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Portland, Oregon is a dynamic city known for its vibrant arts scene, outdoor recreation opportunities, and progressive culture. It has a population of over 600,000 people and is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the United States. With such high praise, it's no surprise that many people have chosen to make Portland their home. To get a better understanding of what it's like to live in this city, I have included summaries of user reviews from BestPlaces.net.

According to a review from "Mark," Portland is "a city that truly lives up to its reputation." He goes on to mention the city's charm, friendly residents, and abundance of coffee shops and microbreweries. Another user, "Samantha," agrees, stating that Portland is "a dream city for anyone who loves nature and outdoor activities." She also highlights the city's food scene and bustling downtown.

However, not all reviews are glowing. A user named "Jonathan" mentions that while he loves the city's culture and opportunities, the high cost of living can be a challenge. He also points out the growing issue of homelessness in certain areas of the city. Similarly, "Jessica" mentions that the traffic and commute times in Portland can be a downside, although she still enjoys living there overall.

In summary, it's clear that Portland has a lot to offer, from its unique culture to its beautiful outdoor spaces. While some reviewers mention challenges such as high costs and traffic, the majority of users are happy with their decision to live in this dynamic and diverse city. As "Mark" puts it, "Portland truly is a gem in the Pacific Northwest."

 based on 386 Reviews
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There is no One way to see any large city - 3/20/2023
I lived in Portland for 19 years (I've also lived in Boise, ID, the Bay Area, Austin, TX and now Nampa, ID). It drives me nuts when people try to give a large city a single identity. It's a large city with all sorts of people, neighborhoods, problems and perks. I did not live in Portland through the covid/BLM meltdown and from my friends perspectives, it was scary and sad. That being said, it was a country wide problem/movement that affected every large city and lots of smaller ones. The press coverage of the rioting in a city that I love was sad to watch, and the damage will take years to recover from but it did not define Portland in anyway except to show that lots of people care about social justice and a small percentage of those people think that violence is justified (their belief, not mine) and they got the media's attention. I have faith that Portland will continue to move forward (in the slow way that city governments move) towards addressing its issues in the same way that Read More

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Great Place, Too Many Cars. - 11/8/2022
One of the best cities in America. Food scene is the best in the world. Weather is preferable over places where you have the same weather year round. I enjoy the changing of the seasons, others may not.

One of the biggest gripe i have is people moving here from texas, california, etc who do not understand public transit. They come from places where you drive everywhere. Where every place they go has a 50000 space parking lot. We DO NOT need that garbage in portland. We have a great transit system. USE IT. Stop congesting our streets just cause you wanna take your lifted Ford F150 to drop off your kid at school.

Listen folks, i get it. some of you need cars. But a lot of you don't need to drive everywhere you're going. Theres no need to take your family SUV downtown every weekend. Go park at a Park & Ride and take the MAX downtown if you want to spend time down there. Cars ruin cities. End of Read More

Houston Transplant, 2022 Portland Review - 10/10/2022
I moved from Houston to Portland about a year ago. I remember reading the reviews on here and it making me second guess moving before I did, so I wanted to come back and follow up.

First thing to know, the city is gorgeous. Almost everywhere you look there is dense, well maintained greenery. Even in the middle of the winter, you can smell roses and other flowers throughout the city. The traffic is outstanding for a city this size (so long as you avoid the various bridges during rush hour times, those can get really annoying).

The people are really calm and overall pretty friendly and welcoming. I had a hard time making friends over here at first, but that was mostly a result of my social situation and the attitude of "live and let live." It hasn't been nearly like what others have described as the Seattle/Portland Freeze. If you're having trouble finding a social group to connect with, you can fix that pretty easily so long as you take it upon yourself to go Read More

Beautiful recreation, hypocritical people - 8/2/2022
Portland is a super unique place. It is both one of the greatest and one of the crappiest cities in the world. I'll try to explain...

