St. Louis, Missouri 

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St. Louis Christian Academy

St. Louis Christian Academy is a Kindergarten-12th Grade Private School located in St. Louis, Missouri. It has 93 students in grades Kindergarten-12th Grade with a student-teacher ratio of 8 to 1.
3145 Lafayette Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63104
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School Size: 50-149 students
12th Grade Last Year: 6
Percentage that go to College: 100%
Kindergarten Days: 5
Kindergarten Length: Full day
Full Time Teachers: 11
Total Teachers: 11
White Students: 20
Black Students: 73
Asian Students: 0
Pacific Students: 0
American Indian Students: 0
Hispanic Students: 0
Two or More Students: 0
Phone Number: (314) 664-3299
Community Type: City, Large
Typology: Other religious, not affiliated with any denomination
Home School Program: No
Private Home Program: No
Religious Orientation: Yes
Religious Affliation: Yes
Orientation: Christian (no specific denomination)
Student Hours per Day: 6:30
School Days per Year: 190
Library: Yes
Student Type: Coed
Students Kindergarten to 12th Grade: 93
Parent Teacher Ratio: 8.45
Total Students: 93
Male Students: 53
Female Students: 40

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St. Louis City - 4/13/2015
Best kept secret. Incredibly affordable and accessable. Beautiful neighborhoods with tree lined streets and quality historic brick homes. Art galleries, theatre and live... Read More

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