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Schools in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is home to some of the best schools in the country. The city has a diverse educational system with many public and private schools that offer excellent educational programs. These schools are highly rated for their exceptional academic performance and have a variety of extracurricular activities available. Students in Portland can benefit from a wide range of courses, from traditional school subjects like math and science to unique learning opportunities such as art classes or outdoor education. Many Portland schools also prioritize student safety, providing a secure environment to learn in without compromising on quality education. With its great selection of schools, Portland is an ideal place for students seeking an excellent education.

Name Grades Type Rating
"Self Enhancement, Inc. SEI Academy"06 - 08Regular5
Abernethy Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Ace Academy11 - 12Regular
Ainsworth Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Alameda Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Alder Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
Alice OTT Middle School06 - 08Regular7
All Saints SchoolPK - 08Private
Alliance High School09 - 12Alternative Education3
Archbishop Howard SchoolPK - 08Private
Arleta Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular4
Arthur AcademyKG - 05Regular9
Astor Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular7
Atkinson Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Beach Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular5
Beaumont Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Belmont AcademyPK - Tr01Private
Benson Polytechnic High School09 - 12Regular7
Bethany Village MontessoriPK - Tr01Private
Beverly Cleary SchoolKG - 08Regular10
Boise-Eliot Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Bonny Slope Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Bridger Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular3
Bridges Middle School05 - 08Private
Bridlemile Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Buckman Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Capitol Hill Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Cathedral SchoolKG - 08Private
Catlin Gabel SchoolPK - 12Private
Cedar Mill Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Cedar Park Middle School06 - 08Regular7
Cedarwood Waldorf SchoolPK - 08Private
Centenial Park School07 - 12Alternative Education2
Centennial Middle School07 - 08Regular5
Central Catholic High School09 - 12Private
Cesar Chavez K-8 SchoolKG - 08Regular1
Chapman Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Cherry Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Chief Joseph Elementary SchoolKG - 03Regular7
Chief Joseph Ockley Green SchoolKG - 08Regular1
Childpeace Montessori SchoolPK - 08Private
Child's View Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
City Christian SchoolsPK - 12Private
Class AcademyPK - 07Private
Cleveland High School09 - 12Regular8
Columbia Christian SchoolsPK - 12Private
Community Transitional SchoolPK - 08Private
Concordia MontessoriPK - KGPrivate
Creative Minds LC - GatewayPK - KGPrivate
Creative Minds Learning Center - BroadwayPK - KGPrivate
Creative Minds Learning Center - SellwoodPK - KGPrivate
Creative Science SchoolKG - 08Regular8
Creston Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular6
DA Vinci Middle School06 - 08Regular8
David Douglas High School09 - 12Regular4
Davis Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
DE Paul Alternative School08 - 12Private
Duniway Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Earl Boyles ElementaryPK - 05Regular5
Emerson SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Escuela VivaPK - TrKGPrivate
Faubion Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular3
Findley ElementaryKG - 05Regular10
Floyd Light Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Forest Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Franciscan Montessori Earth SchoolPK - 08Private
Franklin High School09 - 12Regular7
French American International SchoolPK - 08Private
Gateway Christian SchoolPK - 01Private
George Middle School06 - 08Regular1
Gilbert Heights Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Gilbert Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Glencoe Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Glenfair Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Grace Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Grant High School09 - 12Regular8
Gray Middle School06 - 08Regular8
Grout Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Happy Day Christian Child CarePK - KGPrivate
Harmony Montessori SchoolUG - UGPrivate
Harrison Park SchoolKG - 08Regular3
Hartley Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
Hauton B Lee Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Hayhurst Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular10
Helen Gordon Child Development Center- PSUPK - KGPrivate
Helensview High School09 - 12Alternative Education
Hilltop Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Holy Cross Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
Holy Redeemer Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Hope Chinese Charter SchoolKG - 03Regular
Hosford Middle School06 - 08Regular6
Irvington Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular5
Islamic School of PortlandPK - 08Private
Jackson Middle School06 - 08Regular8
Jacob Wismer Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
James John Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Jefferson High School09 - 12Regular2
Jesuit High School09 - 12Private
Kairos PDXKG - 01Regular
Kelly Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Kindercare Learning Center #902KG - KGPrivate
King Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular1
Knova Reynolds Public Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular3
Lane Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Laurelhurst Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular9
Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter SchoolKG - 03Regular9
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School09 - 12Regular4
Lee Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular2
Lenox Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular7
Lent Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular3
L'Etoile French Immersion SchoolPK - 03Private
Lewis Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Lincoln High School09 - 12Regular10
Lincoln Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Little Stars Montessori At the Fantastic UmbrellaPK - TrKGPrivate
