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Incarnate Word Academy
2788 Normandy Dr
St. Louis, MO 63121
(314) 725-5850
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private | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


2/8/2012parentI've had daughters graduate from IWA and Rosati. Certainly IWA has a more impressive physical campus and sports and theatre are great. Wonderful school spirit. Academically tho, I'd have to give it RK, hands down for college prep, and the atmosphere was more centered in love and faith.
11/9/2010otherI graduated from IWA and have recently become involved as a volunteer at this wonderful high school. I believe it was my time and experience at IWA that gave me the edge I needed to become the woman I am today. I have a wonderful job with The American Cancer Society, have raised lovely empowered women and I truly celebrate diversity, much more so than my roots would have suggested. I am happy to spend time with the students and staff of IWA.
10/15/2010studentI am a 2008 IWA graduate and I disagree with my 2003 IWA sisters. Five years passed between our graduation years and the math and science departments changed quite a bit in that time frame. I took full advantage of the math and science courses at IWA, taking courses all the way to the AP level in Chemistry and Calculus. Upon entering college, I went straight into Chem 2 with no difficulties and did not even have to take college algebra because of my high Math ACT score. In general terms, I found IWA to be an amazing school that prepared me in every way for college. Their class scheduling system is truly unique, the teaching staff was genuinely interested in my success and the single sex environment helped me blossom. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose IWA in a heartbeat.
9/20/2010studentUneven quality of teachers and classes throughout four years there. I've met others from St. Louis city and county high schools that are better prepared for college than I. I loved IWA, but now see perhaps it wasn't the best choice.
10/3/2009parentMy daughters graduaterd and a granddaughter is a Senior
3/13/2009studentI am a student at Incarnate now, and I love it! It's such a great school with the teachers, coaches, and staff. I would not think my life would be the same without IWA!
6/25/2007parentDaughter just graduated; another entering this fall. Love single sex education, commitment of faculty and admin., parent involvement, school spirit, most of all the students! My daughter loved it there; previously attended public school. My youngest entering in fall would look nowhere else. Some excellent teachers; some just average that usually get weeded out fast. Lots of alum. on teaching staff and admin. Many clubs and organizations, opp. for service and involvement. We love the IWA fellowship. Best of all, our daughter is more confident and empowered thanks to her time there. Good college and life prep.
3/28/2006former studentI have to agree with my fellow 2003 graduate. I was also largely disappointed with the quality of IWA's academic programs and teachers. The previous poster was also correct in pointing out the strong english and history programs, and I should note that english teacher Mrs. Parker was one of those rare gems at IWA. I am thankful to this day for her myriad challenges and encouragement. But that's where the praise ends. The all-girl environment and modular scheduling were ideal. But one can certianly find a more rigorous academic environment, taught by a much more professional staff, at many other schools around STL County. If I had it to do all over agian, I would have transferred to one of them.
9/19/2005studentBeing a student at Incarnate Word Academy, is a huge privelage. Incarnate has to be the best school not only in the state of Missouri, but the nation. It is full of so much love, spirit, commitment, fun, and great teachers. The academics are challenging and fulfilling. The staff really helps and cares for students. The activities and school spirit is tremendous. It is just an amazing, special school that I very lucky to be apart of.
7/25/2004former studentI graduated from IWA in 2003. I think it was a fine school. However, knowing what I do now I would not choose IWA again. They were very weak academically when it came to math and science which are both relevant to my major. Nevertheless, if your daughter is interested in pursuing the liberal arts IWA is the place for her. They have a very strong English program. They also have awesome History teachers. The all girl environment is great, and the teachers are all pretty encouraging. I did enjoy my time there.
5/24/2004parentIncarnate is the best all girls high school in the St. Louis Area. They allow the girls to succeeed and grow in life and spirituality. Also they do an incredible job at preparing the girls for college and the future.

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