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School Profile

Avalon Elementary School
13500 Tanja King Blvd
Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 207-3825
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public | PK-5
County: Orange


  School Head OfficialYear
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/21/2010parentThis is a good school, but used to be better. Teachers are focused on their big group trip to China, not enough on student learning. I'm sure FCAT scores will still be high since the school teaches for the test.
1/21/2010parentOverall a great school. PTO is a little lack luster this year.
12/18/2009parentAwesome school, great learning enviornment, very supportive!!! Gifted program is amazing.
7/16/2009parentThis school is amazing! Number 1 in the county and 12th in the state...fabulous job Avalon! Keep up the good work. We are so lucky to live in this school's district. Great teachers and staff, involved parents, wonderful PTO. It doesn't get better than this!!!!!!!!!!
3/11/2009parentAs a new parent, I just have positive things about the school: the classes have a small number of students, teachers are very enthusiastic, and autorithies know what they are doing. Keep up the good work!
2/18/2009parentI am extremely picky when it comes to education, and I can't find a bad thing to say! I changed jobs shortly after moving to the area and have chosen an hour commute each way for the past 3 years rather than moving my child. The gifted program is all-day instruction and is the best in the state!! I have peace of mind with her there.
11/18/2008parentAvalon is a wonderful school! You can't get better than this.
11/12/2008parentI really love this school. I can't imagine sending my children anywhere else. They are not in gifted or in the lower end, but they do get all the attention they deserve!!! I see all children in this school getting equal opportunity. All the teachers my kids have had have been fabulous. Everyone, even the administration is so caring. I think the principal knows every child by name. This school has a very warm and loving environment.
11/2/2008parentAvalon is the best school in the land! I cannot imagine sending my child to any other school. The staff and teachers really care about each and every student. I have found this school to be very parent friendly, even to working parents like me. The school really goes out of it's way to make communicate and meetings easy for my schedule. My daughter is needs extra help and gets everything she needs here. Last year she was even offered free tutoring to get her back up to grade level. I love this school.
10/10/2008parentGo Mariners! I can't say enough great things about this school, it is the best! My children are getting a fantastic education and are kept safe every day. Even with all the cut backs this year, this school hasn't missed a beat. It seems like even with all the county budget cuts that Avalon didn't feel it very much, or at least they haven't shown it. I think the administration is very creative to keep everything the same for the students.
9/29/2008parentAvalon is the best school ever! My children love going to school and always come home excited about the happenings in their classroom. My older child is excited for Kidstown to begin and is already planning his 'business' to run. I've had four kids go throught this school and we have never experienced any problems with bullying like in other schools. There are so many opportunities for parents to be involved, it is a wonderful school. The office staff is friendly and very helpful.
9/25/2008parentAvalon Elementary has been such a disappointment. There are a lot of bullies and the administration does nothing about it. Avalon seems to be a very transient environment. We are going to move back to the Stone Lakes District. Much higher quality school! As a former school teacher, I can tell you my child did not flourish at Avalon.
8/27/2008parentI really don't know if I'm the only unlucky one but my two kids teachers in the last two years (this is my third) have been marginal, the staff is ok, the PTO parents are too controlling. The principal is very good but needs to keep some control and not believe that everything is so great as it seems.
8/19/2008parentMy kids absolutely love their school! Their teachers have been dedicated, creative and effective, and the staff are excellent at every level.
8/27/2007parentThis is an amazing school, My family has moved around quiet a bit due to changing circumstances and My son who is now in 5th grade has been to 5 different elementary schools. It is his second year at Avalon elementary and we will not be leaving..it has been the best experience both academically and socially, the teachers and staff are wonderful as well as the students that attend. It has exceeded all expectations I have come to have for schools..I feel I am sort of an expert having been to so many .Avalon Park is by far the best school my son has attended
6/15/2007parentMy son has been a student here for the past 3 years and he loves it. He has not miss one day of school since, and he has exceeded academically by being in a gifted class for the past 2 years. We have one more year to go and he'll be sad when it's time to leave this school. Staff is very friendly, they know all children by name and teachers and principals are the best!
