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Audubon Park Elementary School
1750 Common Way Rd
Orlando, FL 32814
(407) 897-6400
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public | PK-5
County: Orange


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2/19/2012parentMy children love going to school. They love their teachers and the principal. I could have them write a review. Audubon Park Elementary is an exceptional school that should be used as a model for schools around our community. The principal and teachers are committed to excellence. The teachers update parents regularly and do it multiple ways. For example, they do e-mails and send home written instructions. If you do better with e-mails, you will be in the loop. If you don't own a computer, you will be in the loop. They give children individual attention and help them with their specific challenges. They welcome and encourage parent involvement. We often have lunch with our children and other parents are always there. They are very focused on the fundamentals of learning. Reading and math are promoted daily. We researched private schools before putting our children at Audubon Park and feel confident that we made the best decision for our children. I highly recommend Audubon Park Elementary to parents who want to be involved in their children's education. Finally, I love that the school is diverse in every way and that children from all backgrounds are loved and respected.
2/19/2012parentOutstanding school! I am so grateful that we have one of the best schools in Central Florida in walking distance from our home.
12/8/2011parentHorrible school. They registered my daughter in the wrong grade. My husband and I didn't even find out about it until we went to meet the Teacher! Horrible! Like if we people are some kind of animals and they can do whatever they want with our children, then the front office staff were mad because we were upset. Not to mention that public schools only teach children how to pass the FCAT test; this is no secret to anyone. I always disliked the public service. You pay for what you get. Staff are more worried about loosing their job than going the extra mile for our children. Not the good school you think it is, Think again before enrolling your child here. I agree with postings below.
12/3/2011parentI am disappointed with the lack of experience I have seen thus far with the teachers at Audobon. I was looking forward to working with the teacher in improving my child's learning experience after he entered kindergarten. Instead of getting constructive feedback (e.g. letter z pronunciation, numbers past 99 need to be learned), I get he knows something one day and forgets it the next . Hello! That fits the description of most five-years olds not name Albert Einstein . All the criticism seems to be more of the nature of "I am tired with dealing with five-year olds all day"instead of "I am trying to help them improve".
10/9/2011parentThis school is not as fabulous as the reviews I have read. I think the school has lost its way by focusing on the excitement of technology as opposed to teaching fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. There is little communication with families and the principal seems to only post communications via Twitter or by bar code communications which is great if you have the latest technology, but no so great if that extraneous electronic media is not important to you. The other issue is that this school is already over capacity! It is relatively new but there are just too many kids, its absolute chaos at drop off & pick up and the staff seems more focused on crowd control than giving necessary attention to the kids. Everyone told us that the school was fantastic, but we're just not drinking the kool-aide. We're hoping to be rezoned to school that actually teaches, is much smaller in scale and doesn t seem to be as bedazzled by the latest and greatest (yet worthless)technological gadgets.
4/14/2011parentGreat School. The teachers are amazing. Make sure to budget for all the extra expenses that come with a school in an upscale neighborhood. There are no free afterschool activities. The art club is outsourced at about $15/hr per child. Dance is $12/hr per child. Tennis is $10/hr per child. Additionally, items are sold almost weekly in the lobby or through school requests. However, this is what pays for our school being nicer than many nearby schools. To keep up teacher moral, the parents are even collecting money for an off campus teacher appreciation event.
10/18/2010teacherAudubon Park Elementary utilizes technology to prepare our students for the 21st century! Students are actively engaged with lessons daily by the use of the Promethean, activexpressions, and activotes. In addition, the use of laptops are promoted in each classroom to enhance classroom instruction.
10/18/2010teacherIt is innovative and technologically advanced. Amazing teachers.
10/10/2010parentWe have one of the best schools in Orange County! A Principal who cares, parents who support the school and teachers who love to teach!!
10/10/2010parentA great school has excellent teachers, supportive parents, strong leadership and challenging programs. Audubon Park is an EXCELLENT school with phenomenal teachers, outstanding parental involvement and innovative leadership, using ground-breaking technology to make every student successful!
