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  School NameGradesTypeRating
  Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchoolK-4public  9
  Abraxas Pittsburgh School7-12 & ungradedprivate   
  Academy CS9-12charter  1
  Acld Tillotson School3-4, 6-12private   
  Al-Andalus School1-8private   
  Al-Biruni Holistic Academyn/aprivate   
  All Sts. SchoolPK-8private   
  Assumption SchoolK-8private   
  Avalon Elementary SchoolK-6public  6
  Avonworth Elementary SchoolK-5public  8
  Avonworth High School9-12public  8
  Avonworth Middle School6-8public  8
  Baker Elementary SchoolK-4public  10
  Baldwin Senior High School8-12 & ungradedpublic  7
  Bellevue Elementary SchoolK-6public  6
  Bethel Christian AcademyK-12private   
  Bishop Canevin High School9-12private   
  Bishop John B McDowell RegionalPK-8private   
  Bishop Leonard-St. Mary of the Mount AcademyPK-8private   
  Boyce Middle School5-6public  9
  Brentwood Middle School6-8public  6
  Brentwood Senior High School9-12public  6
  Brightside Academyn/aprivate   
  Brookline Regional Catholic EPK-3private   
  Brookline Regional Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Cardinal Wright Regional SchoolK-8private   
  Career Connections Charter High School9-12charter  2
  Carson Middle School6-8public  10
  Center Elementary SchoolK-6public  8
  Central AcademyPK-2private   
  Central Catholicn/aprivate   
  Central Catholic High School9-12private   
  Chartiers Valley Intermediate School3-5public  6
  Childrens Institute of Pittsburghn/aprivate   
  Christ Lutheran SchoolPK-8private   
  Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic AcademyPK-8private   
  City Charter High School9-12charter  8
  Community Church of God Ch AcPK-5private   
  Community Day SchoolK-8private   
  Covenant Classical Christian AcademyK-7private   
  Crafton Elementary SchoolK-6public  9
  Cyert Center for Early Educationn/aprivate   
  Day School at the Children's InstituteK-12private   
  De Paul School for Hearing & SpeechPK-5, 7-8private   
  Dible Elementary SchoolK-3public   
  Dickson Elementary SchoolK-6public  3
  Dormont Elementary SchoolK-5public  8
  Dorseyville Middle School6-8public  9
  Easter Seal Society Western PAn/aprivate   
  Easter Seal Society Western PAn/aprivate   
  Easter Seal Society Western PAn/aprivate   
  Eden Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Eden Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Edgewood Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Edgewood Primary SchoolK-3public   
  Eisenhower Elementary SchoolK-4public  9
  Elizabeth Seton Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  Ellis SchoolPK-12private   
  Elroy Avenue Elementary SchoolK-5public  7
  Environmental Charter School at Frick ParkK-5charter  6
  Ethnan SDA Christian SchoolPK-8private   
  Fairview Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Faith Prepatory Academyn/aprivate   
  Falk Laboratory SchoolK-8private   
  First Lutheran School SharpsburgPK-8private   
  Fort Couch Middle School7-8public  10
  Foster Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Fox Chapel Area High School9-12public  10
  Fox Chapel Country DayPK-5private   
  Fred L Aiken Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Friendship Academy2-12private   
  Greater Allen Christian AcademyPK-K, 2private   
  Harrison Middle School6-8public  6
  Hartwood Elementary SchoolK-5public  9
  Heritage Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Highcliff Elementary SchoolK-6public   
  Highcliff Elementary SchoolK-6public  8
  Hillel Academy PittsburghPK-12private   
  Holiday Farms Country Day Schooln/aprivate   
  Holiday Park Elementary SchoolK-6public  8
  Holy Family Day Schooln/aprivate   
  Holy Family Learning Alternative Education7-12private   
  Holy Family Learning-Pittsburgh1-12private   
  Holy Rosary SchoolPK-8private   
  Holy Spirit Catholic SchoolK-8private   
  Hoover Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Howe Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Imani Christian AcademyPK-12private   
  Immaculate Conception SchoolPK-8private   
  Incarnation AcademyK-8private   
  Ingomar Elementary SchoolK-5public  9
  Ingomar Middle School6-8public  10
  Ingram Elementary SchoolK-4public  6
  Jefferson Elementary SchoolK-5public  9
  Jefferson Middle School6-8public  10
  Jubilee Christian SchoolK-6private   
  Kentucky Avenue SchoolK-8private   
  Kentucky Avenue SchoolK-8private   
  Kerr Elementary SchoolK-5public  8
  Keystone Oaks High School9-12public  6
  Keystone Oaks Middle School6-8public  7
  Learning Tree School 4PK-5private   
  Lincoln Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Lincoln Elementary Tech AcademyPK-8public  2
  Linton Middle School5-8public  3
  Manchester Academic CSK-8charter  3
  Markham Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Marzolf Primary SchoolK-3public  8
