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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Reviews

Pittsburgh, PA is known for its beautiful landscapes and unique culture. It is home to many popular attractions such as the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Science Center, and the point state park fountain. The city also has some of the best restaurants in the country, creating a vibrant food scene. Pittsburgh is also known for its arts and entertainment, with its many live music venues and theaters. Overall, visitors to Pittsburgh are left impressed by the city's combination of history and modernity. Whether exploring its iconic landmarks or soaking up the cultural vibes in one of its many neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone in Pittsburgh. Reviews of Pittsburgh have been overwhelmingly positive with people praising its charming atmosphere, friendly people and wide selection of activities to enjoy.

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Pittsburgh has very trendy, hip spots - 1/30/2023
I left Pittsburgh for Cleveland and boy do I appreciate Pittsburgh now. Parts of Pittsburgh are blue collar but sections like East Liberty, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill and Lawrenceville are hipster, smart, trendy and very educated. It also has a low crime rate and is NOT industrial like it used to be; people always comment how green it is now with all the parks and rivers. I am moving back to Pgh in a year; friendly, green, smart, and affordable with low crime. And very progressive in the city Read More

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Great for families - 1/3/2023
I will give Pittsburgh 5 Stars for the ability to raise a family but it certainly has deficits that I'll cover at the end.
I grew up in a small river town 45 minutes south of the city, then lived in a close-in suburb for nearly 30 years. I then spent five years in a city neighborhood--Mr. Roger's actual neighborhood, by the way.
The low cost of living, a truly wonderful suburban school district (and there are many like it around Pittsburgh), easy access to collegiate and sports events, and an amazing array of cultural opportunities (many museums, a zoo, a ballet company, a symphony orchestra, performing arts theatres, etc) meant our children had an almost ideal childhood. We had access to one of USA's best health systems, too.
Recreationally, biking trails now line all the rivers, and we and our children could take weekly treks all over the hills and dales of the valley.
The food scene really changed over the years for the better, and during our last five Read More

As a Builder, Working Experience In Pittsburgh, PA - 1/3/2023
As a custom home builder in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I have had the opportunity to work in a number of different cities and towns across the state. In my experience, Pittsburgh stands out as a particularly desirable location for a number of reasons.

One of the biggest draws of Pittsburghis its small town charm. With a population of just under 6,000, it has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that is hard to find in larger cities. At the same time, it is conveniently located just a short drive from Harrisburg and other major cities, making it easy to access all the amenities and opportunities of a larger urban area. This makes Pittsburgh an ideal location for those who want the benefits of living in a small town, but with the option to easily access the amenities of a larger city.

Another advantage of building in Pittsburgh is the abundance of available land. While it can be difficult to find buildable lots in more densely populated areas, there are plenty of Read More

My 2nd year in Pitt - 11/7/2022
I moved to Pitt in August 2021 (I previously have lived in bigger cities).
Long story short.
-Affordable rent and prices in general
-Very very quiet neighborhoods
-Wonderful summer weather
-Can meet truly good, helpful and religious people (a lot of blue collar people)
-Pitt is a historical city, has a lot to tell
-Has variety of events daily, weekly, monthly
-You definitely can learn something you will like in Pitt
-Good people (I repeat)

About "Cons" I have only 2:
Tap water quality (water crisis 2018) and Air quality (particular matters).
I just would like to share my personal experience and you make your own conclusions.
The weather is colder than I expected, but summer weather fixes everything.
A lot of people come to Pitt from neighbor states such as: West Virginia and Ohio from smaller towns for job opportunities, so usually they are not really used to deal with new Read More

