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Cor Jesu Academy
10230 Gravois Rd
St. Louis, MO 63123
(314) 842-1546
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private | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


8/16/2012otherTo the parent who wrote on 3/7. I went to CJA and I absolutely loved it. I was a multi-sport varsity athlete and honors student. I wasn't an "alumni kid" and I felt like I was treated the exact same as the girls who were. I don't see anything wrong with group work. In fact when she gets into college she is going to have a lot of group work, and even in the professional world you have to learn how to delegate work and how to get a long with others. I don't see how 50% of the girls being socially awkward has any affect on your daughter's experience. No matter what school you go to, there are going to be girls that are different than your daughter, that's part of life. I graduated 10 years ago and looking back those "socially awkward girls" are some of the most fun, interesting, successful people. As far as the uniform-All private schools have uniform rules. I was one of those students always pushing the envelope with what sweatshirt or undershirt I wore (sure I got detentions), but really that is why they give you choices of sweaters you CAN wear. It is just a foundation for rules. Their rules are a lot more lax now than 10 yrs ago too. LOVE CJ AND WOULDN'T CHANGE IT!
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3/13/2012parentI agree with the parent on 3/7/12. My daughter knew of the fight. It make me made these girls did not get suspended. My daughter is threatened with a detention for wearing a non uniform,Cor Jesu sweatshirt in her chilly room. She is a high honors student, ACT Score 35, varsity athletic, member of clubs & has many friends. We sent her there so she would be in a academically challenged environment. Alumni kids are catered to, girls are admitted without any consideration to the kind of heart they have or morals, 50% of the girls are socially awkward creating a frustating experences for the more rounded kids, administraion does nothing to teachers that are failing to teach, too many classroom assignments are to be done in a group and usually one person has to carry the weight of the group (very unfair since my daughter cares about her grades). They worry too much about school uniforms instead of having the girls confortable to learn. The plus side: Love the office staff, the tradition, the all girl environment, love that it teaches organization skills, love the school building, love the juke box in the cafe,. I wish the school did better screening of students and teachers.
3/24/2008studentCor Jesu is a wonderful, fun, challenging environment for students. I'm only a freshman, but since I've been there, I've never been happier! I feel challenged to learn and excited to take the opportunities given to me. The teachers and staff are wonderful, caring, generous, and challenging. The environment is comfortable and everyone is free to be themselves.
8/28/2006parentWhile my daughter tested well on her Iowa entrance exams, we need CJA would challenge her academically. She is a very competitive, determined kid and while the school work certainly is difficult and the demands are 10x that of her private, Parish grade school, the rewards are already showing. Our daughter is more disciplined, organized and focused. She is surrounded by over-achieving kids who constantly push her competitive drive. While she is no where near the top of her class, she is reaching her own potential in many ways. While she did struggle as a freshman finding the right circle of friends, her sophomore year is much better already. Teachers are tough, but fair. Standards and expectations are Very high, not in verbal or written rules and regulations but by the self-determination and expectations of each student. This school has mastered the art of empowerment and giving girls self-confidence.
7/24/2006studentCor Jesu is a great school! The girls grow both spiritually, academically, and physically. Being an all girls school allows the girls to focus on their school work, but still have time to have fun. They can be themself. The faculty and staff are wonderful and help the girls succeed in everything they do. There are many oppurtunities for the girls to be involved outside of school too. There is the Mexico mission trip and other service projects. They do numerous fundraisers to help charities around St. Louis and other countries as well. There is something for everyone at Cor Jesu. It is more of a family than a school. :)
9/7/2004parentOur two daughters graduated from Cor Jesu Academy. Both were very successful in college due to the excellent academics at CJ. Cor Jesu was the perfect environment for our daughters. The community of Cor Jesu is better than family. God bless the faculty/staff/administration for guiding our daughters' education. Sharing the love of the heart of Christ.
7/7/2004parentCJA is a great school academically and spiritually. My daughter just graduated and we both feel confident she is ready to meet the challenge of college. Great school and home!
9/9/2003otherCor Jesu is one of the greatest schools in the world. My daughter has never felt more welcome, more at home, or happier in any school she's ever been in. Cor Jesu is more than just her school, it's her family. She is so happy there and has made so many friends. The academics are of highest quality, and there is always some one around to help.

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