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Normandy Middle School
7855 Natural Bridge Rd
St. Louis, MO 63121
(314) 493-0500
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public | 7-8
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Lynett Huckfin2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/15/2012otherNormandy Middle is doing its best to provide everything they can to the students. I can verify that the teachers are providing an education that any student every any school can learn from. However, the teachers can only do so much; the students have to take responsibility for their own actions and education and if the students aren't than the parents should. Parent involvement is extremely low at school and home, in return the student s behavior at school is beyond disrespectful or that of any ideal student. As community and race, we have to stop blaming everyone but our selves. If we are not educating our children at home than you cannot expect them to act as if they are educated anywhere else. Then there's the ratio of teachers to students which is beyond an ideal classroom for any educator, (1:30) and the educators of this building are doing their best to provide a quality education to every students regardless if they want it or not. Parents, please start helping ALL educators to educate our youth. It takes a village!
6/16/2010parentparents have to stop blaming the teachers and principals they need the parents help bad and as parents we have to take action for our children and sacrifice to help these kids come together. I saw brilliance this year and thru prayer we gone see brilliance in 2010-2011 god didnt bring us this far to leave us hanging amen we got to battling this uphill journey and i c victory yes i do and i been in the stormie rain and i c nothing but sunshine a coming
1/14/2009parentMy child id a student at Normandy Middle School ans this year of 2008-2009 things have honetly really improved to the highest. My child now comes home with a positive attitude. They now have better principles for the students and now much more after school programs for learning and exciment. I am very happy to say Normandy Middle School has improved very much.
6/19/2008parentThe end of the 07-08 school year gave me a glimpse of hope. My son performed with a musical theater group led by Mr. Foster and I was taken back to the Glory days of the 80's. I went to Normandy with Mr. Foster and we had an endless source of successful performing groups. I say let the fine arts lead the way out of the dungeon this school has been in for a decade. He commanded a group of at least 150 kids at the fine arts gala and I was in tears at the beautiful sight.
4/10/2007teacherAs a staff member of Normandy I have to be honest. The atmosphere is horrible. The lack of respect from the students towards the teachers is disheartening. the administration offers little support to teachers. There are very little activities for the students; they are simply out of control and have little regard for their education. The principal is new and I hope he can fix the problems we are facing soon.
1/24/2007parentI am a parent of an eight grader at the middle school and the leadership at the school is horrible. The staff has little or no respect for the saftey of the children at the school. They cannot even get a handle on the on going fighting at the school. I was there at the school one day and saw more kids roaming the halls than in the classroom. You have all of these staff members and security walking around but nothing was getting done. I don't understand. There is no order ing the school.
1/8/2007parentThe quality of the academic and personal guidance that our children receive is next to none. I feel that as a parent take a second weekly and walk thru the halls, visit the staff and the classes. Look at the classes that are offered to your child. There's not thing that will keep your child academically interested. I you hear the way the children are spoken to and not listened to the level of respect for the children are missing.
2/24/2006parentI've been in & out of the Normandy School District since my children have been in school. They've attended pre-school to middle school. We just moved back into the area & my son was transferred from U-City to Normandy. From what I have experienced so far, Normandy Middle is very unorganized. I've had problems with lack of communication and organization from the enrollment status up to homework and class participation. I've tried on numerous occassions to reach someone in order to talk about my son's academics but have been unsuccessful. They don't return calls or emails. Also my son has tried to call me from school and when I call back I'm stuck talking to security who can't find anyone to transfer me to. All day long, kids are walking the halls, in and out of the office, and no one seems to have in organization. I'm very displeased.
11/19/2005former studentI was a student of normandy middle school. My own personal opinion is that it is the best. I been to many different schools and that school was the best. I might have been one of the few white kids but it made it even better everybody knew you. But i moved before I finished the year and I went to another school that didn't even compare to that school. If i still lived there i would send my kids to that school because it shows u how to act to others. The teachers were even better the one i remember most it my English teacher Mrs. Austin because she made the class fun. So for all you parents this school is the best.
6/21/2004former studentI am a former student at Normandy Middle School. It is not as bad as people say it is, but it is worse than I thought. When I transferred to McCluer High School I saw a BIG difference. Normandy Middle is NOT a safe school. They have 4 Sercurity Guards and 1 School Resource officier. The Sercurity Staff to Student ratio is less students than average. (180:1) McCluers is (425:1). Mrs. Betty Bush was a very good teacher. Other good teachers there were Ms. Kinney, and Ms. Demski. The Prinicpals there arent the best. The building needs to obtain air conditioning.
4/22/2004parentThe quality of education is sub-standard at best. Students are given grades based on MAP scores that are more than 2 years old, rather than the current class assignments. I believe this to be legally and ethically wrong. Violence occurs at an alarming rate.
7/8/2003  There is a severe lack of organization and communication between staff members as well as with parents. I also find the level and quality of education to be quite lacking.

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