Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

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Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 226 Found

Name Grades Type Rating
ABC's for ChildrenPK - KGPrivate
Abraham Lincoln El SchoolKG - 04Regular9
Acadamy At Westinghouse06 - 12Regular2
Academy CS08 - 12Regular1
ACLD Tillotson School04 - 12Private
Avalon El SchoolKG - 06Regular6
Avonworth El School03 - 05Regular8
Avonworth HS09 - 12Regular8
Avonworth Ms06 - 08Regular8
Avonworth Primary CenterKG - 02Regular
Baker El SchoolKG - 04Regular10
Baldwin SHS09 - 12Regular7
Bellevue El SchoolPK - 06Regular6
Bellwood Preschool and KindergartenPK - KGPrivate
Bishop Canevin High School09 - 12Private
Boyce Ms05 - 06Regular9
Brentwood Ms06 - 08Regular6
Brentwood SHS09 - 12Regular6
Brookline Regional Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Cardinal Woerl North Catholic High School09 - 12Private
Career Connections Chs09 - 12Regular2
Carnegie Mellon Cyert Center for Early EducationPK - KGPrivate
Carnegie Mellon Univ. Children's SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Carriage House Childrens CenterPK - KGPrivate
Carson Ms06 - 08Regular10
Center El SchoolKG - 06Regular8
Central Catholic High School09 - 12Private
Chartiers Valley Intrmd School03 - 05Regular6
Christ Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic AcademyPK - 08Private
City Chs09 - 12Regular8
Community Day SchoolPK - 08Private
Crafton Childrens CornerPK - KGPrivate
Crafton El SchoolKG - 06Regular9
DE Paul School for Hearing and SpeechPK - 08Private
Dickson El SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Dormont El SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Dorseyville Ms06 - 08Regular9
East Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
Eden Christian AcademyPK - 12Private
Edgewood El SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Eisenhower El SchoolKG - 04Regular9
Ellis SchoolPK - 12Private
Elroy Avenue El SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Environmental Charter School At Frick PAKG - 08Regular6
Fairview El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
FALK Laboratory SchoolKG - 08Private
Fort Couch Ms07 - 08Regular10
Foster El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Fox Chapel Area HS09 - 12Regular10
Fox Chapel Country Day SchoolPK - 05Private
Fred L Aiken El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Friendship Academy02 - 12Private
Glen Montessori SchoolPK - 05Private
Harrison Ms06 - 08Regular6
Hartwood El SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Highcliff El SchoolKG - 06Regular8
Hill House Passport Academy Charter SCHO09 - 12Regular
Holiday Park El SchoolKG - 06Regular8
Holy Family Learning-Pittsburgh02 - 12Private
Hoover El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Howe El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Imani Christian AcademyPK - 12Private
Ingomar El SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Ingomar Ms06 - 08Regular10
Jefferson El SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Jefferson Ms06 - 08Regular10
Jubilee Christian SchoolKG - 07Private
Kentucky Avenue Childrens CenterPK - TrKGPrivate
KERR El SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Keystone Oaks HS09 - 12Regular6
Keystone Oaks Ms06 - 08Regular7
Kindercare Learning CenterKG - KGPrivate
Kindercare Learning CenterPK - KGPrivate
Kindercare Learning Center 1280PK - KGPrivate
La Escuelita ArcoirisPK - KGPrivate
Lincoln El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Linton Ms05 - 08Regular3
Manchester Academic CSKG - 08Regular3
Markham El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Marzolf Primary SchoolKG - 03Regular8
McAnnulty El SchoolKG - 01Regular8
McClellan El SchoolKG - 05Regular9
McIntyre El SchoolKG - 06Regular8
McKnight El SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Mellon Ms06 - 08Regular10
Moore SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Mt Lebanon SHS09 - 12Regular10
Myrtle Avenue SchoolKG - 05Regular8
North Hills Ms07 - 08Regular7
North Hills SHS09 - 12Regular8
Northgate MSHS07 - 12Regular5
Oakland Catholic High School09 - 12Private
Oakland School09 - 12Private
Oblock JHS07 - 08Regular9
Ohara El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Our Lady of Grace SchoolPK - 08Private
Pace SchoolKG - 09Private
Paynter El SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Peebles El SchoolKG - 05Regular10
Pennsylvania Hebron El AcademyKG - 04Regular3
Pennsylvania Hills El SchoolPK - 04Regular
Pennsylvania Hills SHS09 - 12Regular3
Pittsburgh Allderdice HS09 - 12Regular5
Pittsburgh Allegheny 6-806 - 08Regular3
Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5PK - 05Regular5
Pittsburgh Arlington K-8PK - 08Regular3
Pittsburgh Arsenal 6-806 - 08Regular2
Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5PK - 05Regular2
Pittsburgh Banksville K-5KG - 05Regular5
Pittsburgh Beechwood K-5PK - 05Regular3
Pittsburgh Brashear HS09 - 12Regular3
Pittsburgh Brookline K-8PK - 08Regular5
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-1206 - 12Regular9
Pittsburgh Carmalt K-8PK - 08Regular5
Pittsburgh Carrick HS09 - 12Regular3
Pittsburgh Chartiers Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular2
Pittsburgh Classical 6-806 - 08Regular3
Pittsburgh Colfax K-8KG - 08Regular6
Pittsburgh Concord K-5PK - 05Regular3
Pittsburgh ConroyKG - 12Special Education3
Pittsburgh Dilworth K-5PK - 05Regular6
Pittsburgh Faison K-5PK - 05Regular2