Great underrated city with so much to offer! But.. - 6/21/2022
I love Pittsburgh. I live in Carnegie, Pennsylvania and I moved here from Denver, Colorado in November of 2021. It is a safe, underrated, and nice city overall. Pittsburgh generally is a great place to live for families and young professionals. With great schools, good food, friendly people, lots of things to see and do, and a lot of other things! I personally love this city and am planning to start a family with my girlfriend in the future here. Pittsburgh does have some not too great neighborhoods that have seen better days (Hill District, Beltzhoover, Homewood) but on the bright side, those neighborhoods might be revitalized and saved! But, with every city comes cons. In Pittsburgh, the pros outweigh the cons by a lot. Here are my cons:
Pittsburgh generally has very rainy and cloudy weather. This is a pro for me, as I come from a city with elevated fire danger almost all year round, but sometimes I do think the clouds make some people sad.
It's a Rust Belt city. Most Read More

Why Pittsburgh is the best city in the world - 4/26/2022
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I have so many great memories of watching the penguins win the Stanley Cup and the Steelers win the Super Bowl. And love the city and how I love going down town to see the stores and sights of the three rivers and the bridges and going on a boat to see everything the city has to offer. With all of its historical information and items it has to offer in the museums and the great food at the capital grill and manaray bay. I love this city and I will suggest for everyone to live there I love Pittsburgh and what it has to Read More

Classic, industrial, Northeastern city - 3/26/2022
I grew up in Pittsburgh. It's a great, classic Northeastern, industrial city with so much heart and a lot of character. Very close to the rest of the eastern seaboard by car or plane. The weather is not great but if you're basing your entire life on weather I think you need to reevaluate some things. I love Pittsburghese--like other Mid-Atlantic dialects (Baltimore, Philly) they're a dying breed. I cherish many things about growing up. A lot of culture and quirkiness for a very low price. Give it a Read More

Don't Live Here - 11/16/2021
I've lived here a total of roughly a quarter of a century, with stints in San Francisco, Atlanta, Charlotte, and a few other places. I grew up here. It's awful. The traffic is among the worst in the United States (7-way intersections; nope, not a joke). Navigating the bridges and the city is beyond stress-inducing. No parking. Terrible, old, falling-apart houses.

There are two seasons in PIttsburgh: Summer, and Get Me The Fuck Out Of Here. It gets brutally cold, and it's among the top-3 cloudiest cities, and in the top 3 in the most precipitation. So tons of snow, tons of rain, barely any sun.

The people are also, very frequently, rude and dismissive. And if you don't ilke the Steelers, you're gonna be left out of a number of events and conversations.

It's just downright depressing, all of Read More

A Flawed But Lovable City Hated By The Miserable - 8/15/2021
I'm a Gen-X, blue collar man who has lived here his whole life. And I'm talking the city proper. I've almost never been a suburbanite. I honestly don't know where else I'd want to live.

Pittsburgh is imperfect. It has problems many other large cities have. Pollution, crime, etc. But those problems are only magnified elsewhere. Pittsburgh is alternately gentrifying and ghettoizing. That's happening everywhere.

As far as diversity goes, black people make up a quarter of the population and only maybe 12-13% of the national population. That means blacks are overrepresented here. Whites make up 66% of the population and 72% overall. Whites are underrepresented here. Plus, have these haters been to certain neighborhoods? Asians, Arabs, and Hispanics are growing in numbers here in Pittsburgh.

It seems as though Pittsburgh's haters have their own personal homesick shyness self esteem issues. They also tend to lean towards rabid right-wingers or Read More

A great place to live - a detailed review - 12/16/2020
Having lived in Pittsburgh for over 30 years, I think I can give a pretty detailed summary of what it's like here. As with any place, there are positives and negatives, but overall this is a great place to live. Let me start with the negatives though, since it's a shorter list. The weather sucks in winter, it's cloudy, and cold, but we don't typically get a lot of snow. An occasional blizzard, yes, but the last time that happened was 10 years ago. Typically it's just 2 or 3 inches of snow a few times a year and that's it. But it is cloudy and dreary almost every day from December to March. Roads are typically in rough shape, lots of potholes. This is an old, industrial city. If you're looking for shiny new neighborhoods and shopping centers you won't find many here. On the positive side of things: summers are wonderful, warm but not oppressive, and lacking the high humidity of the south. Many days are sunny and warm and many evenings, even in July, can Read More

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