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Soulard School
1110 Victor St
St. Louis, MO 63104
(314) 865-2799
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private | PK-6
County: St. Louis City


7/15/2011parentThe Soulard School is a great school. The classes are small and students engage in hands-on projects and in-depth studies. The sliding scale tuition program makes the school diverse, which is important to me, and the culinary arts program is a great asset. We have been at the school several years and I think earlier negative reviews reflect some problems the school had early in its life (it's only been around for 6 years).
4/29/2010parentMy kids have been at the Soulard School for 3 years. My oldest used to hate school (and cried most mornings at her old school) - now she loves school. Soulard is about teaching a true love of learning. The older grades create amazing research projects that allow self-directed discovery. The teachers are fabulous and the culinary arts program is the best school food program in the St. Louis area.
4/28/2010parentWe have two children at The Soulard School who really love it. These are bright kids who are challenged academically in math, reading/language arts and science, but not at the expense of a well-rounded education that also includes studio arts, violin, nutrition, phys ed, and more. The class sizes are small (@ 12-15) which gives the teachers time and space to really focus on who my kids are and what they need to develop their potential. The sliding scale tuition makes a great education available to families who might not otherwise get it. And allows my kids to develop friendships with kids from different backgrounds. Of course, my kids don't even register those differences, but it's important to me as a parent. I've never heard of a perfect school, but for us, this has been pretty close.
4/26/2010parentCouldn't agree more with the last post. If you're considering this school, turn and RUN away!! The theories sound great, but no one can really explain how they are being executed in the classroom. I have known of teachers to recommend students not be passed to the next grade, but the administration has allowed these students to pass. What a disservice!! Further, nothing is done for kids who have behavioral issues, except allowing the parent to live in denial further.
11/17/2009parentThis school is nothing short of a disaster. Although the theories are excellent, they are so poorly executed every child suffers--and that is just the beginning of the problems. Parents, beware.
10/3/2009otherMy granddaughter entered the Soulard School this fall when she and her mother moved to St Louis. My Daughter is a Doctoral student at SLU and does not have a great deal of money. The school bases tuition on income so no child who desires to be there is excluded. She is in a multilevel class-5th through 8th with a wonderful male teacher who makes them really think. In addition to academics, the students practice yoga, play violin, learn to cook and garden, read to younger students and are encourage to think for themselves. They each pick a subject to study in depth each year. Family is welcome any time and parents are very involved-make that grandparents, too. The Soulard School has made my grandaughter's transition to a new life so very much easier.

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