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East Middle School
1865 Dunn Rd
St. Louis, MO 63138
(314) 953-5700
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public | 6-8
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Gary Jansen2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/2/2010parentI am glad to see that some of the more recent reviews are more positive. The problem with East Middle School have nothing to do with administration or teachers. As a parent dedicated to my son, I have seen him to very well here. His MAP scores came back very well. However, I also make sure that my son does his homework every night and studies for his tests. My son tells me that he is often the only one who does his homework. One of his teachers offered a study session for a big test. Besides him, only one other person bothered to show up. The problem is apathy among parents and students. A good education can be had here if you work for it.
7/14/2009parentMy daughter attended this school in the 2007-2008 academic year. She is was 6th grade on Team 6A. She loved school and her teachers were amazing. When I asked her what she did in school that day, she always had an interesting response. Her teachers planned interactive activities, from creating a museum about Africa to playing fun math games, to teaching about the environment and visiting a landfill. I was truly sorry when we moved and I had to pull my daughter from EMS.
10/17/2008studentEMS is great! I have some great friends and my teachers really care about me. I was in the board game club last year, and I really liked it. Academic Excellence is annoying, but my teachers are still good. Don't believe the bad reviews. This is a whole different school!
8/31/2008studentThis is a great school!!!!
8/3/2008teacherI just read all of the reviews, and am greatly disappointed in the number of misspellings and grammar errors in the parent reviews. This was part of the problem when East Middle was Kirby Middle. Also, at no time were the 6th grade classes ranging from 30-34 students. At the time of that review, I taught 6th grade with a class size of 24 or so per class, which is very normal and manageable. The students had very dedicated teachers despite the many problems that often stemmed from problems originating in the neighborhood. Things have also improved since the school went from 1500 students to about 500 students this past year. Give East Middle a chance to show you that a high quality education is available for any student that attends!
4/30/2008parentThings have improved so much since Kirby became East Middle. The teachers are excellent, the class sizes are small, and my daughter gets challeneged. She sometimes complains about too much homework, but I don't think it's too much. She gets to do lots of engaging projects. The stereotypes about East Middle are simply wrong and need to be changed.
9/27/2007studentI love this school with all my heart.The teachers are great and so are the students.Just because of a stereo-type of a school doesn't make it bad. If teacher and other adults would stop calling us bad we could get better.
10/20/2006parentThis school has a lot of problems. It is a challenging school. My son's teachers are great, though. He is in sixth grade, has really small classes (about 16 per class), and his teachers have high expectations for him. They want him to do well, even if other students and people in the school make it challenging.
3/13/2006parentThis School wow! I dont even know where to start.Being an old student who used to go here and a parent of a student i know alot about this school the kids here are not great fight after fight and lots of drug use and violence some kids dont even care and go to school when they fell like it. not to mention the gang activity here.i dont even like my kid going to school its not safe but i dont know what to do. just the other day when he got off the bus 5-6 kids beat him up and took his things they went to kirby he told me but not all the time. my advice to other parents dont send your kid here its dangoreous. for your kids saftey.
11/29/2005former studentThis school is a very bad school. The changing are highly stupid. Making kids walk in the hallways and staying with the same people all year is not going to solve everything. This school some changes, BIG CHANGES.
7/14/2005parentI had to remove my child from Kirby because of the racial tensions. My child is white and was picked on daily. The teachers, in general, only do and see what they want to see.
9/7/2004parentThis school was not the first choice for our son. Last year (7th grade) was very challenging for him and for us (fighting, disorganization). Some teachers here are very tuned in to these children and will do anything to help them. Unfortunately, there are some that are not. Not only has the community adopted the notion that Kirby is Hazelwood School District's 'problem child', but some teachers carry that ideology with them and have passed it on. The second week of school my son's teacher informed them that she was 'embarrassed' to let people know where she works. This was very upsetting to our family. I encourage all in the community (not just parents)to get involved. The administration and teachers have to know that we care about our children just like the parents in the west side of the District. We must hold them accountable and become advocates for all children.
9/3/2004parentStudent behavioral problems are very high. School is known locally for student fights & problems. Hazelwood post student teacher ratio is 1/17 but what they don't tell you is the sixth grade classes average 30-34 students per teacher. They need to find/hire more sixth grade teachers or make some changes. Teachers stated that they average only 20 students per class for 7th & 8th grade. My child attends 6th grade here and i am greatly concerned about her education at this school but can do nothing about it as hazelwood states she must attend this school, unfortuneately private school is not an option for us at this time.

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