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Riverview Gardens Senior High School
1218 Shepley
St. Louis, MO 63137
(314) 869-4700
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public | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Mrs. Yolander Pittman2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/21/2012otherMost of the posters here need to learn to spell and use acceptable grammar. I'm a 1960 grad of RGHS
9/20/2012studentMy friend and i are currently attending Riverview Gardens High school, we are both sophmores, and we (STRONGLY DISAGREE) with what other parents, teachers, and former students are saying about our school. We are working extremely hard to get our creditedition back. Every school has fights and problems, so dont try and down grade our school, because like other school, we also have very intelligent students.
9/17/2012otherI graduated from Riverview in 1968, graduated from UMSL four years later and am amazed at the drastic deterioration of my old high school. I have tracked the reputation of this school in the time since I left as I now live out of state. It is unbelievable. What did you people do to that school??? It is pathetic !
8/13/2012otherAs a taxpayer in the district, I resent the money that was spent on the fence, especially since the front gates are never closed. When that improvement issue was approved, I was under the impression it would be used to improve the school facilities. I will say that something good must be going on, as I don't see the police showing up nearly as often.
5/9/2012parentUnfortunatlly I don't have a lot of good things to say my daughter has been a student at the high school for three years and to be treated badly and she has been an honor roll student, on the Pom Pom team and has ran for home coming court for princess, so she not a bad student at all but to know that Ms. Bland suspended her and know that the other student confessed that it was her fault, but she decided to do nothing because she doesn't care for my child! but I will do what it takes to make sure our cries are heard so believe me their will be justice by our system in this matter! God Bless!
4/29/2012otherIt appears as taxpayers in the Riverview Gardens school district we are not getting our money's worth.
8/3/2009parentWhen my son was going to riverview high he had so many fight's i had to tranferred him to another school i don't ike the district
2/14/2009parentI am a parent and my child transferred from Illinois to Missouri, we had a choice between Riverview and Hazelwood, and based up on other reviews I chose Riverview. This was an excellent choice for my child, he is excelling, the freshman principal is awesome and I love the changes that have taken place.
2/4/2009studentI use to attend Riverview Gardens High School my freshman and sophmore year.I now attend McCluer North High School.But when I was there the school was basically just outta control.I thought that school was a place of learning not a play to come and hangout.And thats what the kids coem to that school and do.And some of the teachers don't care.Because,they paycheck is still gonna be the same at the end of the day.I think that it really should be tooken over by the state.Because the people who have been running it.Ain't improving it.And if there is no accredidation whats the point of even coming to school becaus eyour diploma dosen't mean that much.Colleges look at if u came to an accreditted school or not.And if u didn't..You're chances of being exceptd versus a child who did go to an accredited school.You won't get pick..So thats something that should be considered.
1/19/2009parentThis school basically needs to be taken over by the state because the people running it now absolutely cannot handle it!!!
1/2/2009studentAs a senior at Riverview Gardens High School, I can honestly say that I love the school as a whole. My school is a character builder. I was always taught to make the best of any situation.That's why I take rigorous classes and participate in numerous extra-curricular activities. My School has problems,every school does, but we are persevering.We have a caring and authoritative principal.She leads the school to the best of her ability. She wants nothing more than to see all of her students excel. Our school district has many problems, but there isn't a doubt in my mind that we won't overcome them! This is the reason why I rate my school a 4 out of 5- not a 5 because 5 means perfect and no school is perfect!
10/3/2008teacherThey have hired some excellent new teachers, but as with any school, you still have some old teachers who are there munipulating the system. I don't believe the hiring practices are without bias. I would encourage the parents to get involved more. Discipline needs to be more consistent and administered with no prejudicial or biased intervention. The staff needs to dress more professional and conduct themselves likewise. Overall, if the community, parents, students, and teachers don't work together, they are going to fail.
8/7/2008studentThey have great teacher who are dedicated to helping the students around the school. There are many parents that are invovled in this school district. The saftey there is alright it is not like they have shootings up at the school. Yes are extracurricular activites are awesome because the majority of the school is invovled in some before or after school program from NJROTC to cheerleading. If you are at Riverview Gardens High School you are at least doing something. The principal at the school is enforcing some good rules and helping the school improve even more to reach new heights. So yes Riverview Gardens High School might have been in the press about negative things but there are good attributes that come along with the school.
9/15/2007studentI think that riverview is a great school I graduated from riverview may 17, 2007 the teachers are wonderful bringing in new staff I don't think that it will not change anything about the students that are there. So all that I have to say is teachers keep doing a good job shout out to Mr. Bright my math teacher, Mr. Smith my advocate and 9th grade civic teacher he was alwasy there for me and Ms. Dickens my cooking teacher.
9/15/2006former studentI am not a parent, I was a student and graduated in 2005/2006 school year. I think this school isn't as bad as people think because there are actually some teachers and students who are actually there to learned. And even though the school is put down by there academics status you can graduate with a high GPA if you really try and want to do good. Because trust me I graduated my senior year with a 4.0 GPA.
7/22/2005parentWhat you put or don't put into a instution is what you get back. My daughter grad. with honors/attends SIUE's Biology program. Teachers were always supportive. Principal always attentive to my needs. My son plays on the Basketball team for past 3 years and I wouldn't leave for no other team. RGHS coaches are concerned for you as a athletic but first as a student. Classes are available if you want a challenge. Teachers are equipped with educational backgrounds to provide your child with what he needs. Unfortunatly, we have to have a strict attendance and behavioral policy but the good students are never punished and get their rewards in many ways around the school everyday. I will miss our principal Mr. U. However, Mrs. Montgomery will do an excellent job.
2/1/2005studentI really hate Riverview with a passion. I think no one really cares for the school. 1/4 of the seniors are graduting. I'm not even supposed to be in the district. But since Riverview took over 2 streets in my area. I was forced to attend. I had a 3.785 G.P.A and since I've been at Riverview it has dropped. Riverview is the worst school for anyone to attend. And I Hate It! No one can really be successful at that school.
1/18/2005studentI am a freshman at Riverview Gardens High School. I think that it's a great place for kids to learn and have fun doing so. People look at our school as a failing school but really it's no diffrent from other schools. There are teachers at my school who care for the students and take time out to work with them. There really isn't any school that's perfect. Overall Riverview Gardens is a great school.
12/25/2004parentRiverview Gardens is the prime example of the declining african american youth. The class rooms are over crowded and there is not an appropriate amount of space for the students. Also some of the teachers have no love to teach some of the students. They are giving up on the students who need them the most by putting them out of class and suspending them. this is an opinion of a freshman attending this school in 2004-05.

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