  McAnnulty Elementary SchoolK-1public   
  McClellan Elementary SchoolK-5public  9
  McIntyre Elementary SchoolK-6public   
  McIntyre Elementary SchoolK-6 & ungradedpublic  8
  McKnight Elementary SchoolK-5public  8
  Mellon Middle School6-8public  10
  Miller African-Centered Academyn/apublic   
  Moore SchoolK-5public  7
  Mount Alvernia High School9-12private   
  Mount Alvernia High School9-12private   
  Mount Lebanon MontessoriPK-4, 6private   
  Mount Lebanon Senior High School9-12public  10
  Mount Washington Childrens CenterKprivate   
  Myrtle Ave SchoolK-5public  8
  Nativity Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  North Allegheny IHS9-10public   
  North Catholic High School9-12private   
  North Catholic High School9-12private   
  North Hills Junior High School7-9public  7
  North Hills Senior High School10-12public  8
  Northgate Middle School/High School7-12public  5
  Northside Urban Pathways CS6-12charter  2
  Northway Elementary SchoolK-6public   
  Oakland Catholic High School9-12private   
  Oakland School8-12private   
  Oblock Junior High School7-8public  9
  Ohara Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Options Center6-8public   
  Our Lady of Grace SchoolPK-8private   
  Pace Schooln/aprivate   
  Paynter Elementary SchoolK-5public  7
  Peebles Elementary SchoolK-5public  10
  Penn Hebron Elementary AcademyPK-5public  3
  Penn Hills Senior High School9-12public  3
  Perrysville Elementary SchoolK-6public   
  Pittsburgh Allderdice High School9-12public  5
  Pittsburgh Allegheny 6-86-8public  3
  Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5K-5public  5
  Pittsburgh Arlington K-8PK-8public  3
  Pittsburgh Arsenal 6-8PK, 6-8public  2
  Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5PK-5public  2
  Pittsburgh Banksville K-5K-5public  5
  Pittsburgh Beechwood K-5PK-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Brashear High School9-12public  3
  Pittsburgh Brookline K-8PK-8public  5
  Pittsburgh CAPA6-12public   
  Pittsburgh Capa 6-126-12public  9
  Pittsburgh Carmalt K-8K-8public  5
  Pittsburgh Carrick High School9-12public  3
  Pittsburgh Classical 6-8PK, 6-8public  3
  Pittsburgh Colfax K-8K-8public  6
  Pittsburgh Concord K-5K-5public  3
  Pittsburgh ConroyPK-12public   
  Pittsburgh Dilworth K-5PK-5public  6
  Pittsburgh East Christian SchoolPK-12private   
  Pittsburgh Faison K-8PK-8public   
  Pittsburgh Fort Pitt K-5PK-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Fulton K-5PK-5public  5
  Pittsburgh Grandview K-5K-5public  1
  Pittsburgh Greenfield K-8PK-8public  5
  Pittsburgh King K-8PK-8public  1
  Pittsburgh Langley High School9-12public  2
  Pittsburgh Liberty K-5K-5public  5
  Pittsburgh Linden K-5K-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Manchester K-8PK-8public  2
  Pittsburgh McNaugher5-12public   
  Pittsburgh Mifflin K-8PK-8public  4
  Pittsburgh Miller K-5PK-5public  2
  Pittsburgh Milliones 6-126-11public  1
  Pittsburgh Minadeo K-5PK-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Montessori K-8PK-8public  4
  Pittsburgh Morrow K-5PK-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Murray K-8PK-8public  2
  Pittsburgh New ChurchPK-8private   
  Pittsburgh Northview K-8PK-6public  1
  Pittsburgh Obama6-12public  6
  Pittsburgh Oliver High School9-12public  1
  Pittsburgh Peabody High School9-12public   
  Pittsburgh Perry High School9-12public  2
  Pittsburgh Phillips K-5K-5public  5
  Pittsburgh PioneerK-12public   
  Pittsburgh Roosevelt K -5PK-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Schaeffer K-8K-8public  2
  Pittsburgh Schiller 6-86-8public  3
  Pittsburgh Science and Technology6-12public  7
  Pittsburgh South Brook 6-86-8public  4
  Pittsburgh South Hills 6-86-8public  5
  Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5PK-5public  3
  Pittsburgh Sterrett 6-86-8public  5
  Pittsburgh Stevens K-8K-8public  2
  Pittsburgh Student Achievement Center9-12public   
  Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8K-8public  3
  Pittsburgh Urban Christian SchoolK-8 & ungradedprivate   
  Pittsburgh Vann K-5K-5public   
  Pittsburgh Weil K-8PK-5public  2
  Pittsburgh West Liberty K-5K-5public  4
  Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School9-12public   
  Pittsburgh Westwood K-8K-8public  4
  Pittsburgh Whittier K-5K-5public  6
  Pittsburgh Woolslair K-5K-5public  2
  Pivik Elementary SchoolK-6public  7
  Plea SchoolPK-K & ungradedprivate   
  Pleasant Hills Middle School6-8public  9
  Plum Senior High School9-12public  9
  Pressley Ridge Day School - Pittsburghn/aprivate   
  Pressley Ridge Day School for Autismn/aprivate   
  Pressley Ridge Day School for Autismn/aprivate   
  Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf Programn/aprivate   
  Prince of Peace Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Propel Charter School-SunriseK-4, 9-10charter  5
