs improvement to move to the next grade level. We were also told that when they are outside during PE other kids will take a ball and try to hit her in the head. Nobody sees it and they don't think anything like that is going on. Maybe it's great Dr. G knows all the students names, but I don't think he has a clue as to what is actually going on in his school. I think we'll be home schooling from now on. We were told this was an extremely bad idea and not in her best interest. They put on a good front but I think the place is a joke! If your child is not "main stream" forget about PME.
1/31/2012parentGot a smart third grader? Me too, but she's being dumbed down and used to help the teacher teach the kids who aren't as advanced as she is. I have expressed my disappointment with the teacher, and learned that this was how it had to be done. I took that to administration and was told that I needed to calm down. So if you have a brilliant child on the rise from KG on up, guess what happens as they prepare them for that ever-so-important FCAT? They get the smart bombed right out of them and dumbed down. I will be homeschooling next year. If you are considering this school and have a really smart child (my daugther can read at an eighth grade level and is doing sixth grade math - tested by an outside education source, not the school), forget this place, no matter what others inside the school say.
9/10/2011parentGreat school. Website ranking doesn't reflect the quality of this school since it is new. Facility and technology are second to none and teachers are great. Both of our kids are happy.
8/17/2011parentI don't understand the rave reviews of Pelican Marsh. We moved to this district and I purposefully chose PME because I had lived here before, have friends in the area whose children attend here, and decided this would be a good place to be. My son already had learned most everything that the kids in his grade were learning. Our son's teacher said that one of the issues here was that they have to stay on course, even if the kids were pushing ahead and mastered what they were learning. So there is no opportunity for the teachers to push the children ahead. How sad is that? She was aggravated with the system in her way, and said most of her colleagues were in the same boat. So while the teachers do care, they can't push the children who are able to forge ahead. Dr. Gasparino does care about his school, and knows all the students by name. It's amazing, considering the number of students here. I just wish the programs allowed teachers to challenge their students more. As far as parents being involved - there is a tendency for some of the ones who have been with the school for awhile to be on the cliquish side.
5/30/2008parentMy son is attending Pelican Marsh as an out of zone student due to the school in our area being graded a 'C' or below. Since he has been attending he was tested and approved for the gifted program. I couldn't be happier with what Pelican Marsh has done for my son.
3/27/2007parentWhat can I say - it's hard to compare when you know you have and are the 'best'. Our tribe is currently 'three' years into this school and couldn't be happier. Dr. G. Is our hero! He runs a 'top notch' school. we are here for the duration and feel PME's quality staff is 'not replaceable!' We love you pme and we love you staff....Keep up the good work and continue to be 'what you already are' lovies - kmf pme - you rock!!!
2/21/2007parentI have a son in 1st grade and a son in KG. Both are doing extremely well at this school. I am extremely impressed with the parental involvement at this school, and the overall feel of this being a community, and our kids' education being a community effort. Both of my sons can recognize their principal upon sight, and speak to him at all times. Dr. Gasparino is very involved in all aspects of the school. My sons both had Mrs. Nash for KG, and she is just fabulous. She has really helped my shy/quiet children open up and find their niche at school. Mrs. Benison, my first grader's teacher, is also wonderful, and has really helped my son improve. My oldest son also has speech therapy and OT (occupational therapy) and has made huge gains since working with the staff at PME. The OT is for his handwriting skills.
5/16/2006parentMy daughter was scheduled to attend another school with over 1000 students. I chose for my daughter to attend Pelican Marsh Elementary because of the quality of education and the dedication of its teachers. Students are challenged to be the best that they can be. They will seek out exceptional students and help them excel to their potential. My daughter was recognized by her teacher as being a gifted student and was instrumental in the testing that was involved for her to be placed in the gifted program. As far as the availability of music, art etc. The school has a great program. The teachers are very dedicated and it shows in their students. One thing Pelican Marsh is famous for is parent involement. Stop by any time of the day and you will see a parking lot full of cars with parent volunteers.
4/18/2006parentMy son is in KG and i'm very happy with the school,excelleent teachers,(I want to mention MS Lavin,KG teacher .Great place for ours kids!
4/1/2006former studentGreat program ! Parent Involvement is encouraged.
3/8/2006parentMy son is in 4th grade and it is our first year at the school and in the district. I am extremely pleased with his teacher, Mrs. Tuttle. She challenges the students and also makes learning fun. She has really pushed the students' writing this year and I have seen a huge improvement in my son's writing. THe school overall is very organized..I have seen this in the front office staff and the drop off and pick up of students. My son participated in the Italian Class afterschool in the fall and enjoyed it. The 4th grade performed the Nutcracker during the holidays and it was very well done. I am extremely happy with his teacher and have no complaints with the school.
7/11/2005parentPelican Marsh is a good school. The leadership excells. Most of the teachers are dedicated professionals. I would be concerned with the parental involvement. There exists a great deal of snobbery and elitism within this school.
4/1/2005parentPelican Marsh Elementary is an excellent school. our daughter is in the 4th grade Challenge Program and is doing exceedingly well on standardized tests and also enjoys school. An environment of respectful learning is encouraged and yet the competitive spirit is alive and well. We have an EXCELLENT, involved Principal, Dr. James Gasparino who truly CARES about all the students. As an 'A' rated school we are now a magnet for students at lower performing schools. We are having to finance special programs to assist these students. It may be coming out of our PTO as I understand there are no federal dollars to finance this opportunity. The schools encourages after school enrichment activities. I just started an Italian language program which meets after school 2X a week. It was a cooperative effort thru private organizations, the Italian Consulate, and most importantly, the open and supportive school administration. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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