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Mason Elementary School
6031 Southwest Ave
St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 645-1201
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public | PK-6
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Deborah Leto2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/29/2012parentI have the highest faith in both teachers of my twin boy's.My hat is off to them,as the boy's are like day vrs night,I thought I was the only one who could ever figure them out,but both teachers seem to have a firm under standing of both children already this year / the same as last years review from Mrs Casey all the way to principal Leto.I feel that mason provides a VERY STRONG learning and disciplinary environment for my children,and they love it.
2/19/2012parentIm really not sure about this school. My son is in kintergarden and he is doing AWESOME!!! BUT I have a 6th grader also at mason elementary and right now we are having issues. Bullying is not an option or accepted anywhere and Im trying to figure out why there is nothing being done about it. My child ha s been attending mason for only a couple months in which I have already been to the school twice to discuss this and has been dealing with the same child that has been bullying mine since she walked through the doors.That same child threatend AGAIN my child most recently, it also happend on a field trip. Keep in mind they said and sent home a form for a partent to sign, that if ANY child acted disrupitive in any way, that they would be suspended and removed from the 6th grade lock in. Now I stand on the fact that making threats to another child in ANY way is grounds for action. Especially since this has been a continuous situation. I will see how we will handle this situation, and keep an update....until then.
7/17/2011parentAll my children have attended Mason E-Mints and they have all loved it, they have all been successful here at Mason as well I would definatly refer others to the school for many reasons..Diversity, great teachers,beautiful enviroment and neighborhood...great principal..overall great school
3/25/2011parentMy child gets singled out here on a regular basis. They act as if they are trying to help, yet he gets suspended over nothing regularly. I see other students doing the same stuff, yet they do not get in trouble. Do not send your child here if he/she has any type IEP prior to enrolling.
11/5/2010parentMy daughter started Mason last year for kindergarten. We had a few issues last year w/ suspension over silly things but I think they were just trying to make a point which is a good thing. This year in 1st grade she is doing amazing. I love the teachers, the principal and just the staff period. They work extra hard with parents to figure out what works best with our families and thats very important to me. I appreciate the cultural diversity and what my daughter has learned about other cultures. A huge thing I would like to add is that even though there are who knows how many other cutures in this school, they still recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning together in the gym, whereas lots of schools no longer do. This is probably one of the most cultural diverse schools in Missouri, it's amazing!
9/22/2010parentmy son went there last year and I absolutely hate this school! He was in kindergarten and broke his nose, nobody thought it was important enough to call me or send a note home. He got off the bus and I knew right away it was broken. He was also lost at school the 3rd day, never got off the bus and nobody could find him at first. My older son got in trouble for bringing a comb to school that looked like a switch blade, it was old and plastic. I understand he shouldnt have brought it, but I didnt think anything of it. He has never been in trouble before. Once again, no phone call or note. He came home crying because his 3rd grade teacher called him a liar and made him write 3 paragraphs apologizing for it. I would NEVER send them back to that school.
9/30/2009parentmy son has been attending Mason since his first day in kindergarten and he's had a good run there. They have excellent teachers, and are doing their best with the limits that are placed on them by the present school system's issues.
11/5/2008parentI have four children attending this school. I love the teachers and the principal. I feel this school cares that my children succeed in their education
10/2/2008parentThis my children s first time attending Mason elementary. So far I think it is a good school, but then again it is only the beginning of the year. I will however at the end of the year give another statement of how or what I feel about this school. My personal opinion honestly is that everything in life is a great experience we learn more and more each time.
8/23/2006parentMy children attend Mason and I am somewhat pleased with the school. I feel that disruption is their biggest downfall. There are some many disruptions in the classrooms, that the children never really get full attention from the teacher with respect to learning. The school provides standard arts, music, and gym. They offer no other extracurricular activities. Many times they have 10 minutes for recess per day due to behavior in the classrooms. My children are very happy there and I feel at ease with the teachers at Mason. The teachers are very open to talk to the parents when needed, or not needed. I think if the disruptions were not in the classrooms this school would excel.

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