12/3/2006parentAvalon elementary is by far the best school in orlando! The principal is the key- the teachers love their job and it shows! My child has had a superior education there, and has been encouraged to learn- in a positive- esteem building manor, that will forever help develop his achedemic/ career path in life. Avalon's 'yes I can' motto, and the wonderful communication between parent/ teacher and principal is outstanding. My childs needs (and mine) have been met each step of the way, and as a volunteer I see each and every child getting the same time and attention. It is a wonderful school for 'gifted' children, the only problem is it will raise your expectations for other schools to come. Other neighboring schools, have not had as favorable comments from parents. With out a doubt I would recommend avalon elementary to everyone!
6/19/2006parentAt first, the I felt that the administration was too strict. But then you see that it is just a safe secure place for kids too learn.
5/3/2006parentWhile my two children have done very well at Avalon and the staff thus far has been fantastic, I have concerns. The student body is very large and thus PE and other such activities are only available on a rotating basis with weeks between them. The problem also comes into play at lunchtime with some students not eating until almost 1PM. Overall though I am pleased with the school and it's faculty.
3/1/2006parentI feel my son is fortunate to attend this school. The administrators are wonderful! The teachers are happy, and my son is learning. Academically I can't complain, I love the incorporation of Kids Town.
12/8/2005parentExcelent education, great teachers, fantastic leadership and outstanding parent involvement, but more volunteers needed due to the amount of children. Sad we don't have music instructors anymore. Excellent PTA leadership, Kudos to the Alvarado family. Fantastic idea grouping the gifted, what a challenge for teachers and students. Hopefully the new Stoneybrook school will be as committed and able to work together with Avalon. Congrat's Mariners on your A+, we will miss you next year!
11/27/2005parentWonderful school, excellent teachers, caring environment
10/17/2005parentOur daughter has been a student for 3 years and each year confirms our decision to relocate to Avalon. The staff has done and outstanding job managing the explosive growth and keeping the focus on providing an excellent learning enviornment. Of course it helps that parental involvement is well above average.
9/26/2005parentI love the Mariners! Read Read Read! Mrs Sanders is a nice principal. Great job!
9/18/2005parentI have two children at this school. 1st and 3rd grade. Even though I am unhappy with the number of students attending the school I understand the quick growth in the area and I am very impressed that the school turned out #1 in orange county in the fcats and I am proud that my children attend this school. The teachers we have had have all been top notch. There are always unavoiding and unforeseeable problems everywhere you go, it's how it's handled is how I would rate the school.
9/8/2005parentAbsolute top-notch school. The leadership is visionary and the staff/faculty highly motivated and driven to excellence.Very crowded though.
8/19/2005parentOur son started there in 2002 as a Kindergartener. It is clearly THE BEST public school in Orlando. In spite of the unbelieveable growth of the student population, the staff and administration have not only maintained high expectations, they have continually raised the bar. The principal has hired and retained an impressive staff, and the school offers many innovative programs. Avalon also reaches out to the community and consistently has thousands (that's right, thousands) of family members who participate in school activities like the Bookfairs, the Sock Hop, Meet the Teacher and the Spring Festival.
8/19/2005parentAvalon is the top elementary school in Orange County in a wonderful neighborhood. Very good academics, team spirit, parental involvement. Gifted and special needs programs. Wish they had a better program for kids not elegible for gifted program, but who are very smart and need more of a challenge than regular classroom work.
8/4/2005parentGood school, dedicated teachers, nice facilities except for the amount of portables on campus. Quality hasn't been affected because of the ratio control imposed by law. Parking can be a problem when next door church is built.
