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St. Joan of Arc Elementary School
5821 Pernod Ave
St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 752-4171
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private | K-8
County: St. Louis City


2/10/2011parentWhat a terrific institution this is for all kids, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. The staff and student body couldn't be more welcoming.
8/28/2010parentI applaud the teachers who must work under stressful conditions w/o air conditioning. The last not to have it. We were shocked to learn an exceptioinal and experienced teacher was let go because his salary became higher and the principal replaced him with a cheaper model. Don't know how the teachers do it-they have to spend so much time away from their own families attending extra events. Morale and results would improve if the focus was "What can I do to help make your life easier and so you can become a better teacher. Amazing job teachers with the little appreciation you recieve from administration and pastor.
5/12/2010parentWe are thrilled with SJA. The teachers are great, a good mix of older experienced teachers and young newer teachers. They all do an excellent job! So many of the teachers are involved in extra activities with the students- speech, minnie vinnie's, and it seems like new activities are always being added to include all students. I think most people are helpful and nice, although I do believe you have to put yourself out there to meet people. However, work a fish fry and you have made yourself at least a few new friends.
3/8/2010parentThe teachers are excellent. However, the parent's are not nice people at all. If all you are interested in is sending your child to school, then it's fine. If you are interested in getting involved in activities, volunteering, or even attending Church, look elsewhere.
3/6/2010parentWe love SJA. The school has outstanding leadership from the pastor and the principal. We have found the teachers to be dedicated professionals who are part of a spiritual community that is second to none. We would recommend this school to anyone.
3/4/2010parentSaint Joan of Arc is a very good scholl. They work hard to maintain a good student to teacher ratio. The school and it's students are well supported by the PTO, Athletic Association and many other orginizations within the Parish. Education and faith grow together in a well balanced environment. If you are thinking of Catholic education, Saint Joan of Arc should be toured during your research.
11/1/2009parentWe love St. Joan of Arc school! I will be honest that originally, we just started our first child here with the idea that we would move to the county, BUT we were blown away with how our daughter blossomed and loved school and loved church. It has been the same for our son. Our daughter needed some extra help with reading early on and they have a Title teacher who pulls the students out to give them extra help. They also have a learning consultant for kids with special needs. It is so easy to get involved in the activities because the kids are so excited about them anyway and that way you are helping the school and spending time with your kids. There is also the bonus of meeting new people and making strong friendships that last beyond grade school!
10/29/2009parentI do not even want to give it 1 star. Horrible school, horrible parish/church. Take a tour, self explanitory
10/28/2009parentSJA is where my two children are currently enrolled I could go on and on about what I love but here are the highlights. Faculety and staff are engaged in the education process a genunine concern for the well rounded development of these children is part of the fabric of the entire staff. Much different from other children that I know who attend public schools. Along with a great education, 'Catholic' is alive and proudly present in all areas of my childrens education. The school really is a small town in a big city. The parents are always saying how lucky that we are in this place at this time. Organzations allow parents and the parish to have a real impact on the quality the education provided. Commuincation between parents, faculity and the Pastor is good considering the size of the parish. Problems are readily addressed as a result.
10/28/2009otherMy daughters attended this school and received an excellent education. We were very pleased how they worked with gifted children as well as those less able. The school has several programs to address the needs of students with learning disabilities.
9/23/2009parentIt is a very good school, slightly higher standards than the public schools, however fewer resources to deal with special needs. It is a very good school with a great deal of family involvement if desired.
9/3/2008parentI have children at St. Joan of Arc. I can honestly not recommend this school to anyone. I am not sure what we pay for, except for the kids to go to church. I can do that on my own.
8/29/2008parentI am very happy with St. Joan of Arc School. My children have always look forward to going there each school day. The teachers challenge the children and are very supportive. 80% of the classrooms use electronic Smartboards and have a student computer lab. I am very happy with the teachers. The classes have a higher percentage of teachers to students. It is clean and neat. It is an older facility but has been well kept and they are looking to make improvements. Monsignor Mike and staff are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. Our family will be there thru the next five years.
4/29/2008parentWe took a tour of this school this past winter, as we are in the parish and were excited to start our child's catholic education. We were so disappointed! The building is a wreck. We observed roaches in the cafeteria, and the students are jammed into tiny classrooms with no A/C. This is no more than a public school with tuition. We will be sending our child elsewhere. Very disappointed.
1/18/2008parentWe have been at SJA for many years now, & feel our children are nurtured in an above-average environment, both educationally & spiritually - for the most part. Your school is what you make of it!
8/25/2007parentAll 3 of my children have or are attending here. I admire the teachers as many have become role models and given up free time to work on special projects, clubs, and math competitions. I don't know how they manage without air conditioning, but the quality of instruction and the level of excellence they instill in the students is a valuable asset. This is a great school offering a quality education, especially in math. Students are proud of their school. I was disappointed that the principal let go a well loved and experienced teacher. We need to treasure teachers like him, not tell him to move on. So Kudos to the teachers and not as good on the administrators.
3/5/2007parentSt. Joan of Arc is a great combination of academic and spiritual enrichment. There are many opportunities for extra curricular activities such as sports, band, choir, and speech. There is also a great sense of community outreach - within the parish, the surrounding community, and sister parishes in other countries. Parents are very involved at many school activities and organized groups.
2/3/2007parentSt. Joan of Arc is a loving community focused on maintaining quality education for its children. We have had children in this school for 18 years with our youngest child in sixth grade. Overall we believe our children have received an excellent education. Like any school, there have been areas that needed attention, but issues have always been addressed by the administration and teachers with respect and concern. Our children are loved and nurtured, and are free to practice their faith. We, as parents, have been able to support our school and parish through participation in PTO, athletics and numerous parish functions. St. Joan of Arc is a great place to be! We feel blessed to be part of this school and parish community.
1/2/2007parentThis is a great community oriented school and good students will do okay here, although they will not be challenged. Average students might struggle as many teachers don't seem very motivated or engaged with their students. Organization and good work habits are not properly emphasized and ingrained. Some textbooks are sub par. The English textbooks are not age appropriate or conducive to learning and kids do not develop appropriate English and writing skills. The principal is very good with administrative and discipline details; but does not appear knowledgable regarding curriculum and cognitive/learning skills.

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