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Little Flower Catholic School
1510 Texas Ave
San Antonio, TX 78201
(210) 732-9207
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private | PK-8
County: Bexar


5/5/2011parentMy daughter has been going there since pre-k4 and still attends there. I love the school and some of the teachers. I just do not like it that they keep uping the tuition and these days it is getting hard for me to keep her in school financial. Over all she gets a great education and she has learned alot. We have had struggles with some subjects but a teacher that she has had in the pasted and the principle have help us get her back on track. Sometimes i do not agree or understand things but if you go and talk it out with a teacher, Vice Prinicple or Prinicple they will explain it to you.
3/4/2011parentI LOVE this school! My son has been there for 5 years and have always had positive interactions with all the faculty and staff. I teach in public school and everyday I thank God for the opportunity to be able to send him there!!
9/21/2010parentHorrible, HORRIBLE SCHOOL! This schools teachers are very rude to the students, and put their self-esteem down. And when a student doesnt do something right, or makes a mistake the teachers have to yell it out to their whole class. This year there is this new thing called H.A.M.M. This is basically a lunch detention. The students, who don t do a homework assignment, have to do it during their lunch period BEFORE they get to eat their lunch, but if they don t get a chance to finish their homework, then they don t get a chance to eat lunch. I think I speak for all parents when saying, that is not right! Say or think whatever you want about my comment, but you dont know what this school is like. honestly think about it...have you spent a day learning and taking disrespect from these teachers, and staff?
1/19/2010parenti have been reading the reviews and I agree and disagree. The principle is great i know i ever have I problem she is there for me. i do agree security is a bit much but its done with the children safety in mind. Teacher are strict but only when needed to be they are always there and have conference periods set particularly for parents. Parent involvement thy are required to do 10hrs. os service hours. That can be done with donation, yard work, or with help during school events. Really its not that bad and its only done to get et parents more involved with the school. There are fundraisers but not all are mandatory. this is a little insite to what the school is like that some parents seem to exaggerate about the attitudes of the staff. At the school you get what you give some times.
1/11/2009otherWow! Nov. was quite the pick me upper month. I agree, some things were harshly said. When observed I did notice some of those 'absurd and negative' comments that were made. Look, this school from what I can see is good on their curriculum but, their attitudes do honestly need an adjustment. I know that sometimes being in an administrative position sometimes have their harsh words, and unhappy people. Make changes within yourselves. Sometimes I think that the administrators seem to forget that they (the parents) need you(the faculty and staff) as much as you need the parents. Because without each other it DOES NOT work. Think about that before saying things to those parents who do have issue with the faculty and staff.
11/18/2008parentI'm a parent that had a child attend Little Flower School from kinder through the 8th grade. I read all the reviews on this site and agree with most by saying that academics, including instruction on christian morality, is second to none. Informative and dedicated faculty create a fun and supportive learning environment. This is due in large part by a charasmatic principal that, through her leadership, makes the performance of her staff that much better. Security is also a priority at the school. I'm aware of certain rules and procedures that are in place to keep everyone safe. Contrary to some complaints, there is communication between teachers and parents, which is essential to the student's education and well being. The negative and absurd comments made against the principal and staff is simply a reminder that every year a few parents(and teachers) feel they are above the rules.
11/14/2008parentLet me begin by saying I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for the Faculty and Staff at LFS. Each and every teacher brings their own flare and excitement to the halls of this wonderful school. And the principle for this school is the most giving, respectful, delightful, understanding, honest & YES, toughest mamma on the block! Some people may find this rude and/or disrespectful however this are qualities I would want to see in a person in charge of my children's safety and education. I must admit, sometimes we as parents can have very different views then those of the faculty and staff of this school. However, WE ALL need to remember, this is their job, their profession & for some, their passion. And I respect and admire that. Instead of voicing our issues anonymously, lets us take this opportunity to work with the great school, not against.
11/14/2008parentI am a parent of a student at Little Flower School. My child has been a life long student in public school until this year. I transferred her from a top performing public school to LIttle Flower because of the high standards the school sets. The principal and teachers have high expectations of their students and go out of their way to help each child reach their potential. Not just in education but personal growth as well. I saw a change in my child's attitude about life and school almost immediately after putting her in LFS. The presence of God is in that school and more importantly in the lives of those who are there. I just have one question for those who wrote unfavorable comments about the school...who lives in your heart? I highly recommend LFS.