Llewellyn Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Lynch Meadows Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Lynch View Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
Lynch Wood Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
Ma'ayan Ha Torah Day SchoolPK - 08Private
Madison High School09 - 12Regular3
Maimonides Jewish Day SchoolPK - 06Private
Maplewood Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Margaret Scott Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Markham Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Marysville Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular4
Menlo Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Metropolitan Learning CenterKG - 12Alternative Education9
Mill Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Montclair Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Montessori PathwaysPK - KGPrivate
Montessori Pathways Garden Home CampusPK - Tr01Private
Montessori School of BeavertonUG - UGPrivate
Morningstar Montessori House of ChildrenPK - KGPrivate
Mt Scott Park Center for Learning06 - 12Private
Mt Tabor Middle School06 - 08Regular9
NAYA Early College Academy09 - 12Private
New Avenues for YouthUG - UGPrivate
New Day Ananda Marga School of PortlandPK - KGPrivate
Northwest Academy06 - 12Private
Northwest Chinese AcademyPK - 04Private
Oliver Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular1
Opal School of the Portland Children's MuseumKG - 05Regular9
Oregon Episcopal SchoolPK - 12Private
Oregon Outreach06 - 12Private
Oregon Outreach Inc. Rosi Hinton High School06 - 12Private
Pacific Crest Community School06 - 12Private
Parklane Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
Parkrose High School09 - 12Regular4
Parkrose Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Peninsula Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular5
Portland Arthur Academy Charter SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Portland Chinese SchoolPK - 12Private
Portland Christian Elementary SchoolPK - 05Private
Portland Christian Jr. SR High School06 - 12Private
Portland Jewish AcademyKG - 08Private
Portland Lutheran SchoolPK - 12Private
Portland Village SchoolKG - 08Regular6
Portland Youth Builders12 - 12Private
Prescott Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Prince of Peace SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Puddletown SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Raleigh Hills Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular8
Raleigh Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Richmond Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Ridgewood Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Rieke Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Rigler Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Riverdale Grade SchoolKG - 08Regular9
Riverdale High School09 - 12Regular9
Rock Creek Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Ron Russell Middle School06 - 08Regular4
Roosevelt High School09 - 12Regular3
Rosa Parks Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular1
Roseway Heights SchoolKG - 08Regular7
Russell ElementaryKG - 05Regular3
Sabin Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular9
Sacramento Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Sauvie Island AcademyKG - 08Regular7
School of AutismPK - 07Private
Scott Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular2
Sellwood Middle School06 - 08Regular9
Serendipity Center02 - 12Private
SERP Alternative School11 - 12Private
Shaver Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular1
Shining Star Waldorf SchoolPK - 06Private
Sitton Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Skyline Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular8
Slavic Christian AcademyKG - 07Private
Southwest Charter SchoolKG - 08Regular6
Springville K-8 SchoolKG - 08Regular8
St. Andrew Nativity School06 - 08Private
St. Clare SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Ignatius SchoolPK - 08Private
St. James Child Development CenterPK - KGPrivate
St. John FisherKG - 08Private
St. Marys Academy09 - 12Private
St. Pius X SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Therese SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Thomas More SchoolKG - 08Private
Stephenson Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Stoller Middle School06 - 08Regular10
Sunnyside Environmental SchoolKG - 08Regular9
Sunnyside Mennonite Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Sunset High School09 - 12Regular9
Sunstone Montessori SchoolPK - 06Private
Terra Linda Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
The International SchoolPK - 05Private
The Ivy School01 - 08Regular5
The Madeleine Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
The Montesorri House of St. JohnsPK - KGPrivate
The Portland Montessori SchoolPK - 05Private
The Portland School of Experiential EducationPK - TrKGPrivate
Thomas A Edison High School09 - 12Private
TrilliumKG - 12Regular7
Trinity Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Tucker-Maxon Oral SchoolPK - 05Private
Urban Ed Alternative School Outside in School12 - 12Private
Ventura Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Vernon Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular3
Vestal Elementary SchoolKG - 08Regular3
West Hills Christian SchoolKG - 08Private
West Hills Learning CenterPK - TrKGPrivate
West Hills Montessori School-VermontPK - 03Private
West Powellhurst Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
West Sylvan Middle School06 - 08Regular10
West Tualatin View Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Westview High School09 - 12Regular8
Whitman Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Whole Child Montessori CenterPK - KGPrivate
Wilkes Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
William Walker Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Wilson High School09 - 12Regular8
Winterhaven SchoolKG - 08Regular10
Woodlawn Elementary SchoolPK - 08Regular2
Woodmere Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Woodstock Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Yourth Progress Learning Center07 - 12Private
Name Grades Type Rating

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Great Place, Too Many Cars. - 11/8/2022
One of the best cities in America. Food scene is the best in the world. Weather is preferable over places where you have the same weather year round. I enjoy the... Read More

Houston Transplant, 2022 Portland Review - 10/10/2022
I moved from Houston to Portland about a year ago. I remember reading the reviews on here and it making me second guess moving before I did, so I wanted to come back and... Read More

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