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Cleveland Njrotc Academy
3125 South Kingshwy
St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 776-1301
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public | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Susan Viviano2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/23/2010studentIts a great school but tooooo small move back to old place.
1/14/2009parentTis is the only school in St. Louis public schools I recommend... They Listen... All of my children go there when possible. I have one that has graduated from here and a freshman now already decorated. Five Star,
11/17/2008student This is my Junior year and as a school we are becoming better daily. Academics is great also enrollment is escalading.
2/18/2008studentA few years ago when I was just a freshman I gave a review about the school. Now that I am a junior my outlook has changed. We have a better principal. Our new principal,Ms.V, really cares about us. Although we are in a smaller building we continue to excel. Cleveland is a good school and I love it.
2/28/2006parentCleveland has been great for three years! Most of the teachers are intelligent and talented. My child has learned a lot and taken advantage of the leadership opportunities available. His test scores are high, and he is being actively recruited by colleges nation wide. Cleveland is not a school for everyone, but the kids who want to be there succeed. What more could you ask for?
12/31/2005studentI'm Currently A senior at Cleveland and i can tell you from experience that Cleveland is really what you make it. Cleveland has many oppertunities if if take advantage of them while your there. many people are intimidated by Cleveland because of its Highly Respected reputation but when your on the inside looking out it's totally diffrent you have to play Clveland like it's a game you are in control what you put into it is what you will recive and if you play the game well then you have had great experiences and no regrets but if you slack off then you have bad memories and you regreat the whole thing. It's not the best school in the world but one of the best in st. louis. We have an excellent Band various sport teams for boys & girls and foreign a foreing language class.
11/20/2005studentIts an okay school.I'm a freshman at the school.Everything is fine academically but our current principal hasn't been making some good ideas recently he took away our snack bar.Hopefully he'll change his ideas.But this is a pretty good school so far.
3/2/2005studenti believe that this would be a good school. i am currently a senior at cleveland. i can remember my freshmen year. everything was well organized and it was a school i could say i was proud to go to. over the years, i have noticed that the school was going down hill. the teachers stopped caring about the students and the students stopped caring about school because they weren't being encouraged enough.if some of the faculty such as the principal took a more active roll in the school day, then i can see cleveland bringing itself back to to what it used to be known for. i hope that by the time my sister attends cleveland 2 years from now, that it has a little more improvement.
1/5/2005former studentI am currently a junior in high school and I went to Cleveland NJROTC for most of my freshman year. Although I loved the NJROTC program, I did not love the school. The administration seemed to be so unorganized. There was barely any luck reaching anyone of the administrators or teachers by phone. The teachers needed to care more about what the students were learning and they needed to encourage the students to put more effort in their work instead of just failing them. I left the school to attend a school that was better suited for me acidemically. Now, I am trying to start a NJROTC program at my school. I can only judge Cleveland the way I experienced it in 2002, but I can definitely say that it gave me confidence and built my character up.
9/16/2004parentI am somewhat disappointed in Cleveland NJROTC, but the source of the problem lies with the St. Louis Public School System. My son currently attends Cleveland NJROTC. I feel that the majority of kids that go there, is on an involuntary basis, thus hindering the education of other students that want to learn. My son's primary role in class is to tutor other students. Academically, the school is very far behind. I wonder how many teachers have gotten through their entire text book at the end of the school year. My opinion is that some of the teachers have forgotten why they chose their career paths and have given way to the frustration of having students in their class that don't care to learn or be there. The school has no kind of voice mail system to leave messages for teachers, and many times the phone is not answered during schooltime.
4/19/2004parentI think Cleveland is a very organized school but they dont give there students enough attention. I have been up there alot to sit in on some of the classes and the students try so hard to understand and instead of the teachers helping they fail them. The teachers need to understand where the student is and give them extra help because what they do is not right.
4/11/2004former studentThis school is great. I am a reecent graduate of the class of 2003 and I am currently attending University of Missouri St. Louis and my major is Pre-Med. This school prepares you for life. Its hard but firm. They are very strict and you don't have to want to go into the armed services to enjoy this school. It has taught me discipline and gave me the skills I needed to further my education. Cleveland is a great school and I recommend it to anyone. I graduated from there with a culmative GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale and that included my honors and advance preparation classes.
10/13/2003otherWell, this school is great for those parents that truly wish to straighten out their kids, but if you want to send your kids there for acadimics, that's ok, but overall, I dont think your kid could cut it there, and if they can, its probably only because they want to go into the army or navy afterwards, if they dont, I suggest not sending them here.

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