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Mallinckrodt A.G.I. Elementary School
6020 Pernod Ave
St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 352-9212
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public | PK-5
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Merry Denny2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
12/4/2011parentMy daughter is in the gifted/accelerated Kindergarten at Mallinckrodt. It is her first year and she is absolutely thriving. Her teacher, Mrs. Y, is a talented, compassionate person who challenges the children and they respond enthusiastically. I have been impressed by how much all of the students in her class have flourished. What has surprised me the most about the school is how much it has to offer. Being part of SLPS, I expected a good, but bare bones program. I was wrong - the kids go on fun, educational field trips, participate in clubs on Friday afternoons, and have frequent visits from the zoo, Fed Bird, storytellers, Springboard performers and other community members. The school also has a new playground and a huge green space. Oh, and they are all learning Chinese! It was tough making the decision to enroll our daughter in a new program, but the incredibly involved parents, dedicated teachers and amazing principal won us over. Everybody is working together to ensure the school s success - and helping to determine the direction of a new program has been a uniquely rewarding experience for everybody. Visit Mallinckrodt Academy - you too will be impressed.
10/28/2011parentMy son is a kindergartener at Mallinckrodt. While extremely bright, he had no desire to learn to read or write until Mrs. Y came along. In a few short months, he has gone from minimal reading skills to reading books to me and explaining the rules of phonics. He can read books to himself and write stories and letters. He loves going to school and never wants to miss a day. He has a lot of energy and I was worried that he would become bored in school and get into trouble, but he is constantly being challenged and loves it. The teachers, staff and parents are very involved. This school is a hidden gem in St. Louis city.
10/27/2011parentMy son is in Pre-K and we love the school so far. Ms. Neupert is an excellent teacher and the reason my son looks forward to attending school every day. The school still seems to be in the growing period with the new gifted program, but we only see it getting better and better. The parental involvement is growing as well. So far we are very happy and can thank Mallinckrodt for keeping us as St. Louis City residents.
10/26/2011parentMallinckrodt is the reason why we are still city residents! We are beyond impressed with our son's progress in the past two years, and his wonderful PreK and kindergarten teachers as well as Dr. Merry. Denny, the principal, are the individuals to whom we will always owe a debt of gratitude. We have found a wonderful community at Mallinckrodt, an active and forward thinking PTO, we made lots of friends and look forward to our youngest son attending the same school as his brother in a couple of years. I would most definitely recommend this school. We like the small size of the student body, it seems an environment were all the faculty knows all the students by name. Dr. Denny, the principal, an incredible administrator, very warm and accessible to parents and children alike, was the reason we decided to send our son to Mallinckrodt.
10/21/2011parentMy son is starting his third year at Mallinckrodt and we have seen the school blossom. Our principal is fantastic; she is hardworking, optimistic, yet realistic. The teachers have met the challenge of Mallinckrodt's conversion to a gifted school with gusto. My son continually impresses me with all he has learned and he has really taken an interest in the various subjects he studies including social studies, art, music, PE, science and Chinese. I expect enrollment to increase but at the moment I find the smaller size (around 200 students I believe) appealing. The students and teachers all seem to know everyone in the school by name and I enjoy the community spirit that students, parents and staff all share. The PTO has been very active this past year with fundraising, planning family activities, and they even started a community garden at the school.
10/19/2011parentWe have been so happy with this school and the opportunities it is providing for gifted education for our daugher. The teachers are attentive to different learning styles and innovative in their cirriculum and teaching methods. My daughter never wants to miss a day of school.
10/19/2011parentThe principal is highly active in the school and very knowledgeable about teaching gifted children. She passes along this experience to her teachers and they work together to foster a creative accelerated learning environment. Mrs. Neupert was an incredible teacher for the gifted pre-Kindergarten class. We'll see how this year turns out.
10/19/2011parentThis is my daughters second year at Mallinckrodt Academy Elementary School. Both of her teachers have definately made a huge inpact on my daughter already budding mind. This school is going through a "Renaissance" period. Going from a "basic skills" learning philosophy to an accelerated, gift education philosophy has shown a great influctuation of families desiring this public school option with a private school flair. As a parent of a first grader at Mallinckrodt, I believe Dr. Denny, our principal, is creating an environment of educational excellence through Character Education, an excellent and professional staff with great and varied educational backgrounds, a "waking giant" of parent involvement, Y-Care through our local YMCA for before and after school care, and a facility that has a brand new playground, a huge field for exercise which is located conveniently in Southwest City in Saint Louis. My child is safe, happy and flourishes at Mallinckrodt Academy. I checked all the local school options and always came back to Mallinckrodt. Come and see for yourself.
10/19/2011parentI am very impressed with the faculty and fellow parents at Mallinckrodt. Through the direction of an equally impressive principal, they have created a partnership that has inspired an active parent/teacher organization to make several enhancments to the school and it's approach to gifted instruction. In only his second year, my son has been on several out of classroom educational activities, has had the opportunity to join several clubs, and has been exposed to different languages. I am also impressed with the level of involvement from the parents and the overwhelming response we receive when volunteers are needed for a variety of activities. Very exciting things are happening at Mallinckrodt AGI!!!