11/13/2008teacherIm a Teacher at LFS and I have been here for many years and have gone through a few Principals. I can honestly say that this Principal at LFS is a type of boss that listens to her staff and faculty. If a problem arises she is there to listen and willing to compromise. Her doors are always open to faculty, students and parents. We are really lucky to have a principal that is willing to hear our opinions and stand behind us on any decsion. I look forward in working with her many years and hoping she will be able to overcome some of the harsh things parents say behind our backs. When it hurts her it hurts all of us. We are one family and united we stand.
11/12/2008parentLittle Flower School is a wonderful atmosphere where children are looked at individually. They are cared for by wonderful certified teachers and support staff. They are recieving the best education a school has to offer. Some concerns and opinions parents or people may have should be voiced in a proper manner. Degrading the school is not a way to do this. There is always someone there for these children and always will be. The principal has done an outstanding job and I have alot of faith in her to run this school as best fit. Keep up the amazing work you are doing LFS.
11/12/2008parentLittle Flower School is a very friendly oriented school just for children. You can tell this just by walking down the halls and witnessing how well behave the children are and how there is always a staff member or the principle waiting by the doors to say good morning. The children enjoy coming into the building with a smile. They feel at home at Little Flower School where we all are part of a family. We pray together and share our talents with each other. Our principle is great making sure the children are safe and feel very welcome. It is sad to see how some parents can be so cold towards a staff that truely loves their students.
11/12/2008parentLittle Flower Catholic School is a tradition of educational excellence on the West Side of San Antonio. When other schools are closing in the neighborhood due to a strained economy, LFS welcomes families with open arms. Unfortunately, not every school is a perfect fit for every family. I feel sad that some people have never learned how to voice their concerns in a Christian manner, but prefer to degrade others in order to justify their hurt feelings. Perhaps we should use the children's smiles, high test scores, and community service opportunities to measure the success of the overall program and not look for individual persons to blame for areas we feel the school falls short of being perfect (as no school is). We continue to pray for one another and remember that it takes all of us (the entire village) to raise the children.
11/11/2008parentLittle Flower School has a wonderful staff and principle who only wants what is best for her students. All the teachers there are very helpful and caring towards the students. The work load is at times demanding but, the students are very capable of doing challenging work. Who said school would be easy, If the teachers do not challenge the students how else are they suppose to develop towards their full potential. The principle at our school cares very much for our students to be safe and cared for by the teachers. The school does have zero tolerance for any misconduct which makes the school stand out from the rest. Little Flower School wants to educate your child with only the best intentions and I see this throughout the school. We as parents want the best and LFS is the best.
11/11/2008parent I'm very pleased with Little Flower School...They have an amazing teaching staff that care for the children. The Principal is outstanding and amazing. I can honestly say that the Principal is a very loving person who has a big heart and very approachable. I've observed many principals in my time and this principal has done an outstanding job with LFS. The school continues to grow exceptionally with the principal and teaching staff. I will continue to recommend LFS to other families who want a great eduacation and foundation for their children.
11/10/2008parentI guess a lot of folks had nothing to do but down grade this great place during the month of October. This is my fourth child that is attend Little Flower. I just see that things continue to get better each year. It is ashame that people don't realize how they can ruin a great academic offering. Maybe some of these folks should go back to where they came from, or perhaps their gossip has closed their previous school!
10/16/2008parentA great curriculum, Yes, but give me a break. The school does NOT work with student's who have learning disablities and though, yes character and values are not a priority in public school but these aspects are still encouraged everyday by a character curriculum. I'm so glad I took my child out of LFS and into a blue ribbon public school. My child is more at ease and not so stressed out and not afraid of getting into trouble for any little thing. My child is engaged in cooperative learning and if needed, has ample resources for assistance. My child is exposed to other nationalities and religions and best of all, I'm am very welcome in the school and am able to volunteer whenever I want. I can even volunteer in the classroom when the teacher is teaching. A balance between parents and school? Who would have thought possible!
10/9/2008parentThis school has great curiculum. However the doors are not open in more ways than just locked. The parents are only allowed to participate when it is deemed necessary by the administration. To have a conversation w/ the teachers before or after school is not allowed. In order to have lunch w/ your child there is practically a strip search preformed. Parents are made to feel as if they pose a threat to the children.
10/2/2008parentGreat school! All students are encouraged to do their best and they well work with students with learning disabilities. Character and values are just as important as academics and let's face it, that's not a priority at public schools. Parents are required to complete 10 hours of service per year. That's not too bad and doable even with working parents.
7/14/2008otherSchool does well in academics. However, parents are only allowed to participate 'when asked' and only for 'chosen' activties. Principal at this school is very rude and does not like parents in the school. She also does not allow the teachers to communicate with the parents of the students. This is seen as gossip.
10/25/2005teacherExcellent school! Great music, art and spanish program. Beautiful church where students attend weekly. Excellent principal.

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