Pittsburgh Fulton K-5PK - 05Regular5
Pittsburgh Grandview K-5KG - 05Regular1
Pittsburgh Greenfield K-8PK - 08Regular5
Pittsburgh Homewood Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular
Pittsburgh King K-8PK - 08Regular1
Pittsburgh Langley K-8KG - 08Regular2
Pittsburgh Liberty K-5KG - 05Regular5
Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5PK - 05Regular2
Pittsburgh Linden K-5KG - 05Regular3
Pittsburgh Manchester K-8PK - 08Regular2
Pittsburgh McCleary Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular
Pittsburgh Mifflin K-8PK - 08Regular4
Pittsburgh Miller K-5PK - 05Regular2
Pittsburgh Milliones 6-1206 - 12Regular1
Pittsburgh Minadeo K-5PK - 05Regular3
Pittsburgh Montessori K-5PK - 05Regular4
Pittsburgh Morrow K-8PK - 08Regular3
Pittsburgh New ChurchKG - 08Private
Pittsburgh Obama 6-1206 - 12Regular6
Pittsburgh Oliver05 - 12Special Education2
Pittsburgh Online Academy04 - 12Regular
Pittsburgh Perry HS09 - 12Regular2
Pittsburgh Phillips K-5KG - 05Regular5
Pittsburgh PioneerKG - 12Special Education
Pittsburgh Roosevelt K -5PK - 05Regular3
Pittsburgh Schiller 6-806 - 08Regular3
Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academ.06 - 12Regular7
Pittsburgh South Brook 6-806 - 08Regular4
Pittsburgh South Hills 6-806 - 08Regular5
Pittsburgh Spring Garden Early ChildhoodPK - PKRegular2
Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5PK - 05Regular3
Pittsburgh Sterrett 6-806 - 08Regular5
Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8PK - 08Regular3
Pittsburgh Urban Christian SchoolKG - 08Private
Pittsburgh WEIL K-8PK - 05Regular2
Pittsburgh West Liberty K-5KG - 05Regular4
Pittsburgh Westwood K-8KG - 05Regular4
Pittsburgh Whittier K-5KG - 05Regular6
Pittsburgh Woolslair K-5KG - 05Regular2
Pivik El SchoolKG - 06Regular7
Plea SchoolUG - UGPrivate
Pleasant Hills Ms06 - 08Regular9
Plum SHS09 - 12Regular9
Pressley Ridge Day School - PittsburghKG - 12Private
Pressley Ridge School for Autism02 - 12Private
Propel CS - HazelwoodKG - 07Regular
Propel CS-Braddock HillsKG - 12Regular5
Propel CS-MontourKG - 08Regular6
Propel CS-NorthsideKG - 08Regular3
Propel CS-PitcairnKG - 08Regular3
Regency Park El SchoolKG - 06Regular6
Reserve Primary SchoolKG - 03Regular6
Ross El SchoolKG - 06Regular9
Sacred Heart Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
Seton-La Salle High School09 - 12Private
Shady Side AcademyPK - 12Private
Shaffer El SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Shaler Area HS09 - 12Regular6
Small Wonders At UPMCPK - KGPrivate
Southwood School07 - 12Private
St. Anne Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Bartholomew SchoolPK - 08Private
St. BEDE SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Benedict the Moor SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Edmund's AcademyPK - 08Private
St. Gabriel-Sorrowful Virgin SchoolPK - 08Private
St. John the Baptist SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Louise DE Marillac SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Maria GorettiPK - 08Private
St. Philip SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Raphael Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Sebastian SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Sylvester Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
Stevenson El SchoolKG - 06Regular9
Streams El SchoolKG - 04Regular8
The Bradley Center02 - 12Private
The Campus School of Carlow UniversityPK - 08Private
The Day School At Childrens Institute PittsburghKG - 12Private
The Neighborhood Academy08 - 11Private
The University School09 - 12Private
Therapeutic Learning Center - FamilylinksKG - 05Private
Universal Academy of PittsburghPK - 06Private
Upper Saint Clair HS09 - 12Regular10
Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh CSKG - 05Regular4
Urban Pathways 6-12 CS06 - 12Regular2
Urban Pathways K-5 College Charter SchooKG - 05Regular3
Urban Pathways Youngstown2 - 2Regular
Vincentian Academy09 - 12Private
Waldorf School of PittsburghPK - 08Private
Washington El SchoolKG - 05Regular9
Washington El SchoolPK - 03Regular4
Wesley Spectrum Highland SchoolUG - UGPrivate
West View El SchoolKG - 06Regular8
Western Pennsylvania School for Blind ChildrenUG - UGPrivate
Western Pennsylvania School for the DeafPK - 12Private
Western Psych. Institute and Clinic01 - 12Private
Whitehall El School02 - 05Regular6
Wilkins El SchoolKG - 06Regular2
Wilkinsburg Ms07 - 08Regular1
Winchester Thurston SchoolPK - 12Private
Woodland Hills JHS07 - 08Regular2
Woodland Hills SHS09 - 12Regular4
Yeshiva Schools of PittsburghPK - 12Private
Name Grades Type Rating

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Reviews for Pittsburgh    180 Reviews
A great place to live - a detailed review - 12/16/2020
Having lived in Pittsburgh for over 30 years, I think I can give a pretty detailed summary of what it's like here. As with any place, there are positives and... Read More

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Pittsburgh deserves more credit - 2/6/2020
Reading the other comments posted about Pittsburgh, I felt that I needed to contribute to give Pittsburgh a bit more credit than has been giving. I lived in Pittsburgh... Read More

Ok if you have a decent job to survive. - 1/3/2020
I grew up here and I left for a few decades and returned. Do not move here unless you have a job lined up and you expect it to be stable. Finding even a low paying job... Read More

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