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St. Josephs Academy
2307 S Lindbergh Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 965-7205
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private | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


7/2/2009studentSt. Joe is a great place for anyone who is wanting to go to a prep school. The teachers are great, they really help us to understand the concepts and help us apply them to everyday life. The building is gorgeous, it makes the perfect learning enviorment. The students are awesome! They are sweet, kind, considerate, fun, and smart. The course work is challenging, but still interesting. Many students find the course work to be reasonable. Homework is not overwhelming, probably between 1-2 hours a night. If you are interested in theatre and acting, SJA has a beautiful theatre that some amazing plays are performed on. The chorus is spectacular also. The athletics are outstanding. We have gorgeous facilities. I love St. Joe and want all girls to know, no matter where you are from or what you like to do, St. Joe is the place for you!!!!!!
7/2/2009studentAn amazing school. Everything is perfect and I love it!! REASONS WHY I LOVE ST. JOE 1. great challenging academics 2. great teachers 3. great friends 4. school spirit and pride its the best school ever!
5/18/2009studentI've been going to St. Joe for 9 months and I don't like this school very much so far. I don't like it because I went to a very advanced Catholic grade school compared to others in the St. Louis area. I feel like I didn't learn or accomplish very much this year. I learned it all in middle school. Also I feel like some of the teachers were picked up off the streets at random because some of them do not know how to teach properly. I know a lot of girls who are not doing well in classes because they do not provide extra help. There is a possibility that I will not be returning next year because I feel like I am paying so much money for an education I got three years ago.
5/17/2009studentAs a former student, I transfered out freshmen year, I can say it was a very unsatisfactory year. I didn't acomplish anything and I felt like I came out with less knowledge then I had before. I came to the school from public so that atributed to my overall dislike. If you came from a private school background it is an okay school. If not, then don't think twice about entering. Its a horrific experience for those who come from public school background.
1/6/2009otherAs an alum I can say that st. Joe was the best preparation for college. Not only academically but socially I was well prepared for college. The collection of girls that go to St. Joe do not go along with the 'private school' stereotype. Not all the girls come from super weathly familes. St. Joe attracts a wide array of girls from different backgrounds. If I could rewind and go back, I WOULD!
7/29/2008otherThis school is great. The sterotype about the girls is wrong. Everyone is not rich, snobby, and into drugs. Hearing these rumors upset me because the school is wonderful and everyone is very nice. The teachers are outstanding. The building is beautiful. I know any parent would be proud to have their child going to such a prestigous, amazing, wonderful school, and St. Joe qualifies under that. I love St. Joe! GO Angels!
11/23/2007studentI am a current sophmore. This is an amazing school perfect for athletes dedicated to their academics. Amazing teacher and challenging courses drive you. The athletics were described by sports illustrated a few years ago as the best sports program in the state. This is an amazing school
11/1/2007former studentI am a former SJA student and give it 5 stars. The academics are outstanding - better than some college classes I had - and the school really fosters a strong sense of self-confidence and pride in whatever one's talents and achievements may be. The school influences its students in many positive ways that reverberate for years after graduation. If I still lived in St. Louis and had a daughter, there is no question where she would attend high school!
7/15/2005former studentAs a former student and proud sister of two current students, I can tell you that this is the greatest school on earth. The faculty and staff helped me to grow into an intelligent, strong woman. I was more than prepared for rigorous academic life at an elite university. The sports program is ranked the best in Missouri and the academics are right up there with it. The English department is especially noteworthy. In addition, there is a plethora of active student organizations and school events. The parental involvement in the school is amazing; the school thrives off of the parents. It is a great fit for outstanding young women.
9/21/2003otherI am a former student of SJA and I had a wonderful experience there. Not only did I learn a lot, but I also developed wonderful relationships and a strong sense of self.

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