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Tulakes Elementary School
6600 North Galaxie
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
(405) 721-4360
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public | PK-5
County: Oklahoma


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/31/2011parentWhen we first moved to the area, I was a little reluctant to place my son in Tulkes. However, after talking to a freind of mine who taught at Tulakes, my worries were cast aside. My child did very well at this school. Yes, there is a very diverse student popultion, but I think it is important to learn about cultures. The staff is very dedicated and caring. The principal works hard to ensure equity and a first class education for all students. There is often standing room only when there are school functions.
5/18/2009parentWe are sad to be leaving this school where my granddaughter has attended two years. She loved it. Uniforms should be required in all schools. Mr Roland makes an effort to know all his kids by name and the teachers are extremely dedicated. She had Miss Shofner and Miss DuValle. Hope we are this lucky in our new home.
1/26/2009parentMy sons were in Tulake it was the best school they have been in. We are a military family so we move alot. I would love to be back in the school the teachers are commited to the kids!!! Mr. Roland is the best and Ms. Shofner is a Godsend. My boys miss Tulakes three years after leaving and still ask about thier old teachers if that tell you anything!!!!!
9/27/2008parentMy daughter attends Tulakes and did last year as well. The uniforms are a great way to level the playing field for the students. The teachers are dedicated, often there on the weekends and at the sports games throughout the year. My only wish is that there was more opportunity for students who are not in sports.
9/3/2008otherI have been a visitor to this school several times now and have personally observed but a small part of the dedication of the faculty toward their students. There are teachers who moved up with their classes from last year in order to provide those young students with an important continuity to their education experience. Many times these days, the school environment is one of the only stabilizing factors in a childs life. It is refreshing to see these educators go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of children who are the future of this country. I expect to see more great things from Tulakes and better test scores as well.
9/18/2006parentgreatly improved from last yr also added additional educational programs for advanced learning and improved the staff. School uniforms have also provided a safer enviroment
6/13/2006parentI have very mixed reviews of Tulakes Elementary... As for MY 4th Grader, KUDOS GO TO MRS JONES!!! She is by far a refreshing breath of fresh air for this school, and we have been so blessed to have her teach our older son! Mr Roland is a wonderful principal, who takes a genuine interest in our kids! THANK YOU MR. ROLAND!!! If you have an older child coming to this school (such as a 4th or 5th grader, Tulakes is wonderful!) Any other grade, BE CAREFUL!
2/19/2006staffTulakes Elementary is improving and succeeding. With the new principal, Mr. Lee Roland, and supportive staff members, this school is overcoming the challenges that face schools today. The staff is not only teaching proper curriculum, but also reaching into each child's life. Just look at the basketball team that certain teachers set up on their own time. Almost every afternoon and weekend, these teachers are involved in the students' activities. This school has the passion. Test scores are numbers, the development of character is what should speak volumes.
8/17/2005parentThis has to be the worst school in the Putnam City School District.My son has been in this school for 4 years and everything he has learned has been through the hard efforts of my husband and myself. He has been held back once which is what alerted us to the problems this school has. I attempted to right this problem and was blown off by the staff of the school. Granted, there is a new principal however I have not seen any improvements. They waited till the last possible moment to let us know who the teachers will be this year and found no problem in doing so. They did not acknowledge the inconvenience this causes to the parents who actualy care about their child's education. The test scores speaks volumes. If you want your child to excel, stear clear of Tulakes.
4/12/2005parentMy son enrolled at Tulakes midway through the year and has had trouble adjusting. The administrative and counseling staff have been excellent in trying to help him and not just put him out of school. It truly does take a 'village' to raise a child and this school has been a Godsend. As a single parent with limited resources, most importantly- time, it is comforting to know that I am not in it alone and there are others who truly care about the emotional, as well as academic, wellfare of our children. If you are concerned then I would encourage you to spend some time at the school helping the teachers create and maintain a safe, secure learning environment. One of those 'thugs' just might grow up to be the Dr. who saves your life. Children are worth the best efforts of us all.
12/16/2004parentMy kids have attended this school. We had excellent experiences with the teachers. The teachers try their darndest to make things better. However, there is a major lack of parental envolvement. We have tried to sell our house for 4 years just to get away from there. To the teachers, I am sorry for this review. But, I feel that it is necessary to let others know what they would be getting themselves into. We were lucky enough to transfer our kids out of there before the district cut off transfers.
9/28/2004staffCompassion, love, enthusiasm, and wanting to give their all to make the student's experience the best that it can be. That is what describes the faculty at Tulakes. They receive their rewards in the eyes of those children.
6/8/2004parentHonestly, I had heard bad things about Tulakes, and when I bought a home, I didn't find out we were in that school until closing. I fought to move my kids and wasn't able to. However, my children have completed a year of school there, they are a few bad kids, but you have them in any neighborhood or school, this school being no exception. My kids have both excelled academically and have grown in their relationships, they have also learned how to handle adversity. The teachers are excellent! They are highly involved in the learning process and kept me involved as well. If the parents don't do their part, the children will suffer.
5/20/2004parentI was extremely impressed with the all-day kindergarten program. My daughter was reading and writing complete sentences by the end of October! The teachers and the admin staff have kept me well informed of events and activities on campus and off. The parents that I have met have been outstanding citizens!
4/25/2004parentThis is a school of thugs. I expect to see 75% of these kids filling our prison system the parents are a real piece of work, most of them look as if they just got out of prison or are heading right back. I can't get my kids out of this school fast enough. The teachers are doing the best they can but they can't raise these kids. Everyday I see the same children out running the streets until 9 or 10 at night. Where are the parents? Run from this school. Get your children away from this criminal element that is eating this school like a cancer.

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