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School Profile

Keeven Elementary School
11230 Old Halls Ferry Rd
St. Louis, MO 63136
(314) 953-4450
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public | K-5
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Sue Fields2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/16/2009otherI like the school. I live near and my granddaughter just started. They seem to keep us informed about the MAP and other things related to learning and like with anything you have to make the mistakes to learn. It seems that in 2009 they have kinda ironed out and learned from some of their mistakes of the past. I think all parents need to be involved with their children at school and know what is going on and if you don't know or understand - say something to someone. We are all human and we are trying to work better for our CHILDREN,. It's all about them - not us.. let's see what is best for them. You need to be involved in PTA - I was at the 1st meeting tues even - 9/15 - with the number of children in the school we only had about 15 parents.
7/22/2009parentOk, better than I thought it would be. Mostly all student are black (because of surrounding community) so if you desire a multiracial school don't move in this area. Principal good depending on how she feels for the day. Most teachers are good with students. If you can choose your teacher Ms. Connors taught first grade last year, I think she is the best especially if you have a behavoiral challenged child.
12/5/2006parentThe principals focus is on uniforms, free and reduced lunch status and the NCLB funds. At map testing time that's our number one focus,getting them ready for these non standard questions, but what about the basics all year round. What happen to pushing individual strengths, and making sure our kids were not just briefly introduced to certain subjects but taught these things? I still belive in the 3 'R' 's. I am a very involved parent and it is like pulling teeth just to find out what my child is attempting to be taught at school. Grades are based on one or two graded assignments. My child is on Honor Roll, but sometimes that scares me. What does it really mean? Do teachers really not have the freedom to teach?

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