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Ritenour Senior High School
9100 St Charles Rock Rd
St. Louis, MO 63114
(314) 493-6105
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public | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Anthony Robinson2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
12/15/2011studentIf you hang out with the right people, going to Ritenour is a great experience. I've made some great friends there, and if someone offered to send me to a better school, I wouldn't accept. Sure, there are some problems, and some of the teachers leave things to be desired, still, but the teachers who don't are marvelous. It's certainly better than some of the other public schools in our area. There are some bullying problems, and teachers have trouble keeping control of the more obnoxious kids, but because of the way we're being taught, not just here, but everywhere, no one holds to their threats. Kids don't get written up for things they should be getting in trouble for, and it leads them to think there aren't any consequences. For a while, there are kids in the advanced classes who just don't belong there, but they go away when they're done putting in their pitiful effort. We'd be a better school if we worked on the parents, first. You can't let a kid grow up in a house where they're told they don't need to go to school, and then expect them to like it. We need a community involvement that just isn't going to happen. But that doesn't make it a bad school.
10/12/2010parentMy children currently attend Ritenour High but I must say I was more impressed with Ritenour Middle. I feel some, not all of the teachers don't care if my son makes it or not. For kids who need a little push tutoring leaves something to be desired and getting some of the teachers to communicate with you is like pulling teeth! I wish I had moved at the end of my son's eighth year, but I thought the High School would be an extension of the middle school, my mistake.
9/12/2008studentI currently attend Ritenour, and I must say that in my two years there that it really isn't proving to be a very good experience. I'm a good student, but it's very hard to get work done in the environment that takes over almost every classroom, which is students whom misbehave. The classes aren't that challenging, and I don't really care for any of the teachers because they don't seem to care about the students, they too know that the school is going down the drains. The other students there are inconsiderate and don't have any common manners. I don't know how many times I see or am pushed in the hallways without an excuse me, or if for instance there is a group playing 'hackie sac' at lunch and I'm 'in the way' by just walking by and then they yell at me. There is really no discipline.
8/31/2008parentI think Ritenour has high expectations and is good with there children.They are very aware and help alot with the kids.There was reasons that you stayed and apparently they was good or you would have left.You should expect more from yourself and parents being involved in a school to help make a better school and community.Ritenour is an A+ school and you have to graduate with more credits from Ritenour than any other school.So that tells me that they expect more and have a higher standard for there children then most others.You also have to make school as well as your life what you want of it no one can do that for you.Go Huskies!!!
3/15/2008otherI am a former student of Ritenour, and will not be sending my children to the schools in this district. The school has gone down hill since I graduated, and will need a complete overhaul to get it up to the level that gives children the proper education that is needed. Teachers don't seem to care, the administration is out of touch, and the counslers don't help you follow a great educational path that will be needed for college and beyond. As a parent, your childs education should be a number one priority, and sending your child to a school in the Ritenour school district is not a good educational choice.
11/12/2007parentI give this school and the district a huge thumbs up. My only complaint is with the area residents who voted down a school proposition that would have built a much needed performing arts center. The current venue for concerts and plays is abysmal. Sports programs are great. Selection of courses is wide. My children are doing great. Staff cares about their kids.
6/17/2007studentI attend Ritenour High School and I'm trying so hard to go to another school. Because my whole two years at this school have been miserable. Kids are mean and inconsiderate of others. The principles don't care they don't try and switch your classes. And I'm an average student who never gets in trouble. and when I need help in a class and ask them.Not once have they helped me. The consolers are never there or are too busy for students.
2/27/2007parentI feel there is too much emphasis on just 'doing a good job'-then a reward is given for those students who do all the required work-there is no reward system in the real world-you do a good job because you are expected to---freshmen are assumed to be low quality students and not motivated- my kids came from a private school where emphasis is on doing what is expected and then some. They do not have homework-their study habits are practically gone because there is nothing to do-it's all done at 'seminar'.MOtivate the kids to excel, go beyond what's expected and then see the benefits! Help them to be more than they can see.
6/13/2006parentThere are good teachers and great courses, but the teachers have no control over the students behavior. I think the parents need to be much more involved and that there should be a -0- tolerance for bad behavior.
1/5/2005parentI am very happy with Ritenour. I believe the principal and counselors know what is going on. I am a very involved parent. I have 2 children in the high school. My son is very much into his sports and enjoys his German club(he is a sophmore) and my daughter is very involved with the band and hoping to make the track team this spring (she is a freshman). I am a member of band boosters and sports boosters. I am very happy with how their teachers and coaches react with them, always available. My kids love this school. I don't have to fight with them to go, so I consider that a plus. Go Huskies!
12/15/2004parentwhat i have noticed about ritenour is they have lowered their standards in an attempt to not make the slow kids feel bad, and the bright kids loose interest. is it more important to be 'politicaly correct' than to challange our leaders of tommorow. I have removed my children and enrolled both in a private school,
6/13/2004parentMy daughter graduated from Ritenour and I feel that it was a very good school. The teachers really care about the students and the students are realy nice to their peers.
8/10/2003former studentThe current principal usually does not know what is happening at Ritenour. The counselors usually do not know how to accurately plan schedules. Ms. Lisa Williams and Ms. Catherine Stone are two of the best teachers at Ritenour. They really do help students prepare for college.

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