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Des Peres Montessori
11155 Clayton Rd
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 432-0410
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private | PK-3, 5
County: St. Louis City


10/18/2012parentWe came to Des Peres Montessori from a different Montessori school which we believed to be very good. Now we realize that it was just a common Montessori school, one of those you can see everywhere: Montessori method can easily be made commercial with orderly rooms arranged with pretty materials. Des Peres Montessori is different because it is true to the authentic Montessori educational approach which educates the human potential . Des Peres Montessori is an experience in itself.
10/3/2012parentThe school was recommended to us for its authentic Montessori approach and for its diverse program. At the beginning we weren t confident that such a small school can provide rich and high-quality program which meets the needs of the youngest as well as the oldest students yes they do! There re specialists who come to school for sports, music, arts as well as other extra-curriculum classes. In order to expand student s horizon, children are regularly exposed to various in-house presentations, day field trips and studies as well as extended trips and overnight studies for older elementary students. Montessori teachers are AMI certified and are true to the authentic Montessori philosophy. The teachers and the assistants are hand-picked by the head of school who won t turn her back on anything to make sure that teachers offer the best quality education that can be provided. Families play an important role in school s life and special events are organised throughout the year to bring everybody together.
9/25/2012parentOur children were going to a different Montessori school for 2 years when we moved to St-Louis and had to look for a new school. It took us several months to find the right school. Here s why we think Des Peres Montessori is different: It is a small loving and trusting family-like community where devoted and caring teachers know each child intimately and offer each child as much individual time as the child needs. Older children set example and help teach the younger ones. It is a place of inspiration, learning and mutual respect where each day is filled with opportunities to discover and explore the universe through exercises, studies and field trips. Children are challenged and pushed to the limits of their own ability. The head teacher who is also the elementary teacher always puts the education and children first. She makes everything possible to provide her students with all the best the education and care can offer. The school truly deserves its signature SMALL SCHOOL DOING BIG THINGS.
9/23/2012parentDes Peres Montessori is one of the best Montessori schools you could possibly find. People get confused because the school is located in a building which belongs to the Church but the school itself is independent from the Church. There s some negative reviews posted about the school on this page as well as some other sites like Google. These reviews do not reflect the reality and are nothing but made-up stories posted by one person whom school s stuff and long-term parents are well aware of. The only purpose of these stories is to make damage to the school. Des Peres Montessori is and always has been completely transparent about its weaknesses as well as its strengths. Unfortunately there is always somebody who takes a great pleasure in trying to mess thing up.
10/13/2009parentI am not sure I would have survived parenting without Des Peres Montessori. My son's Elementary teacher has amazing insight into my own child. I have learned from her how my son learns best, what he needs from his environment in order to stay calm and focused and how to help capitalize on his interests. I also love how peaceful and completly immersed and absorbed he and his classmates are every day. A classical Montessori school structures each lesson or experience for the maximum benefit of each student, given his or her individual needs, learning style, intrests and natural curiosities. The school truly belives in the inherent greatness in each child and will do everything possible to help that child become the best whole person he or she can be.
6/25/2007parentMy child looks forward to going to Des Peres Montessori each morning. The school focuses on authentic Montessori principals and the whole child is considered in everyday activities. The staff is caring, thoughtful, considerate and engaging! Many of the parents get involved with extracurricular activities. It is a lovely environment, and it is such a joy to walk in to the school everyday and see the children enjoying their school and friends.

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