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Tower Grove Christian School
4257 Magnolia Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 776-6473
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private | K-12
County: St. Louis City


5/22/2012parentMy son started in Preschool here last August. He is a week from completing his first year which is incredible. He learned so much the first two months, it was incredible. He will be 4 in December, and we are so proud of his progress. I wasn't sure which school to pick, and I had it down between this one and another one nearby. That one was too "uppity" this one is perfect! The teachers are amazing. The principal is too. It's just a great school. And my son can stay there as all through the years if he wants.
8/14/2010otherTower Grove Christian School is a great school. I have been affiliated with TGCS for 8 years and would recommend it to everyone, whether they live near by or not. They strive for academic excellence and are well above many schools in the surrounding area! Class sizes are smaller, but this allows for more one-on-one attention from the teachers. They still have music, art, P.E., library, computers, foreign languages and more- for all grades. They also have an excellent sports program. If you are looking for a good edcuation in a safe environment, with a staff that loves each student like their own- then this is the school for you!
2/12/2010parentI have two children that attend TGCS. The Christian atmosphere is wonderful. All of the teachers really seem to care about my children. The school really strives to involve parents, and teachers are very good about communicating. I feel the discipline policies are fair and help in training children to be men/women of God. I cannot believe how much and how quickly my children are learning. I highly recommend this school. I could not be more pleased.
8/18/2008studentI attended Tower Grove from first grade until I graduated high school. I feel that I got a wonderful education. The teachers I had were truly inspirational. I felt it was a nurturing environment, both academically and Spiritually.
5/20/2008studentI am a proud graduate of Tower Grove Christian School. I can't say enough good about this school. The teachers really cared about the students. I loved that the class size was smaller because it felt like you received more attention. I don't know where I would I would be today if it weren't for this school. This school has been a blessing to me and is still a blessing to me. I have 2 neices who attend the school and are getting an awesome education. If you are looking for a school that teaches you child academics as well as spiritual and moral values, look no further. I would recommend this school to anyone.
8/23/2007studentI have been going to Tower Grove for eight years and I can say that it is a really good school. The teachers try hard to teach and the students have a lot of respect for them. The kids really learn a lot. They have a very Christian atmosphere and I like that. You don't see fighting and violence. I would definitely recommend this school.
8/4/2007parentMy children have attended this school since kindergarten and they are now in the 6th and 7th grades. They started in the Tower Grove Preschool which is equally wonderful. The teachers are committed to teaching and it is not just a paycheck for them. Academically and biblically great. The students are treated with respect and expected to treat each other with respect. A great environment to grow up in and to learn about God in their everyday life. God willing my children will continue to go to and graduate from Tower Grove Christian School.
7/16/2007parentMy child attended this school for 5 years. This school is very one sided. Academically speaking, if you aren't up with class in all areas, you are left behind. My child has an extremely high IQ but was never encouraged. There is nothing POSITIVE about the discipline in this school.
4/24/2007parentMy son has attended this school for the last 2 years. Academically speaking it is a great school. However, the teachers nit pick the students. Sometimes I feel as if these children are not treated as children but miniature adults. Parents are very involved here, which helps out. There is also a lot of homework. Students also get a lot of days out of school for holidays and other things. What I do not like is that breakfast is not served. There are no free or reduced priced lunches, children have to be driven or walk to school. Bottom line, stay involved in your kids' education.
1/16/2007parentMy daughter has been going to Tower Grove for about 3 years and I think they have a very strong academically. The teachers she had have been creative, innovative, and patient. She will attend this school for several more years
2/21/2006former studentI love Tower Grove! i went there from the 7th grade until about the second quarter of 9th. I love the people there and the teachers are great too! If I had the choice i would go there then any other school! ~Katie Evans
10/12/2005studentTower Grove is a good scholl if you like little schools. The teachers are all willing to work with you adn th curriculum is pretty good there. Its a college prep school which is also good. I am a student there and im in 10th grade. I started my freshmen year. The sports programs are excellent. There's an oppurtunity for a child of any age to play a sport and im not gooing to lie, tower grove is one of the best schools for plcing in the conference.
4/30/2005parentI have multiple children enrolled in this school. I have found that the teachers are very willing to work with students on an individual basis if needed. This school has a strong Christian atmosphere. Tuition is reasonable compared to that of other private schools in the area. The High School offers many electives including Power Point and Journalism. Their is a Parent Group and a School Committee. They have sports available for every age group. There is a counselor available to assist the High School Students with college applications. The High School offers college preperatory classes. The teachers that teach at Tower Grove are commited to and love the students. It is an Awesome Christ Centered School.

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