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Assumption Parish School
4709 Mattis Rd
St. Louis, MO 63128
(314) 487-6520
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private | PK-8
County: St. Louis City


10/9/2012parentI have to agree with the parent who posted 1 star. There is a reason why this school is declining in enrollment. The principal is awful and the teachers are less than average. For instance, the P.E. teacher does not ever take the kids outside for class. P. E. class it is always conducted inside. They spend the winter months learning how to score bowling. The students receive poor letter grades for the day if their shoes are not tied tight enough or their P.E. shirts are untucked. This is just one example of many. Yes, they do have smaller classes but that isn't always a good. Lots of bullying at this school. When classes are smaller bullies can be stronger since there are not as many kids to turn to to play with. I also agree with the comment I don't know how much longer they can remain open. Check out the tuition of the other area schools and ask yourself why is Assumption so much higher? We were at the school for many years and saw some many families leaving. They are not just leaving because of the economy a lot of families have gone to other area catholic schools us included. Unfortunately we would not recommend this school to anyone.
9/19/2012teacherMy graduates have great success. Students read and write sentences at the end of kindergarten. The learning consultants and use of differentiated instruction help all students have success. Assumption School has a warm, caring environment. I like the kindness program.
3/28/2012otherThis school is not what I thought. The principal is awful and the teachers are less than average. I pulled my kids out of this school and it was the best thing I ever did. Their class sizes are small, but I am not sure that's a good thing. I am not sure how much longer they can continue to operate. I do not recommend this school to anyone I know. The preschool early learning center (AELC) is even worse.
1/18/2012otherI was a student at Assumption for 9 years, kindergarten to 8th grade. In all honesty, kindergarten was the only great year I had there. The teachers only cared if our shirts were tucked in, and our shoes were tied. I felt that I only got the encouragement I needed from a few selective teachers. From 1st grade to 8th grade, I was mocked, bullied, and beaten down by other students. The level of bullying is unbelievable. I was often depressed and hated myself. Often, the teachers would see the bullying and make a failed attempt to stop it. The principal would pick on certain students but praise others. I was often called down to the office for my skirt being too short. I looked around and noticed, half of the other girls skirts were shorter than mine. It made me feel like even more of an outsider. If you weren't athletic at this school, you were made fun of, called fat, and called lazy. They barely let artsy kids express themselves. I only made 2 good friends that I still talk to. This school needs to work on bullying, encouragement, self-expression, and diversity.
1/27/2011parentI have had two children through this school, one now in highschool and excelling. The other is just out and also doing well. I was always involved in school activities and volunteered when available. I think as parents we get out of a school what we put in. Our experience here has been wonderful and my children are better off for having been provided a catholic education. Several of these reviews are from children and I am not sure they can be objective.
12/6/2010otherI was a student here from 1st through 8th grade. The curriculum was somewhat challenging, but I feel it could have been better. There is too much emphasis on status and popularity here. The kids are cruel and mean spirited. It is all about soccer there and if you don't play soccer, than you are on the lowest of the totem pole. There is no diversity and anything or anyone who is the slightest bit different is looked down upon. Also, being a Catholic school, the children are taught to discriminate against gay people. How is this a "Christian" school, when children are taught to hate and look down on others? Teachers should spend more time stopping bullying than worrying about uniforms. The principal is very apathetic and does not show that she truly cares for the students. I feel I would have gotten a better education at another school and would not have felt like such an outcast just because I didn't play soccer.
3/18/2009teacherI am amazed at the dedication of the staff and how all of the teachers work to meet the diverse needs of the students.
3/15/2009studentI am currently a student at Assumption agree with the individual that put 3 stars. They talked about how the school focuses more on the dress code than education. I fully agree with that. It is absolute BS. I kind of regret not going to a more challenging school with a better curriculum.
12/2/2008parentI have 2 children at Assumption and have been involved with the school for 8 years. I volunteer a lot so I get to see many aspects of the school that others may not because I am there during school hours. The teachers genuinely care for the children. At the same time they can be strict with discipline. Which in turns makes our children better people, because they learn how to respect others, help others and to love others. The principal has a special way with the children. She is always willing to listen to the children. Over the years we have had a variety of teachers and they all have been pleasant. If we had a problem we went to the teacher or principal to discuss and it was solved. I only hope that everyone has such a great experience as we have had as Assumption!
10/12/2008parentThis school is supposed to be Christ centered, with Christian spirit in every person attending and teaching at the school. The students at this school are the most cruel I have seen in some time. Everything is very quiet. The students are very quiet in how mean they are to recess duty helpers, parents, students, clergy, and even teachers. They are distrespectful, bored about Catholic values and they find little need to include others who look different or are of another ethnic group or background. A few teachers are nice, but others are quite self centered and in a popularity contest in their need to feel superior. I wonder what the superior feelings mean to them, considering that they are not teaching to MO standards that children are being taught in other schools. Do not go here unless you are new money and care only about what you wear!
7/26/2007parentMy child is enrolled. My child's first year was a wonderful experience. We worked closely with both kindergarten teachers as well as the principal for several reasons and always were satisfied. I'd recommend the school to family and friends.
6/25/2007parentI had two kids enrolled in this school and felt as if they were getting cheated out of their education, and social skills, it seems as if they care more about their dress code than education.

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