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School Profile

Hopkins Elementary School
1315 Dickens Rd NW
Lilburn, GA 30047
(770) 564-2661
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public | PK-5
County: Gwinnett


  School Head OfficialYear
Penny Clavijo2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/28/2012otherMy niece is in first grade and goes to this school and the things they're teaching her is the stuff she already knows from us teaching her at home. I think the school caters more to the hispanic community because they are the majority and i guess most of them are behind and they're having to go backward to try to get them up to the level of learning they're suppose to be at. We have been thinking about home schooling her because we dont want her to be falling behind when she's suppose to be working at a first grade level and not at kindergaten being taught her ABC's. I will say that everyone there is very nice and i will give them 5 stars for that but a 2 for the education part.
4/11/2010parenti will say that the administration and the teachers here seem to care for the kids and that they try their best to help them succeed. However, first impressions stick with you. Upon entering the school i always feel unwelcome by the door greeter. She always seems to look at me as if i am an awful person. Although when i volunteer for the pta she is very nice then. i would change her position if i could. she shouldnt be the first person parents see when they come to the school. Also, my son was put into esol when the only language he speaks is english and i wasnt informed of this till 4 months into the school year.
9/26/2009parentI am a new parent to the Hopkins school this year, and have been impressed with the community spirit and the love for children that is evident from everyone. I am always greeted with a smile, and sometimes even a hug, from the office staff. Everyone seems happy, and there is a sense of warmth everywhere. The parent center is a great resource for the parents, and we have participated in several events offered for our kids and parents.
3/16/2009parentFoucus to revise the way that parents are poorly greeted by Ms Rushin, she is a total turn off. It's not a warm feeling upon entering the doors of Hopkins. The academics are outstanding and the encouragement given to our children to be more involved in expressing themselves through writing and also in the fluencecy of reading, those efforts are appreciated. Emphasis should be placed in after school activity.
10/17/2008parentI found this school to be great.They send notices to he family to keep us informed.They are teaching my seven year old spanish.They send their work home for us to review.One complaint when ever they have an out side activity they leave us the parents out side in the heat of 105 temperature.Also I rememeber during the cold standing out side for the xmas concert.Pleaase open up the school activity area or lunch room and make us feel welcome.
6/24/2008parentMy daughter has attended this school for 2nd and 2nd grade. We lived in Dekalb county before and had attend a 'good school' but there test scores did not campare to Gwinetts.. Dekalb county offered an afterschool program which helped me a lot but my child was not challenged in school. At Hopkins the teachers acknowledged that she was gifted and had her tested. She was fortunate to get teachers that love their jobs. I can not fault the school system for my child not learning as much as she could. I do alot of extra stuff on my own at home and during the summer months. It is clear the the GA school system is not the greatest in the country so we as parents have to take responsibility for our part in making sure that our children are learning. I loved our Hopkins experience.
4/29/2008parentI dis like this school, I can't wait to May 20th when school is out, My son will not be returning, there is no parent involment, the teacher don't know how to cummincate to the parents.
8/3/2007parentMy son will be starting school this fall and he will be attending Hopkins, I am very excited for him I have 2 other kids that have attended this school one of whch is still there she will be in the 4th grade, my oldest one attended this shcool in kindergarten and 5th grade during the 2nd grade thru 4th grade she attended Meadowcreek Elementary and from what I seen between the 2 oldest one I feel that Hopkins does a great job with the kids, I regret having my oldest one going to Meadowcreek and not being able to attend all her elementary years at Hopkins. I see the difference with the one that has always attended Hopkins she has learned so much and the teacher are great. If I had to choose right now the school for my kindergarten with no doubt Hopkins would be the one.
6/19/2007parentMy daughter started Kindergarten at this school but I removed them before the year was over because I didn't feel she was being challenged enough. This school and many others in the metro area really need to change.
7/19/2005parentMy son attended this school from K-5. We had a wonderful experience. I felt the school did a great job with activities for the kids. The teachers my son had were great! They were all very caring, dedicated teachers who worked hard to see he had the best education possible while there. As far as safety, there were a couple of issues I was not pleased with but overall they work hard to make it a safe enviroment for all!

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