  Propel CS-MontourK-8charter  6
  Regency Park Elementary SchoolK-6public  6
  Reserve Primary SchoolK-3public  6
  River Valley SchoolPK-5private   
  Rogers Center Creat & Per Arts6-8public   
  Rooney Arthur J Middle School6-8public   
  Ross Elementary SchoolK-6public  9
  Sacred Heart Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  Seton-La Salle High School9-12private   
  Seville Elementary SchoolK-6public   
  Shady Side AcademyPK-12private   
  Shady Side Academy Jr SchoolK-5private   
  Shady Side Academy Middle School6-8private   
  Shaffer Elementary SchoolK-6public  4
  Shaffer Primary SchoolK-3public   
  Shaler Area High School9-12public  6
  Sleepy Hollow7-12private   
  Sleepy Hollow Academyn/aprivate   
  Sonshine Christian Centern/aprivate   
  Southwood School4-12private   
  St. Agnes SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Anne Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Anthony School Program at N Catholicn/aprivate   
  St. Anthony School Program at Sts. Simon & Juden/aprivate   
  St. Anthony School Programs at Bishop Canevin High Schooln/aprivate   
  St. Anthony School Programs at Cardinal Wrightn/aprivate   
  St. Anthony School Programs at St. Thomas Moren/aprivate   
  St. Anthony School Programs at Word of Godn/aprivate   
  St. Athanasius Elementary SchoolPK-3, 5-8private   
  St. Bartholomew SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Bede SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Benedict the Moor SchoolK-8private   
  St. Bernard SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Cyril of Alexandria SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Edmund's AcademyPK-8private   
  St. Elizabeth Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Gabriel-Sorrowful Virgin SchoolK-8private   
  St. James SchoolPK-8private   
  St. John Neumann Regional Catholic SchoolK-8private   
  St. John the Baptist SchoolK-8private   
  St. Louise De Marillac SchoolK-8private   
  St. Margaret of Scotland SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Matthew Christian AcademyK-4private   
  St. Maurice Elementary SchoolK-8private   
  St. Philip SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Raphael Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Rosalia AcademyPK-8private   
  St. Sebastian SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Stephen SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Sylvester Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Teresa of Avila SchoolPK-8private   
  St. Thomas More Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  Stevenson Elementary SchoolK-6public  9
  Streams Elementary SchoolK-4public  8
  Sts. Simon & Jude Elementary SchoolPK-8private   
  The Bradley Center2-12private   
  The Campus School of Carlow UniversityPK-8private   
  The Neighborhood Academy8-12private   
  The University School8-12private   
  The Watson Institute Friendship AcademyK, 2-12private   
  Universal AcademyPK-2private   
  University Prepn/apublic   
  Upper St. Clair High School9-12public  10
  Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh CSK-5charter  4
  Vincentian Academy9-12private   
  Waldorf School of PittsburghPK-8private   
  Washington Elementary SchoolK-5public  9
  Washington Elementary SchoolK-3public  4
  Wesley Spectrum Highland Schooln/aprivate   
  West View Elementary SchoolK-6public  8
  Western PA School for DeafPK-12private   
  Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Childrenn/aprivate   
  Whitehall Elementary School2-5public  6
  Wilkins Elementary SchoolPK-6public  3
  Wilkins Primary SchoolK-3public   
  Wilkinsburg Middle School7-8public  1
  Winchester Thurston SchoolPK-12private   
  Woodland Hills Junior High School7-8public  2
  Woodland Hills Senior High School9-12public  4
  Word of God Catholic SchoolPK-8private   
  Yeshiva Achei Tmimim Schoolsn/aprivate   
  Yeshiva Achei Tmimim Schools1-11private   
  Yeshiva Schools of PittsburghPK-12private   
  Young Scholars of Western PA Charter SchoolK-8charter   

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Brown - 4/3/2018
This place has no sun. This winter has been hard. We are in April and Next 2 week forecast is rain, low temps. Of course we could get hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. but... (Read More)

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Good and Bad..depends on what you are looking for - 11/28/2017
Hi, born in Germany, grew up in Queens/Manhattan. Lived in Ohio, Cali, PA, CT, MI and Europe. Have traveled all over the states and the world. Have lived very rural to... (Read More)

Pitts—burgh - 11/8/2017
As a native that has always been in personal conflict with the non tolerant experiences I have lived through and practices of the majority here I can honestly state;... (Read More)

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