10/19/2011parentThis is our first year and have been very impressed with the level of involvement from the parents to the staff. The true test for us the fact that our daughter LOVES school! Her work is challenging, but she is taught how to work through the frustration of not understanding something right away.
10/18/2011parentMy son is in his 2nd year at Mallinckrodt Academy of Gifted Instruction and I couldn't image him anywhere else. The Academic program is accelerated and the children are also give out of the classroom oppurtunities to expand their learning. The teachers are wonderful and trying care for each child. Dr. Merry Denny the principal was previously at Kennard when it was named a Blue Ribbon School. Not only is the staff wonderful but the parents will do anything (Even dress in a Dragon Costume) to support the school and drive success with the students.
10/18/2011parentI am so pleased with my choice to send my son to Mallinkrodt. He is in preschool and learning so much more than I had hoped for! The work I see coming home and activities Mrs. Neupert does with the kids are excelent!
10/18/2011parentMy child is part of the gifted kindergarten at Mallinckrodt and I generally think the school is good for her. I have had some issues with the work being too easy, time consuming, and boring, but the principal and teacher seem to be responding to those concerns and are encouraging frequent communication. I do think there needs to be more of a warm fuzzy creative hands on aspect to the gifted program but there are some fun/unusual things like the Friday afternoon clubs, Chinese instruction, and the character education storyteller who comes once a week. Most importantly, my child has really found friends who she can relate to. The kids and parents are great. There are a lot of talented and interesting parents who are sharing their expertise with the school.
10/18/2011parentThis is my daughter's second year at the school. We absolutely love principal Dr. Denny and her gifted Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Yaksic. Yes, gifted education both here and the more recognized gifted school Kennard means that the children learn at an accelerated level (one grade up). She has gone from knowing some sight words to almost a third grade reading level in just 10 months during Kindergarten. Having to read a minimum of 7 books a week as our consistent weekly assignment to both parent/child truly paid off no matter how tedious it was certain weeks. A child's growth depends not only on teachers but very much so on the parents. The PTO is very active, especially in terms of the participation from parents of the gifted classes. One thing I would like to see is more active participation from the upper grades. While there is always room for improvement, I am very happy with the school overall, especially since I don't have to pay a cent in tuition. If I feel that there is something that needs to be improved, it is up to me to do something about it.
9/18/2011otherThis school is now "gifted", which is actually not even accurate, it is ACCELERATED by one grade (K does 1st gr work, 1st does 2nd etc.). Even for a "gifted" program, the amount of work is ridiculous. 12 pages of homework per week that has to be perfect or it has to be re-done is NUTS!!!!! 5 year-olds should be playing! If work is not completed, then the children are kept in for recess. This school cares nothing about what it is doing to children's self-esteem. Be perfect or be punished?!? NO THANKS!!!!!
8/4/2011parentMy son attended Mallinckrodt Academy for preschool, and next year he will begin kindergarten. The preschool teacher was excellent with the children, the parents and the staff. Communication has been excellent thus far. We are the guinea pigs of the new focus of this magnet school, but we have a dedicated group of parents and teachers (PTO) that want to make this school as good, if not better, than Kennard. I would highly recommend this school to other families that love their city, but also have high expectations for education.
9/25/2006parentMy two girls have been at Mallinckrodt for three years now and I would not move them for nothing. I am a very active parent. The principle knows my name and even my voice if I call the school. My girls are on the honor roll and have been offered to go to the gifted school, but I'm content where they are. My only complant is not with the teachers or the principle it's with the books 'Open Court' it's behind a grade or two/or it's to slow. I hope that they get better books next year. Parents that have problems with the school or teachers do not participate in activities at the school nor do they attend the monthly parenting meeting. If you wish to know more about the school drop by I'm sure Mrs. Blanchard would not have a problem giving you a tour.
11/23/2004parentThis school has really surprised me of some of the attituded teachers. My child has been attending this school for three years and this is his last year. My last parent teacher conference was absurd. The teacher was yelling at me saying I need professional help because I didn't know what was going on in her classroom. I notice another teacher (whom my son had for a teacher)yelling at her class practically every time I visit the school. At this school several parents including myself have been advise by some teachers to put their child on medication. I do not see encouragement of good behavior being express at this school. Kids need to be encourage not to do wrong in school pose to influencing a child behavior. Words of encouragement is needed at this school. Overall this school has a good academic plan but some of the teachers need a re-evaluation.
11/22/2004parentMy son is a African American current student a Mallinckrodt. He started in 3rd grade now in 5th grade. I'm a very active and concerned parent who visits frequently to the school. I'm not impressed with the level of communication with teacher & parents. I would also like to see Parent Teachers Association(PTA).

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