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Providence Classical Christian Academy
5293 South Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63126
(314) 842-6846
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private | K-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Todd Wagenmaker2012
4/30/2012parentPCCA is the best value for the money in the St. Louis area for a classical education. The curriculum is well planned, the faculty is very competent and caring, and the school reinforces the Christian faith of the families. We are impressed every year with the material learned in the Grammar years, the clear thinking shown in all subjects throughout the Logic portion, and the accomplished writing and public speaking demonstrated in the upper school's Rhetoric stage. Besides having high academic expectations, the school also has a very wholesome atmosphere. Boys act like gentlemen, girls like ladies, and older students are considerate to younger students. Whether it's 2nd graders learning all the bones of the body, 7th graders growing in their ability to read Latin, or 9th graders participating in a Shakespeare production, the students are challenged to find what is true and beautiful in God's creation. Although it's physical plant isn't impressive and it's extra-curricular activities are not extensive, the results achieved are very impressive and at a much lower cost than other private Christian schools. We admire this school and our children are thriving there.
3/6/2012parentIf you are looking for a small, private, classical, Christian school then Providence Classical Christian Academy is perfect. The curriculum is wonderful and it is awesome to see what students can accomplish when they are challenged. The teachers and staff are great and are always available. The community of families is the best. You will not meet a better group of parents and families who always come together for the good of the school.
2/29/2012parentMy wife wrote one of the reviews here in 2009. Three years later, I will add my own thoughts. After four years of having children at Providence (now re-named Providence Classical Christian Academy), we continue to be deeply grateful for the education and community which our children and our family have found at this school. We have had children in every grade at PCCA except grade 12 (our oldest will be a senior next year). They have all developed: diligence, responsibility, curiosity, enthusiasm. The school has instilled in them a love of learning, a love of literature, a love of languages (English, Latin, and Greek) - and affirmed and nurtured their confidence in Christ and their love for God. Parental involvement is high. Current Headmaster is excellent, but leaving for full-time ministry next year after 5 years at PCCA. Our Headmaster-elect is an internal hire, with great rapport and respect within the school community. School is now 150+ students and growing at a responsible rate (8-10% each year). Very exciting time to be a part of this school.
5/21/2009parentPCA has an excellent grammar school curriculum. My children have jumped ahead so quickly using Spell to Write and Read and Right Start Mathematics, among other things. The children learn so much by using music and jingles to remember important facts. I could not ask for a better education for my children, ages 10 and 7.
2/22/2009parentOne of my favorite things about PCA is the conservative Christian atmosphere. All the teachers and staff love the Lord and my children. The children are taught not only academics, but respect, manners and the love of Christ. I am also excited about the new curriculum in math and phonics/reading this year. I am pleased to see the dedication of our curriculum committee to making improvements where needed with the end goal of having the best curriculum possible to educate our children. PCA parents are caring and involved and have become our extended family.
1/26/2009parentI believe that PCA is quite possibly the best education offered anywhere for all grades: K - 12! Education objectives are consistent from K - 12, but the teaching methods are oriented towards age-appropriate methods. My children are being prepared to operate effectively and Christ-like in a world that encourages/promotes materialism; selfishness and untruths. They are taught what is true and beautiful. They are taught to defend and pursue the truth - not to 'go along' with the ways of the world. My daughters have read or will read many great books; they have written hundreds of papers (essays, poems, letters, etc.); they have mastered language; have above average math skills and regularly are given opportunities to defend their positions through speaking opportunities. The teachers are all solid Christians, committed to teaching and are recruited because they bring solid abilities for achieving the objectives of PCA.
1/3/2009parentFor seven years, my husband and I homeschooled our children, desiring for them to receive an excellent classical education which would teach them to think for themselves, and lead them to appreciate what is good, true and beautiful. When we discovered PCA, we decided to turn the work over to their wonderful and dedicated faculty. We have not been disappointed. Our children, in grades 8, 7, 4 and 3, are thriving in a culture different from most educational settings. They are reading great books, discussing timeless themes of good and evil, really digesting history, studying Latin and formal logic, learning to read and spell with a strong phonics program, and developing writing skills using the progymnasmata, an ancient (tried and true!) system. PCA feels like an extension of our family, because of small class sizes, the teachers' genuine love and concern for the students, and parental involvement. Great school!
1/2/2009parentI have a kindergartener and a first-grader at Providence Christian Academy. Both kids are thriving there. The sense of community at this Classical school is strong. The curriculum they use is excellent - Spell to Write and Read for language arts and RightStart for math. Both are multi-sensory approaches that really work. We have been very pleased with the teachers and staff. The children are held to high standards of behavior, but also have so much fun because they feel safe there. School security is excellent. Our kids also enjoy the art and music programs.
4/10/2008parentExcellent education, excellent staff, excellent curriculum. They teach my kids the skills they need to be successful, they teach them to be proactive and responsible. And they teach all of this in a Biblical environment.
7/20/2007parentAll five children have attended PCA and each have flourished academically, spiritually and socially. We are thrilled with how prepared they are for further education and find that when with friends from other schools, they are better equipped to handle what the world throws their way. Athletics, drama, mock trial, and educational field trips have enhanced their experience at Providence! We are blessed beyond measure!
5/22/2007parentPCA, being a K - 12 school, has equipped my children to think. They have flourished by the rich teaching academically as well as in their character. The 'extra' activities make for a well-rounded education and one of the best in St. Louis.
5/6/2007parentOur children have attended PCA for 5 years. When we moved to St. Louis, we were looking for a school that would provide a safe, nurturing, Christian environment. PCA is that and much more. Classical Christian Education provides the essential building blocks of a great education. Our kids love the staff and have made terrific friends with the other children.

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