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Webster Groves High School
100 Selma Ave
St. Louis, MO 63119
(314) 963-6400
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public | 9-12
County: St. Louis City


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Jon Clark2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/9/2012studentI am currently a senior at Webster High. After spending the past 3 years here, I have found that Webster is acceptable for a large portion of the student populous. Those that are considered average students, slightly above average, or learning disabled, you will find a great system waiting to support you. But if you are identified as gifted, or if you are a gifted/ld, you will have a very hard time here. Teachers are kind, but most cannot give the gifted or the twice exceptional anything to work with. I'm not saying the teacher's aren't smart, in fact a good number are. But there is a lot to be desired. You're better off going to Lindbergh if you are gifted or twice exceptional.
2/26/2011parent5 elem. one sixth grade center, and one jr. high (7th/8th), one high school....we moved here so our child w/ special needs could flourish, and he has...........he's transitioned well/middle school..........our other kids are in elementary school now........and doing well......it's a great dist. teachers are good and staff/principals are very competent and student centered......and it's very close to the city/downtown.......so, don't let the realtors try to push you out to the far west county....webster schools and webster groves as a whole is easier on the transient population than west county/St. Louis county.....Parkway/Rockwood school dists. are good, but not as good as Webster.......bang for ur buck....I'd pick webster.
11/26/2010studentGreat school! I've even been enrolled! Teachers assist me when I need it. Resource teachers are great! The high school principal listens to students and adjust the enviroment. He even got me into Camp Wyman as a camp counselor for 5th grade camp.
10/28/2009studentI am a senior at Webster Groves High School and my prother is currently a sophomore. I have witnessed exeecptional teaching staff and adminstrative response during my four years at Webster. However, I have also witnessed some and heard about, less excellent staff (teachers, adminstration, counseling, Special District.) Webster has a lot of things going for it, but sometimes, when it comes to getting great teachers and staff it can be a toss up; You can get excellent or you can get incredibly lacking. Webster has stood out to me with its commitment to social justice. This was especially true under our recently retired superintendent. Tolerance and Acceptance are very pushed, taught about and demonstrated in this school. Overall, I love Webster. I have had four amaing years, full of opportunities of which I took full advantage of. The key thing is, you do need some self initiative to excel.
11/19/2007studentI recently found this website and looked up my own school. WGHS. I am currently a student and when I read that the parents thought our schools extracurricular activities were above average, I had to write a review. That couldn't be more true. It's my first year at this school and all summer I was excited to attend.
11/25/2005parentThe district as a whole is very good. They don't try to understand the culture backgrounds of children in the district even if they live in the district or out of the district. But things are starting to change some. The board has start to develpe courses for it teachers & staff to accommodate this concern. Although once children reach the high school level. If you are a parent, it becomes a concerned about your child's development, you are looked at as strange. Over all once the staff gets pass all of these hurdles, your child can excel and do well. The school does provide for tutoring at the Junior High level and the High School level and your child can do good in college.
9/4/2005parentMy son has been in a self contain special Ed school for years. This would be his first year in a public school. the teacers are great. He is shy and scared but also excited. I have never seen this kind of excitment about school! Goodness if all schools were as resonive as this on is there would be no reason for private schools. Wish I had known sooner I would have saved 50,000 buck tuition.
9/9/2004former studentThere are many wonderful teachers, but if a student is having troubles, they are critisized by many of the teachers for having troubles. Many elective classes cost money, and some people do not have the ability to pay, so classes students are really looking forward to are sometimes dropped because of financial issues. Peers are friendly, with the exception of some cliques who just don't want to get along with others. Principals are very helpful, but you have to want to be college-bound and you must be highly motivated to be able to slide by with A's and B's for four years at Webster Groves High School.
9/10/2003parentThere are many excellent teachers. Parents and students must be motivated to advocate for the course work desired and stay on track. College bound students must push to get into honors courses. The school does not do its best to offer more course sections and flexibility w/ schedules; classes often can not be accommodated and the student must drop math, social studies, English, science or language courses as a result. Other students take languages independent study because there are no class times offered. Course work can be challenging but is often mediocre. Counselors push for easy to fill/frequently offered classes like keyboarding. Freshman are required to take a non credit study hall, unless they have a 3.75 GPA and the parent requests an exemption. The study hall full credit eats up a full hour and makes taking academic courses more difficult. The students who do poorly are merely pushed aside until they graduate. Students with behavior problems have a tough time as well.

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