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Orion Oaks Elementary School
1255 Joslyn Rd
Lake Orion, MI 48360
(248) 393-0010
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public | K-5
County: Oakland


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Brian Kaplan2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/13/2010parentThey instill what all kids need to know to be loving, caring people. Its a very family oriented school.
10/21/2009parentI don't understand why the bike rack is behind the school. A child has to pretty much walk his bike quite an extra distance past all the kids loading / unloading from the buses (which happens all at once) and then in the mornings come back around to the front of the building. There is also a lot of gravel on the ramp from the safety path. Wondering how there can be so much litter as well.
10/16/2009parentWe have 2 children at Orion Oaks. Fantastic School. Level of enagagement of teachers, staff, and other parents is superior to any I've seen
3/12/2009parentI have two children in Orion Oaks. The principal is incredibly involved, has excellent leadership skills, the children have great respect for him and adore him at the same time. He works well with his staff and strives to keep the school one step ahead of the rest. The school is not for every child - this is a multi-age school. Children that thrive here are more independent and do not need to have the typical structure that is found in traditional schools. There are no desks in Orion Oaks, but tables where children sit in groups. The teachers give weekly updates via e-mail, my children's grades are available to me at any given moment - detailed information down to yesterday's classroom work is given. I am proud that my children attend this school, I would not have it any other way.
12/21/2006parentBeing a new family with a very young kinder, we feared sending our child off to school. I cannot believe how terrific the entire experience has been. The parent involvement is encouraged though not required (any support one can extend is esteemed). I cannot contemplate how welcome I feel every time I attend anything at the school! There is not adequate room here to summarize my contentment with the faculty. It is easy to perceive why they are such a well oiled machine when you meet the principal. He somehow establishes an environment where everyone feels right at home. At the same time it is made certain that the student's security is number one. No one, not even parents who are consecutively volunteers, is authorized to just wander in without signing in as well as wearing a nametag. I am so pleased with Orion Oaks elementary school.
11/10/2006parentExcellent School! I can't say enough about the principal and staff. I have three children attending. Each teacher is wonderful in their own way. As a Christian our beliefs as a family are well respected. The school is different than a traditional school. We do not celebrated holidays with big parties. There is no competition with the thought that the children are too young to deal with the presure. Two classes are in one room (1/2nd & 3/4 grade) with two teachers that co-teach. If you really like the traditional elementary setting Orion Oaks may not be for you.
5/20/2006parentBoth my children attend Orion Oaks Elementary School. I am proud to say that it lives up to it's Blue Ribbon Exemplary statues. All the teachers are excellent at what they do. They love teaching and that is evident in their day to day interactions with the children. The multiage philosophy is a great one. It gives the children the opportunity to work at their own pace. If they excell at reading they are able to work to their abilities. They are not 'wasting their time' learning things they already know. If they need extra work with math they are given the time they need to fully understand the concept. The atmosphere at the school is upbeat and relaxed. It provides for an optimal learning environment for the students. There is an outstanding level of parent involvement, the teachers encourage it. You always feel welcome at Orion Oaks!
10/25/2005parentI feel the all of the teachers are very dedicated. I do believe, under the new principal we lack any after school activities or competetions.
1/18/2005parentI have two children currently attending Orion Oaks and couldn't be happier with their progress and with the school. The benefits to a multiage environment are many, and there is a lot of literature available to support the philosophy behind it. I can state with confidence that the children do learn to lead and follow in this environment. For example, in the the split 1st and 2nd grade, the 2nds graders show the 1st the ropes and the following year, the 2nd graders get the opportunity to do the same. The fifth graders and Kingergarten are separate classes. One of the most salient points in my opinion is the fact that the teachers who teach at Orion Oaks WANT to be there and support and bring to life the multiage philosophy. My two children, while different in personality and temperment, are both thriving - academically and socially!
1/6/2005parentI've had two children go through this school and another with a year and a half to go. I've seen the current principle interact one on one with the students and the with the entire school and was impressed. Most of the parents I've spoken to like their child's teachers. Multi-age also means multi-teacher so, if the teachers that are paired together have conflicting styles they won't be effective. Parent involvement is definitely encouraged. While at the school the kids generally stay grouped into 'neighborhoods'. This helps the teachers get to know the students better and allows the students to develop closer ties with their classmates. Unfortunately, my oldest child's class was clicky and stayed that way for the last 3 years. Happily, second child's class was very close. There seems to be a lot of school spirit among the kids overall.
2/23/2004parentI have three students in this school. I have found that the school and staff are well maintained, informative, and overall very kind. The children really get to know all of the staff, and get very comfortalbe with the environment quickly. The teachers are very supportive and tend to go the extra mile with all of the children. I love this school!
8/27/2003parentNew principal. Decline in school atmoshphere. Multi age school. Too lax in structure and discipline. Kids' individual needs are not met.

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