The best reason to live in Portland is the proximity to the Cascades. You're close to Mt Hood, Mt St Helen's, Mt Adam's, relatively close to Bend, etc etc. If you like outdoor sports it's a paradise and there are advantages to living in the city and recreating elsewhere. The Columbia River Gorge is close too. The beach is beautiful to go to several times, but I wouldn't rate it close to Florida or Hawaii in that it's cold and not tropical. It is close though from Portland which is an advantage. Portland isn't near as expensive as San Francisco or Seattle. Culturally it's very similar to San Francisco.

I lived there for two years. I never had an issue with a homeless person living in SW Portland other than the fact my car and storage unit were broken in to. Don't ever leave even an empty backpack in your car. The homeless are Read More

depressing please go somewhere else maybe - 4/9/2022
ive lived half of my life in seattle and half now in portland, i loved these cities growing up but in recent years, its been going downhill, finally moved to boston. portland has a special place in my heart, the old portland still does, i remember going to downtown with family, enjoying the local dining spots, these days, its been three years, i don't want to even go, last time i went to visit my friend, we were harassed by this crazy guy, i don't feel safe in this city, and talk to any local portlanders and you'll hear from them, a lot of people that live here basically HATE this place, i have friends who are dying to get the hell out of Read More

Portland. A Critically broken & ill City. - 11/11/2021
I've lived in Portland for over 20 years (split with a 10 year move to Los Angeles) and it is now a virtually paralyzed city, drowning in poverty and poverty mindset.

Portland HAD the fifth highest property taxes in the nation in 2020 (you're paying it even if you're renting). However for 2021 property taxes have increased significantly because voters voted for two big tax increases, because as the saying goes, “Portland doesn't let a potential tax increase go to waste.” And Portland certainly has high taxes all around that get worse every year.

Income taxes are getting higher and higher just like the general population. As of 2021 you are taxed
5% from $ 0 (yeah, make 69 cent for the year and Oregon will want 5% of that and will go after you)
7% from $ 3,550
9% from $ 8,900
9.9% from $ 125,000
You also have a ton of little taxes/fees/duties, etc coming out of your paycheck for all manner of things such as bike lanes, community Read More

Really like overall, but definitely a few issues - 9/30/2021
I've lived in Portland for almost five years. I love the neighborhood feel where I live. There are regularly people out walking, biking, talking, and kids playing. On the bad side, I dislike the dark dreary winters, and I am saddened when I take walks at work (closer to downtown) and see homeless people everywhere, and their Read More

Could’ve been something but took a bad turn. - 8/3/2021
Lived in Oregon for 29 years, Portland for 3. Early on, the homeless problem was prevalent but not overwhelming but seems to have skyrocketed in the past few years. Obviously COVID has affected things a lot, but Portland has exceptionally bad. Portland was very up and coming 2 years or so before COVID. And this review would be very different. But these are the factors bringing it down heavily:
- Homelessness out of control
- Crazy rate of increase in housing costs
- Graffiti EVERYWHERE. Not over exaggerating at all.
- As a moderate, I understand a progressive society is a healthy one, but this is getting to be absurd and it’s not helping. There are no protests, they are riots.
- Crime growth across the board, noticeably so in higher income areas as well.
There’s potential, but it has huge hurdles to overcome. Read More

You can do better - 8/2/2021
Lived here most of my adult life. Portland went from a fun, lively, friendly city to what looks like a scene from Mad Max. Portland isn't "weird" anymore, just desolate. It's a shame too because not even 10 years ago I would have argued this was one of the coolest cities in America. Read More

Oregon Native ; Portland and Salem are horrible - 7/19/2021
I was born in Portland 42 years ago and during my lifetime the city has really gone to hedouble hockey sticks. Especially in the last five years with the last two being the worst yet.
In 2020 we endured riots for close to a year with the local government doing nothing and claiming that the rioters were peaceful. This was not the case . So much damage to property downtown many had to close business for good. So here are other things that have just gone away and what you can expect if visiting or relocating here.
Lots and lots of homeless . Large camps like pretty much everywhere. Factors are that housing is not just overpriced but availability is very limited. As far as jobs go yes you can work but don’t expect stability . It’s either you will be hired and scheduled just right below the amount of hours needed for benefits, benefits provided but too costly for the employees or no benefits are offered . You won’t find a career here really that will provide a sustained Read More

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