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St. Elizabeth Academy
3401 Arsenal
St. Louis, MO 63118
(314) 771-5134
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private | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


9/20/2012parentThis is a fantastic school that is completely underrated by the private school community. It has excellent teachers who challenge each student to do her best. I recommend this school to any parents.
10/13/2010parentA very caring and nuturing enviroment for young women. Class sizes are very small which provide substantial one on one time for each student.
10/3/2009parentI was impressed by its diverse social-economic and racial mix. Students make a contract with their teachers. They are allowed to be part of the process. I believe this involvement encourages academic achievement.
7/28/2009studenti am a student and in my opinion the school is the best its surrounded by believers who know that if we try we can accomplish all our dreams
3/30/2009parentMy daughter is a 2009 senior. This was not her 'First Choice' school. It is a blessing how things work out! The principal, faculty and coaches are committed and dedicated to development and education. My daughter has always felt that her opinion matters, the faculty listens and respects her. This has allowed her the opportunity to excel as a leader, student and athlete. Numerous staff members have gone above and beyond the call of duty to be available, assist and encourage her to be the best she can be. Last year a new guidance counselor was hired. She is exceptional! Her knowledge, wisdom, professionalism and open door policy is a huge asset to SEA. The Director of Cirriculum what a gem! She truly cares about the students. She gives 110% to help a student. They live their Statement:'Developing the Successful Woman inside each Girl.
2/21/2009studentI am a student at SEA and i would have to say that it is wonderful. i like it because the teacher work with you individually and they go the extra mile. Grades are not givin away they are earned. Being with all girls is not always easy but, after a while you get used to it. At school your expected to work very hard and the teachers make sure that you do so. overall i can say that i love this school and i am proud to be attending SEA.
3/11/2008parentMy daughter, a new student this year, chose this school over several others because of the diversity and low student teacher ratio. She has friends from several different countries. The STARS academic system lets her excel. There is a new science lab and workout room, both with state of the art equipment. This school has a full (award winning) ORCHESTRA and jazz band (She wanted an orchestra experience.) My huband and I like the internet communication system called 'edline'. It lets us know every grade and assignment as they are registered, the e-mails from her instructors are great. The parent association is strong. This very historic school is located in the trendy Tower Grove East Community. 2 blocks from Tower Grove Park and not far far from the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I would encourage you to put this school on your school visit list.
4/24/2007studenti go to sea and i feel as though our school is not challenging enough to the people who actually want to be challenged. in some of my classes i don't even have to bring a book most of the time because we never do anything. in other classes we always do the same thing. for other girls, this might work but i am seriously considering a transfer to another school.
5/7/2005parentIn the year we've spent at SEA, I find it to be a good school. My daughter has a learning disability that requires a few basic accomodations. She has been warmly welcomed; each teacher, the learning center director and the counselor have tried to understand and meet her accomodations. SEA is small which has its limitations when one considers all the technological buzzes and whistles avaiable for a price however, the size of the school makes it more flexible in meeting the needs of its sudents and in providing each of them with leadership, team sports and other opportunities. The Choir has improved tremendously in the last year, the orchestra and band are small but good as well. Parent involvement is what you make of it, lots of fund development opportunities. A new Principal is expected next year. Come join us in 'Developing the Sucessful Woman Inside Each Girl.'
5/18/2004studentI'm about to graduate and the administration still doesnt know my name. My principal just asked me the other day if i was dating my class mates boyfriend (she almost has the same color hair as me, completly understandable) Ironic, that in such a small school administration cant even tell us apart. Realisticaly, SEA is all about appearance. No matter how crappy we are on the inside, the most important thing is to look good on the outside! Oh, and our curriculum is far behind that of most other private schools. But its a wonderful school! And I have to say, I love my classmates!
3/14/2004parentSEA has made a profound differenc in my daughters life. Not only have her grade improved but her self esteem has growen. She was in the St. Louis Public Magnet School System before going to SEA. The difference is like day and night. Here every teacher and staff member truly care about the students and their progress.

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