10/10/2009parentParent involvement is part of the school, whether fundraising, assisting teachers or cheerleading. Children know when they have the support of parents who are so involved, and parents are 'in the know' about the kids' abilities, classroom actions & of course, teachers [who are terrific].
4/1/2009parentThey have always help my child achieve. No matter how long or what it took.
12/27/2008parentMy child comes from a private Pre-k where respect and kindness were heavily promoted. We have been extremely disappointed in the way that the teachers speak to the children. The environment appears to promote dimeaning children and not giving them respect which is therefore teaching them not to respect. With the cuts to public school funding and the lack of basic respect, I am looking into other options for my child. On a positive note, the principle is very interested in technology and does push for modern teaching methods. If he could just get the teachers on board it would help.
12/18/2008otherExcellent environment for Children with amazing teachers and staff.
10/23/2005parentI can't say enough about the quality of the teachers. However I am disappointed in the testing scores. We feel the level of education of the teachers may reflect this.
8/19/2005parentI am 39 years old and I also attended Audubon Park Elementary. Although the school is not as modern as some of the new ones, the teachers are to be commended for excellent instruction. Parent involvement is also excellent which makes the learning experience for all the children awesome. They have a great PTA and the music and art teachers have been there for a long time and really care about the kids. I have not met a teacher yet that is not willing to work with the parents and children to get them motivated to where they need to be. They also have a great counseling program. This school is awesome and I would not ever send my kids anywhere else. The office staff is a group of wonderful people and all people in the school, including the PE teachers are wonderful! Great school!
8/19/2005parentWe have been so pleased with our years at Audubon Park. The administration works very well with parents and the teachers we have encountered are exceptional. Our main concerns were having a fulfilling, challenging academic program and a well-rounded experience outside the home- classroom (art, music, PE, Gifted Ed). We have been happy in these areas and more. The 5th grade teachers also do an exceptional job preparing students for the rigors of middle school. Parental involvement is great and improving every year!
6/25/2005parentNice neighborhood, great school.
5/10/2004parentGreat school, teachers are great at motivating the student. Community feeling prevalant at Audubon Park. My daughter loves the school.
4/17/2004parentThis is our first year at Audubon Park and I am pleased with what I am seeing. My son is doing well academically and socially. The abilities of other students in his class range dramatically but his teacher does an excellent job of keeping things moving/challenging. The 'Specials' teachers are also very good. He loves art and has learned a lot about drawing and artists. His P.E. teacher came to watch him at his first 5K. There are some very dedicated parents too I only wish there were a few more. The school has a lot to offer and it would be great to see more children from my own neighborhood attending it!
4/14/2004parentI have enjoyed watching my children grow in their education. Audubon has some of the greatest teachers. My son's have had a great teacher every school year. My son's teachers and school staff work together with my husband and I on educating my boys. This is a team effort and Audubon Park know's what it means to work together as a team. I love the children there and their parents. I feel that Audubon is doing a great job on preparing my boys for middle school and high school.
4/13/2004parentAfter 3 years as parents of Audubon Park school children, we can confidently say that our children are happy! Our children are being challenged, are learning a lot and like going to this school. We have the confidence what our children are learning is on par with other schools in the area, and nationally, from the reports we receive from the school showing our children s progress. We have been exceptionally pleased with the teaching staff the Classroom teachers, the Music/Strings/Art/PE/Media Center teachers, the Paraprofessionals this is a great group! Our kids come home smiling and complaining about homework, as all kids do. We ve also been happy to find so many kids from nice families for our children to play with after school. It has been an overall positive experience for our family.
4/1/2004parentMy daughter had excellent Kindergarten and 2nd grade teachers. The teacher's positive outlook makes a difference on the student's success. Alot of FCAT pressure starts in 2nd grade already. Would like to see less stress for such young students, but how with FCAT? Maybe create reading projects and fun activities to take off some of the pressure, like a weekly kids reading group after school?
2/23/2004parentThis school has done wonders for my 5 year old little girl! She was only 4 when she started and a little behind the rest in her kindergarden class but now with the help of her teacher has caught right up with the rest of the students! I just wish that there was'nt so much pressure for them!! I mean why should 5 year olds have to take tests to get them ready for FCAT in third grade?

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