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St. Louis Priory School
500 S Mason Rd
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 434-3690
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private | 7-12
County: St. Louis City


7/16/2011otherAs an alumnus and father of two alumni, my sons and I share the same bond with fellow alums, the monks and lay faculty. The academics were extremely challenging, but the pressure was also made better by the constant faculty encouragement and motivation. I would certainly find it to be a more comfortable environment for a Catholic family. The sports program is excellent with virtually all new soccer fields and football stadium. It is an expensive school with very adequate financial aid. The weakest link for years had been in the area of Fine Arts, but this was remedied my the Kevin Kline theatre and a strong fine arts program today. The school is not for everyone, and for those not desiring a rigorous academic program ensuring college success..Priory may NOT be the place as indicated subtly by the two bitter reviews mentioned before.
3/18/2011parentPriory is an outstanding school! I have had ten years of experience with son's in the school and am getting ready to send another son there in the fall. Alot is expected of the boys academically, socially, and athletically as well. They have the most well-rounded, respectful group of students I have ever come across. Priory regulary has 35%-45% of the graduating class receiving National Merit recognition and well as some of the highest SAT and ACT scores in the area. It is a wonderful community at Priory. The school is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, but with their strong academics they attact and accept students of all faiths. Amazing School!
5/14/2009parentStudents disrespectful!?Class sizes out of contol?! One of the cheaper private schools!?The school is not cheap by any standard, but it is worth the price. These kids are unbelieveably polite. Yes, sir 'mr., Mrs.', this is an off the wall reveiw.These kids kill the SATs and ACTS.The education is intense and the schools acacemic awards in every field of competition is amazing.Priory grads , disproportionately get accepted to the most elite colleges and universities in the country and excell whereever they go.They are also good athletes and many will go play a sport at an Ivy League school , or an elite institution. By any measure, this school produces an amazing group of young men!
5/7/2009studentI cannot express the gratitude that I have for this excellent school. It has prepared my for both the emotional stress and the academic stress of College. I do not know of any one of the young men that I graduated with who would have attended any other high school. The bond that I share with my classmates and teachers will never be broken and I will always feel welcome when visiting. I do agree that it is not for any young boy, but if you are prepared for Priory you will succeed. To the complaints that it it is too 'Catholic' I have one thing to say, I am not a Catholic but I never felt like an outcast in the 6 wonderful years that I spent there. The monks have the utmost respect for all the students.
3/25/2009otherPriory, a small, Roman Catholic school in the English Benedictine Congregation, is one of the most rigorous boys' schools in the St. Louis area, let alone Missouri or the country. Although it has a reputation for being a 'tony' school and for being academically tougher than a lot of other schools, for parents who seek to have their sons receive a truly grounded Christian education and for boys who seek a real academic challenge, it is the school to choose.
12/10/2008parentAs a practicing Catholic, I couldn't be happier with this school. There are actual Benedictine monks--dozens of them!--in the classrooms actively teaching. And they aren't pushovers either...degrees from Harvard, Princeton, Rice, Notre Dame... A first rate education from first-rate, orthodox Catholic brothers.
12/1/2008otherAs a recent alum, I can honestly say that no school could have better prepared me for life.
9/13/2008parentThe narrow, prescribed curriculum at Priory in no way prepares students for the choices they must make when they go to college. The policy of 'treating students as men' is nothing more than an excuse for an almost total lack of an academic support system and minimal communication with parents. Parent-teacher conferences are limited to 5 minutes per subject, twice a year, and they are timed. Class sizes are large, not allowing for the individual attention parents should be able to expect at this type of school. Not good value for tuition dollars.
2/10/2008parentI cannot begin to express my gratitude to the teachers and administrators at this wonderful school. We could not be happier about the school, students, acedemics and sports programs at Priory. Our son is extremely happy at Priory and we have to thank the great teachers and staff for all they do for the boys.
10/15/2007studentI cannot imagine what aspect of the St. Louis Priory School education sparked the two previous negative reviews of such an amazing institution. Speaking from the perspective of someone who attended the school, every student has been given an incredible opportunity to reach their potential, inside and outside of the classroom. Those who choose to accept the challenge of a vigorous curriculum leave Priory with an education that has prepared them for all of life's endeavors. While there are other schools that do the same academically, Priory stands out as a unique institution that develops students morally through its strong emphasis on faith. With an administration and faculty that is truly devoted to the student body, it is impossible to not feel a sense of community at Priory. If you want your child to attend an institution that produces well-rounded students, St. Louis Priory is the best out there.
5/18/2007parentIt is unbelievably responsive to the concerns of parents and teachers. It is known throughout the country for its academic excellence. My son is not an athlete and has absolutely thrived at this school. He in fact has very unique interests and the school has fostered and encouraged those interests. The only thing that is alike about the boys in his class in that they are all unique individuals and the school and boys cherish that aspect. School spirit in his class is off the charts. There just couldn't be a better place for a bright wonderful child. This school has done nothing but good things for my son. We will be so sad when he is finished because we all love the school!
5/14/2007parentSt. Louis Priory has more than lived up to our expectations as parents of a boy who has attended the school since his seventh grade year. We especially appreciate the personalized attention of the teachers, both lay and clergy, and the overall focus on academic excellence. The Catholic influence is strong, of course, but the school accepts students from outside the Catholioc faith (our son included) and our son has benefited from the religious environment that is fostered at Priory. We would recommend St. Louis Priory to any parents who are seeking a strong academic focus and a positive religious atmosphere. The athletic program is sound but the emphasis at Priory is more on academics. It's a disappointing to read comments by other parents who don't share our experience, but no school can be all things to all parents.
5/18/2006parentI can't believe that the person that posted the negative review above ever went to Priory. Priory provided my son with the intellectual and spiritual stimulation needed for him to succeed in life. Teachers/ Headmaster/ Parents are all active in daily development of the boys. All aspects of life and learning are available at Priory by interested teachers. The tuition is high but well worth the money. My son was awarded a full 4 year college scholarship. Sad to leave after 6 years of being 'at home' on the campus.
4/23/2006parentThe atmosphere is like Lord of the Flies. Class sizes are out of control, children are disrespectful, and the majority of teachers and administrators are unscrupulous. The fact that it's one of the cheaper private schools in St. Louis doesn't excuse the lack of professionalism here.

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