5/18/2005parentAvalon Elementary is one of the best elementary school in Orlando as far as I am concerned. The community is beautiful, the administration is outstanding and the teachers and parents are ultra involved.
5/3/2005parentThe quality of academics excel the state standards. There are various extracurricular and the involements of parent are always excepted and well received.
4/21/2005parentWe've been in this school ever since it opened in 2001 and I've been more impressed each year with the school. I think it has wonderful leadership from the administration and a great group of teachers.
4/19/2005parentthis is one of the very best school in the Orlando area.
4/3/2005parentAvalon has been a blessing for my child. He had been mistreated by older students at [another school], I explained what happen to the Avalon principle and she told my son one on one, that if at anytime he feel frighten or scared to leave what ever he was doing and come straight to her. She has done more then just been there for him she really cares about the kids. His special ed teachers ARE THE VERY BEST and he has made great progress. And this school like all the rest in Florida are forced to focus on FCAT to keep their rating and funds.
3/31/2005parentAvalon Elementary school overall is a good school with fun activities, however I am disappointed that they already have over 32 portables and the school is only a few years old. Orange County does not plan ahead for growth in their schools. This only hurts the children. The school does have fun activities for children and families together. The office staff is not very friendly, but most of the teachers I've met are.
2/12/2005parentExcellent community invovement.
12/30/2004parentI was happy with the teacher when my kid was there. But the school is not parent friendly. They try to keep you apart. I personally do not like that. Is like they were hidding something. That only my opinion.
12/10/2004parentThe school is run like a military, they are suspicious of anyone. The principal seems to be 'in charge'. Their mission statement says they want to empower us, parents, to be lifelong learners, go figure! I always tries to get involve but Avalon proves difficult. They don't seem to welcome parents. They emphasized school spirit, to the extreme, with high school cheerleaders taking precious instruction time to perform at their school. Ronald MacDonald visited too, talk about marketing fast food to our kids! Next, they are political correct, to celebrate christmas, they call it a holiday tree - you are not allowed to hang religious ornament, you are told to hang boats, sailors, fish etc. because in their own words '...we are respectful of all religions...We will not place any religious ornaments on the tree'. What an irony. Beware of schools with closed door that rules with an iron fist.
5/25/2004parentI have a 2nd grader and a 5th grader at Avalon Elementary School. We have not been here but 2 months so I don't really know a whole bunch about the school. My 2nd grader loved it but the same is not true for my other child. I think it is a difficult age to move or be new at any school. His teacher did his best to help him fit in but he struggled with math and science. (He was behind at his prior school). All in all it was a good school.
5/11/2004parentSeems like a great school. Godson will be attending next year! Very excited!
4/19/2004parentAvalon is a very good school, but we started out at Sunrise and I still think of Sunrise as a better school. I think the test scores prove this out too. Avalon is very standoffish and 'cliqish'. There is an army of mostly mom-volunteers in that school everyday, free to come and go, look at your child's work all they want. But if you're a working mom, you will be treated like a criminal if you want to enter the school during working hours to see how your child is doing. Sunrise was never like this. You were welcomed into your child's environment. This principal seems to be very suspicious of parents, except full time mommmy volunteers. When my child was in daycare I was told never to trust a place that wouldn't allow you to 'pop-in', but this principal seems to have never read those HRS pamphlets.
3/30/2004parentI have been very pleased with the school and the administrators. I have 3 children in school at Avalon and they are doing extremely well both socially and academically. The teachers have been excellent with communication. My children love the school and the learning environment.
1/9/2004parentI have been disapointed by the lack of interest in assisting my child with adjusting to difficult situations brought on by the administration.
12/28/2003parentThis school asks parents to be very involved, which I like and prefer. However, my daugther has been thorugh some pretty traumatic stuff over the last year, and this campus does not have a counselor to offer her emotional support if she needs it during school hours.
12/9/2003parentI was very disappointed in this school and the education level provided. Discipline was a huge problem and not dealt with by the administration very well.

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