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City Academy
4175 N Kings Hwy
St. Louis, MO 63115
(314) 382-0085
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private | PK-6
County: St. Louis City


5/8/2012parentCity Academy is an awesome place. Truly awesome. We live in the City and the elementary school our children would attend is unable to demonstrate that students are able to consistently perform at grade level. As a result, we simply cannot rely on the public schools in our neighborhood to provide the level of instruction we want for our children. Because City Academy is private AND independent, it is able to determine it's own admissions criteria and hire the teachers who best fit the school's mission. That level of autonomy is encouraging as there are no local or state mandates with which the school must contend. Most importantly, students are happy and encouraged to take pride in their education. There is no stigma associated with wanting to do your best in the classroom. It's very exciting to be a part of this special school, and we feel extremely fortunate to have our son enrolled.
3/19/2012parentCity academy overall is a good school with high expectations for children. They focus on teaching and encouraging independence in students.The curriculum is very academic rigrous. Tutoring is provided for children who struggle but beware they would be put on ademic probation if they struggle to catch up with their peers.There is alot of family involvement with required voluntary hours and parent education classes you must attend. Fundarising is also a big part of independent schools as well. You have to sign a contract stating you will do all the above guidelines if you don't the contract ends. Overall the kids are engaged they never want to leave,breakfast and lunch included as well as before and after care.There are after school activities which your child can particpate in that is included with tution. Tuition varies depending on your income. Children get taught by teachers who study in that particular area and are engaged with many hands on learning experiences. This school isn't for everybody but I think it suits many. This school would be great for advanced or gifted students who can do well in a an accelerated pace not for the kids who need extra time.
7/6/2010parentCity Academy is overall a good school (if you can get beyond the politics of how the school is ran). My one complaint is tuition, if your in good with the folks in the front office (administrators) then your tuition is often times half of what a parent who breaks their back to provide for their family and simply doesn't have time or energy to brown nose with the elite. Academically the subject matter is fine if your child is average but if your child is below or above that bar, beware!! Not really challaging but is one of the better curriculums in st. louis city. My child loves the after school activities (which is included in the tuition). Breakfast and lunch is also included and the children are not allowed to bring in outside food (its cereal everyday for breakfast and the grounds keeper is in charge of the cafeteria).
7/3/2010parentCity Academy is a good school for a particular type of student and parent. If your student has academic or bahavior challenges it is not the school for your family. Many of the teachers are new to the classroom so there are challenges when the student is not "easy". Parent involvement is mostly with fundraising and extra curricular activities, not so much in the classroom. The teachers struggle with communcatiing classroon activities and behaviors with the parents because they try to foster independence in the students without parental involvement. This may not always be the best approach for teaching independence with younger students. This school is new so there is still much to be learned. I would consider it a good school because of its ultimate goal, but it is not one that I would overwhelmingly recommend over others in the same category.
10/9/2009parentThis is my daughter's first year at City Academy. She's in the 4th grade. Thus far I (and my daughter) love the school. The classes are challenging and there is a variety of different extracurricular (free) activities to choose from. My daughter hates when I pick her up. No school is perfect, but I do see efforts by CA at QA and improvement. My only complaint, at this time is that it only goes to 6th grade! I'd recommend this school to anyone looking for a good private school experience.
8/26/2009parentCity Academy is a good school if your child is a middle of the road student. The school falls short on providing support for students who do very well or of those who need additional academic assistance. I will say that the school is working hard to improve its curriculum and shore up its faculty. My biggest disappointment with the school is that the administration seems to pay more attention to the students whose parents spent a considerable amount of time at the school (i.e. voluntering, etc). The amount of influence that these parents have over the school is ridiculous. As soon as CA drops the politics and stops trying to appease preferred parents then it will truly be a great school.
8/12/2009parentMy daughter has just started first grade. We both love City Academy. My daughter will be there all the way though 6th grade if I can help it!
3/21/2009parentMy daughter is in the fourth grade, this is her first year here and she is already fitting in wonderfully and doing great with teachers and peers. SHe hates it when i pick her up at the end of the day! Absolutely love this school!
5/31/2007parentI love City Academy, I have a 5th and JK and we love the small class sizes as well as learning environment. We have one more child who will enter when our oldest heads to middle school so we will be around for a long time to come
10/25/2006parentMy son is in the JK program and it is amazing what he has picked up on in the last 3 months. I am very exciting about his future at the City Academy. His Pre-school had a learn through play curriculum and it was a adjustment for him but the staff and the principal were all patient and understanding in his adjustment to a more structured setting. I love the extra curricular 'family activities' and it makes my husband and I want to have more kids just to send them there. :)
10/14/2006parentExcellent parent-teacher partnerships. Superb academic curriculum. Music instructor provides elaborate musical theater productions at least twice per year. The performances showcase students in grades PreK through 6th. This parent wishes the school extended through 8th grade instead of 6th grade.
6/21/2005parentCity Academy is a Godsend. It offers individual attention in a safe, stress free environment. The staff has a commitment to seeing each student succeed.

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