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St. Patrick High School
18300 St. Patrick Road
Biloxi, MS 39532
(228) 702-0500
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private | 7-12
County: Harrison


9/20/2010parentMy child has been part of the Catholic School system from Pre-K to High School. While at first glance the school seems to be community oriented, I realized while attending a football game at Vancleave, the difference between the school and some public schools. There does seem to be an inner group of community rather than just the community. Offering help to the school is filtered through the inner group. Almost like a business protecting its upper management. With that said, my child loves the school and is doing well academically but I believe he would do well academically where ever he is. I sincerely hope the school is not succumbing to politics and the sole purpose of the boosters is not to sponsor the "golf" tournament.
3/16/2010parentI have three children attending St. Patrick's (two since the doors openned), each with different interests and learning skills. I have been very pleased with what the school has to offer each child. They are all thriving. The environment promotes leadership, Christian fellowship and my husband and I believe we have made the perfect choice for our family. Absolutely, no regrets!
7/16/2009parentMy child went from all A s to failing. Transition to a new school, and puberty, is difficult and it s easy for kids to slip up. I went through the same thing and remember it well. I asked my child regularly how things were going at school. He made the mistake of missing some assignments and not being truthful about it. He felt trapped and went down hill quickly. Unfortunately, while his teachers knew he was having problems, they did not share the information with us. We did not know there were any problems until his report card came in and he was failing nearly every subject. We got him straightened out and he finished the school year with A s and B s, but that school put us through the wringer. During this time, we sent may emails to the teachers, advisors, and staff, including the principal. Most of these went unanswered.
5/29/2009parentI am a little floored by a few of the very childish reviews presented here. We have lived in many different states and been in many different school systems. (Public and Private) St. Patrick is one of the best we have been involved in. Just because the sports do well, doesn't mean it lacks in academics. I have one child who is and one who isn't in sports and both are doing very well in academics and on ACT testing. I attribute their high ACT test grades to the teaching they have recieved. They are both happy and feel very safe at St. Pats. We are not rich but we feel the sacrifices we make to pay for their education are well worth it at this school. They are surrounded by children who are very interested in their own education, futures and in doing the right things in the community.
2/7/2009parentAcademics secondary to athletics. OK is the best I can say....not terrible but a disappointment.
4/22/2008otherThe principal of st. patrick is the principal from mercy cross, the athletic directer is a combination of mercy cross's football coach and st. john's football coach. The leadership is growing with the school. New schools offer new problems that will be handle and can only grow stonger and learn from its mistakes. St. Patrick is nothing like mercy cross. This is a larger school with more diversity. The school offers more activities and oppurtunities and experiance more from different types of people.
3/9/2008parentMercy Cross was great. St. Patrick is terrible. The leadership is poor, including the principle and athletic director. The school is made out to be a rich stuck up school. Mercy Cross was a school that anybody could go to, at St. Patrick it is all about how much money you have. Jesus never said that you are suposto flaunt your money like they do at St. Patrick's.
8/26/2006parentVery good environment and safe. However, it is lacking in academics. For my child this was not an issue -as she is bright enough to catch up when she gets to college and not motivated enough to miss not being challenged. Overall it was a good choice for my particular child. I have another child that I chose to send to public school.I think that every parent must make look at each child as an individual and decide what is best for each one. If the school was funded better I am sure it would offer more academically. They do very well with limited resources and have a high rate of college acceptance.
8/17/2006parentMercy Cross High School offers my children a spiritual, academic, supportive atmosphere for them to learn not only the required courses but also morals and virtues. There is a 'family' atmosphere here and many parents are involved in their child's life here. The parents here want to raise their child with the school, not expect the school alone to raise them. There are many opportunities available for the students in sports, extracurricular actitivites and community service. And we are allowed to pray and do pray here, every day, every class.
6/5/2006studentMercy Cross is a great school in which I have attended the past year. It has been an awesome experiance. Everyone knows everyone because of the small population of the school. The parents are very involved with the school life. I am very glad my parents sent me here! I even get to participate in as many activities as I'd like.
5/24/2004parentI have two children that attend Mercy Cross High School and I have been very pleased with the school. It is an extremely safe environment and the teachers know all of the students by name. Because it is a small school, the kids get a chance to know each other well. Also, the kids are able to play multiple sports and actually get playing time. The parents stay really involved and the teachers and principal feel free to talk to us on a regular basis. I would not send my children anywhere else.
5/20/2004studentI think MCHS is a great school. The teachers are great, and there are great activities. People think of it as a snobby school, but its really not. So if I would have to do it again, I would. And my family doesn't own business and I'm not rich either.
3/5/2004former studentMercy Cross is a great high school where students receieve a wonderful education, as well as morals and values you do not have in public schools. Students attend mass each week, and pray/reflect before each class. Great learing environment.
2/29/2004parentI've put both my daughters through MCHS and have no regrets. If I had more they would attend too. It's a great (and safe) school. It was worth every penny. And no, I'm not rich or own a business.
10/22/2003parentMy son has gone to MCHS for five years. We are neither rich nor own a big business. He is a class officer and excels in football, baseball and basketball. The principal and teachers are always telling me how polite he is. I am proud of the christian atmosphere, people he is associated with and the name he has made for himself.
9/9/2003parentMy children have received an excellent education at MCHS. They were able to participate in multiple sports and clubs. The teachers and administration care about excellent and promote spiritual growth as well. Money well spent.
8/11/2003parentIf I could do it over again I would send my kids to Biloxi High. Do not send your kids here. Its all politics. You have to be rich or own a business to be anybody at this school. So if you aren't rich and have a big name in this city, don't send your children to this school.

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