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St. Gabriel the Archangel School
4711 Tamm Ave
St. Louis, MO 63109
(314) 353-1229
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private | K-8
County: St. Louis City


9/7/2009parentMy children attend St. Gabriel School in south St. Louis. The structure and discipline are excellent! The student body at St. Gabriel is predominantly white and Catholic, although diversity of race is always welcome, and non Catholics are certainly accepted. The school community and parent involvement is outstanding! The principle has her doctorate and has almost two decades of experience as a school administrator. Although St. Gabriel caters to families with special needs, i.e. handicaps, peanut allergies, and learning disabilities etc., they struggle to accommodate gifted students. Their excellent language arts program is counter balanced by a poor math program. I supplement math in the summer to ensure that my kids reach their full potential in this area. The focus at this school is mastering each study topic before moving on, in contrast to many public school's who aim to expose students to as many study topics as possible.
11/15/2008parentDr.Ann Davis is wonderful w/ the students, and seems to be everywhere in the school...always watching. The students have little opportunity to goof-off, or find trouble because Ann always knows whats going on! There is a high level of respect that students show the adults and each other, I've never seen that in a public school. And they get a good healthy dose of catholic teachings, as well. Academically speaking, I think St.Gabriel is pretty middle of the road. It's biggest downfall, in my opinion, is that it lacks diversity.I hope I'm being politically correct in the way I word this...Out of 500 or so students, only 2 or 3 are African American, 2 bi-racial, and a small handful Asian. In that regard, I wish the school were more 'colorful'.
10/7/2008parentThis is an excellent school. The principal not only focuses on theadministrative aspects of her job, but is very involved with the students. The school is able to accomodate the needs of all my children, including one his is learning disabled. As far as private school's go this one does a phenomenal job meeting the different needs of students. The parent involvement in this school is overwhelming, and there is a strong sense of school pride, by the faculty, students, and their families.
9/18/2006parentThe quality of academic programs at this school is outstanding. This school constantly raises the bar with every passing year. The principal, Dr. Davis is phenomenal and has genuine interest in the children. She knows all of the children in school by name and is vested in each child. Music and Art are emphasized along with all of the core subjects. The sports programs are by far one of the best and very well organized. There is strong parent participation both in education, sports and the school as a whole. This is not just a school and parish but a tight knit community as well. Would highly recommend this school.
8/26/2003parentWe expected an above average school when we enrolled our child, but found an outstanding school constantly raising its standards under a highly qualified administration and faculty. Solid core subjects and impressive music and art education. Many athletic opportunites. Strong supportive school and parish community. If you want a well rounded, nurturing educational environment to ensure the success of your child, all within a great neighborhood, this is it.

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